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- Shadowknight - 01-10-2007

Shadow: Let me see, *Opens capsule*

Capsule: DY-NO-MITE!!

The capsule contains the answer to all.

OOC: Please read the new announcement on the board.

- Disturbed - 01-10-2007

Disturbed: *opens capsule and takes out an orange* Wha??

The capsule contains spiked orange juice

- Misty - 01-11-2007

*drinks the OJ then falls on the floor passed out*

Capsule contains a gasp

- DragonMasterX - 01-11-2007

DMX: GASP! I think I just discovered the meaning of life.

Banana: You aren't as smart as you used to be.

Apple: Yeah, he didn't hallucinate as much as this.

Orange: Why are we even talking?

Apple: He was secluded in a room alone, the nitrogen must have fried his brain.

*Cricket chirping*

Banana: What brain?

DMX: Why are you all talking, tasty looking fruit?

Pineapple: DMX, you are hallucinating again, bad signal.

Capsule contains confidence pills.

- Disturbed - 01-11-2007

Disturbed: *takes pills then takes off his pants off and puts them over his head and goes streaking in the middle of the street and soon furries come rushing out of their appartments chasing after the black wolf*

The capsule contains a happy ending

- Gol22 - 01-11-2007

*everything fades into pitch black*
Gol: AH! Where'd everything go!? *turns on nightvision* Oh......hmm....*grins*

Capsule contians devilish plan

- Disturbed - 01-11-2007

Disturbed: *pants Gol in the dark*

The capsule contains a sneaky plot

- Gol22 - 01-11-2007

Gol: Hey! *pulls up pants and gives Disturbed a flash bang with pin pulled* SURPRISE! *bright flash goes off*

Capsule contains BLINDNESS

- Disturbed - 01-11-2007

Disturbed: *walks around aimlessly then runs into a wall with a loud crack and falls to the ground*

The capsule contains an Ouch

- Misty - 01-11-2007

Ouch...that's gotta hurt.. >_<

Capsule contains a kitty named Carl