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- Disturbed - 01-04-2007

*sword fights with living knive* ha! You sword pretty good with no handler *chuckles as he continues sword fighting*

the capsule contains fencing

- Gol22 - 01-04-2007

Bah! Kill the living sword! *pushes button and detonate living sword* All gone.

Capsule contains random hottie

- Disturbed - 01-04-2007

Disturbed: *grabes hottie and 69's with her*

The capsule contains Raize in her civis

- Misty - 01-05-2007

*Singe comes in and sees her* O_O Umm.....

Capsule contains a birdie

- Disturbed - 01-05-2007

I hate golf..*watches* meh

The capsule contains football

- Misty - 01-05-2007

*throws it at the back of Disturbed's head* Haha

Capsule contains a baseball

- Disturbed - 01-05-2007

Disturbed: *swings the bad hitting a home run*

The capsule contains a basketball

- Misty - 01-05-2007

*dribbles it, runs toward a basket, and slam dunks it in* O_o Woah...I didn't think I was good at that...

Capsule contains a random bug.

- Disturbed - 01-05-2007

*grabs the bug and shoves it down his throat*

The capsule contains good protien

- Misty - 01-05-2007

*Worms start bursting out of the capsule* EWWWWW >_< KILL THEM!!

Capsule contains exterminator.