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- Disturbed - 01-04-2007

The suprise was supposed to be me not caring about blackmail

The capsule contains a husky

- Misty - 01-04-2007

*blinks* Oh...my...god...*runs and huggles the husky* Eeee! A husky!!!

Capsule contains fun!

- Disturbed - 01-04-2007

Disturbed: *grabs a random furry and yiffs her up the butt*

The capsule contains a giant orgasm

- Misty - 01-04-2007

*hears moaning then a loud scream* O___O

Capsule contains *wild card*

- Disturbed - 01-04-2007

*uses wild card to extend my orgasm*

The capsule contains mud

- Misty - 01-04-2007

MUD FIGHT *throws some at Disturbed*

Capsule contains a fight.

- Disturbed - 01-04-2007

Disturbed: *grabs Ebon and puts her in the way and she gets hit with the mud* Not the face *

Ebon: hey!! Lemme go lemme go!! *wiggles free then pounces Misty into a pool of mud*

The capsule contains Ebon and Misty in a mud fight

- Kurtz - 01-04-2007

Kurtz: *already drooling*

The capsule contains an idiot.

- Disturbed - 01-04-2007

Disturbed: *sends the capsule back to school*

The capsule contains a racecar

- Misty - 01-04-2007

*racecar crashes into the wall*

Capsule contains explosion.