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- Misty - 01-06-2007

Gol, Disturbed's lil bro was trying to be you...

And Silver, I know many things.............

Capsule contains another question.

- Gol22 - 01-06-2007

Nope nothing

Capsule contains a sleeping Gol.

- Disturbed - 01-07-2007

Nighty night Gol

The capsule contains a pillow

- Kurtz - 01-07-2007

Attack! *hits Disturbed over the head with said pillow*

The capsule contains evil.

- Disturbed - 01-07-2007

Hopefully good will prevail

The capsule contains a hardy breakfast

- Kurtz - 01-07-2007

*gobbles it all up*

The capsule contains the message WTF.

- Disturbed - 01-07-2007

Wtf you gonna eat the eggs without ketchup?

The capsule contains eggs with ketchup

- Misty - 01-07-2007

Eww! That is so gross....

Capsule contains a green eggs and ham.

- Disturbed - 01-07-2007

Yum!! *eats*

The capsule contains a slingshot

- Gol22 - 01-07-2007

Yay! Another one! *shoots stuff far away*

Capsule contains cure to AIDS!