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- Disturbed - 01-01-2007

Disturbed: Ouch hey!! *throws away vaccum* sorry

The capsule contains a soft pat on the head

- Misty - 01-01-2007

*is patted then looks up at Disturbed* Mew??

Capsule contains me being picked up

- Disturbed - 01-01-2007

Disturbed: *picks up Misty and gently strokes her fur* good kitty

The capsule contains a metal rod

- Misty - 01-01-2007

*a metal pole falls and scares the shit out of me making me leap in Disturbed's lap and curl in a ball*

Capsule contains more loud noises

- Disturbed - 01-01-2007

Disturbed: *growls and makes a powerfull wake with a stomp of his foot causing everything to stand still and be quiet*

The capsule contains quiet

- Shadowknight - 01-01-2007


Slashmon: I just know this is too good to last.

The capsul contains a chunk of darkmatter that weighs as much as a trillion suns.

- Kurtz - 01-01-2007

Kurtz: *looks at the Dark Matter* Oh FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Steven: ...... *sweat-drop* Chaos Mistress....

Kurtz: I'LL TAKE IT! I'LL TAKE IT! *stuffs all the dark matter down his gob*

*seconds later*

Kurtz: *with thousands of tentacles and seven members now down his tail* Okay! WHICH FEMALE WANTS THIS?!

Steven: O.O *collapse*

The capsule contains the advanced Kurtz.

- Disturbed - 01-02-2007

Ebon: *eyes widen and drool pours from her mouth* THAT WOULD BE ME!!!

The capsule contains a very aroused and horny Ebon

- Kurtz - 01-02-2007

Kurtz: Come get me! *chuckles darkly and winks*

The capsule contains Kurtz and Ebon.

- Disturbed - 01-02-2007

Ebon: Damn it its too cramped to do anything in these damn things

The capsule contains a move