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- Kurtz - 01-02-2007

Kurtz: *moves Ebon and himself to a king-size bed* There!

The capsule contains a camera.

- Disturbed - 01-02-2007

Amelia: *behind the video camera* Gosh this is gonna be good.

Ebon: *sits up an looks at Kurtz intently* Kurtz, I've always wanted to know what it feels like to be fucked in mid air you know. So do you think you can fill me completely with you...god-like tenticles and pick me up off the bed?

The capsule contains a request

- Kurtz - 01-02-2007

Kurtz: Well... *he grins darkly and eight tentacles rises up behind him* I can lift you up in the air, like so. *he uses four of his tentacles to tie around the four posts of the bed, before using the other four to hold Ebon suspended in mid-air* There, now that you're suspended.... *grinning, five other tentacles come up* ..Unless you want a tail-member?

The capsule contains a pepsi.

- Disturbed - 01-02-2007

Amelia: *sips her pepsi* Ahh..

Ebon: *swishes her tail excitedly as she is supspended* Just tenticles, a ton of them though. Completely filling me up and caressing my tits and ass while they fuck me in every hole *murrs seductively*

The capsule contains more tenticles?

- Kurtz - 01-02-2007

Kurtz: Well, that's what these are for. *two of the five tentacles slowly reach up and wrap around her breasts happily, before starting to squeeze them gently and roll them about, while another tentacle moves up to he mouth* Heh... *as the third goes to her mouth, two more move into position near her tailhole and pussy*

The capsule contains surprise.

- Disturbed - 01-02-2007

Amelia: *gasps as she watches from the camera* Whoa..that looks so hot

Ebon: *arches her back slightly and murrs as her breasts are squeezed on moved around* Hrrrr..yeah~! *sees the tenticle at her maw and grins* H-hello there..*extends her tongue and gives the tenticle a lick then opens her maw* O tay I eady!

The capsule contains the decoded message "Okay I'm ready"

- Shadowknight - 01-02-2007

Shadow: "Okay I'm ready" What's that mean? *Scratches his head* Let me think...

*4 hours later*

Shadow: Hmmm....

*24 hours later*

Shadow's mind: *Cricket's chirping*

*A week later*

Slashmon: You wanna hurry this up I'm out of time cards.

Shadow: What was I doing? *Looks at the paper in his hand* Hmm, now why would I be holding paper... OH I KNOW! *Sets the paper on fire* YAY FIRE!

The capsule contains a well written plan for world conguest.

- Disturbed - 01-03-2007

Disturbed: *strolling down a road and sees a passer* Hello would you like to come over to my house

Person: Uhh..sure what for?

Disturbed: I'm on a mission to get the whole world as my guest for tea.

Person: Why the hell would you do that?

Disturbed: Its called a conguest you fool!!

Person: *anime-style crash to the floor*

The capsule contains confusion

- Kurtz - 01-03-2007

Kurtz: *comes back after fucking Ebon with the tentacles censoredly* AH! She's gonna be fucking horny all year now.

The capsule contains a still intact tentacle.

- Disturbed - 01-03-2007

Amelia: Oooo..*eyes go crosseyed seeing the tenticle*

Ebon: *fast asleep on the king sized bed with gallons of her juices spilt onto the bed*

The capsule contains a curious Amelia