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- Disturbed - 01-06-2007

Disturbed: *still with Saphire, Silver, and Ebon on his shoulders* Uhhh..*gently sets all of them down on the floor and smiles*

The capsule contains destruction

- Gol22 - 01-06-2007

Gol: *grenade blows up on belt strap* AHH! *grabs own ass* DAMNIT, just blew up my own ass >.<

Capsule contains my health needles

- Disturbed - 01-06-2007

Raize: *swiftly drops from the ceiling and sticks a health needle into Gol's buttcheek and releases the green fluid*

The capsule contains healing

- Gol22 - 01-06-2007

Gol: *squints eyes and soon starts to relax a bit* Phew....man...that hurt....*rubs butt* thanks a lot.

Capsule contains no more pain!

- Disturbed - 01-06-2007

Raize: Good..no pain..*glances at Gol's butt and blushes slightly before getting up and brushes herself off*

The capsule contains Raize's attraction to nice male butts

- Gol22 - 01-06-2007

Gol: Hehe, i see now that i dont need to worry sometimes because you are always here to help. *still rubbing but a bit with paws and moves paws away and turns to face her*

Capsule contains something someone wants

- Disturbed - 01-06-2007

Raize: Yeah..no problem..I'll be there..for...you..*suddenly pounces on Gol both of them landing softly on the ground*

The capsule contains a cat's pounce :3

- Kurtz - 01-06-2007

Blast! *knocks the cat pouncing on him away* Kyo! Stop it!

Kyo: *turns back to normal* What?

Nath: *sigh*

The capsule contains interuption.

- Gol22 - 01-06-2007

Ack! *falls on ground with Raize*

Gol: Sneaky cat pounce *pokes out tongue*

Capsule contains the one who is on top.

- Misty - 01-06-2007

<_< Nooo......Raize is on top........not me.........meh

Capsule contains sadness