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- Disturbed - 01-09-2007

*big explosion with tons and tons of energy beams followed by a big smoke ball* Wooot!!!

The capsule contains Agunimon

- Crimson Fox - 01-09-2007

Crimson: Meh, BurningGreymon was way cooler.

Agunimon: *glares and tries to roast Crimson*

Crimson: Heh, I'm a Firefox, fire isn't going to...

Agunimon: *punts Crimson several miles away*

The capsule contains a trip around the world.

- Disturbed - 01-10-2007

And I'm taking all of my DaD friends too!!!

The capsule contains a missed oppurtunity

- Misty - 01-10-2007

No!! I wanna go with!! ^_^

Capsule contains my finished research paper..

Misty: *sweat drops* Man...I wish...

- Disturbed - 01-10-2007

I give it and A plus

Saphire: But..you didnt even read it

Disturbed: I'm sure its good

Saphire: If you say so

The capsule contains an A

- Gol22 - 01-10-2007


Capsule contains correction.

- Disturbed - 01-10-2007

Disturbed: It looks fine to me

Saphire: *blinks* But the words are spelt wrong..

Disturbed: They are?

Saphire: *palm to face and sighs*

The capsule contains a fixed spelling error by Saphire with a little star on it

- Misty - 01-10-2007


"Super smart*"

Capsule contains happiness

- Gol22 - 01-10-2007

Gol: WEE! still supuer smrt! ^^

Capsule contains joy.

- Misty - 01-10-2007

*jumps for joy and lands in your lap* Hiya Hun!

Capsule contains a random phrase