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- Kurtz - 11-13-2006

Nath: *stares at the capsule, before quickly giving it to Saphire* You deserve only your own cuteness.... *kisses her cheek softly*

The capsule contains a Furry College Manga book.

- Disturbed - 11-13-2006

What!!! They put the pictures of the bet I took from Military School....MAR!!!

Saphire: *softly licks Nath's neck*

The capsule conatains Dorothy and Kit

- Kurtz - 11-13-2006

Kurtz: *steals Dorothy from within* Yay! *huggles*

Lurea: *pouts* Naughty girl. *taps Kit on the nose and flicks her nose*

Nath: Nhhh... *shivers softly while smiling*

The capsule contains Tieya and Shadow. XD

- Disturbed - 11-13-2006

Have fun.

Saphire: *softly kisses Nath's cheek, then moves to his muzzle and kisses his lips ever so softly*

The capsule contains my penguin suit

- Kurtz - 11-13-2006

*wears it and looks like a fool*

The capsule contains a plant.

- amaterasu - 11-13-2006

Amat:*opens capsule,only for a Venus Fly Trap to try to eat him*This isn't funny.

The capsule contains the Sun.

- Disturbed - 11-13-2006

*opens the capsule and immedialy fries to death*

The capsule contains soda

- Kurtz - 11-13-2006

Kurtz: Yay. *takes the soda and drinks it*

The capsule contains a tidal wave of pepsi.

- Disturbed - 11-13-2006

*opens mouth wide but gets crushed by the soda*

The capsule contains pizza

- Kurtz - 11-13-2006

Kurtz: *takes a slice of the pizza and eats it quickly* Hm... nice.

The capsule contains a soul.