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- Disturbed - 01-06-2007

Disturbed: *picks up Raize by her collar* You left a big mess in my room you know...

Raize: Oh..crud...*sweatdrops*

The capsule contains a free Gol

- Misty - 01-06-2007

Misty: O_O *pounces* MINE! *pokes him* Are you the real Gol??

Capsule contains answer.

- Disturbed - 01-06-2007

Yeah its the real Gol!! Cant you tell the differance between a fake and the real thing?

The capsule contains Silver dressed up as Gol

- Misty - 01-06-2007

*looks down near the groin* Nope...I know that's not Gol *blushes*. :-p *unzips the costume* Heya Silver!

Capsule contains a smile

- Disturbed - 01-06-2007

Silver: *smiles but blushes* What are you staring at *gasps and covers his groin*

The capsule contains a shy Silver

- Misty - 01-06-2007

Misty: Don't be shy. I just know that you aren't Gol *pokes tongue out*

Capsule contains blushing.

- Disturbed - 01-06-2007

Silver: Yeah but..why were you staring at my crotch *blushes deeply*

The capsule contains a question

- Misty - 01-06-2007

Because that way I could tell if you were Gol or not. *pokes tongue out*

Capsule contains a question

- Gol22 - 01-06-2007

Gol: Yeah, whos trying to be me?? *looks around* ...

Capsule contains the answer

- Disturbed - 01-06-2007

Silver: How can you tell just by looking at the crotch?

The capsule contains curiousness