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- Disturbed - 11-12-2006

I hate those things...they were never comfortable for me

P-Disturbed: *huggles Monica rolling on the ground* Whoa..hey hows it going

The capsule contains new magic

- Crimson Fox - 11-12-2006

Ada: Hmmm...I wonder what it does... *casts the mystery spell*

P-Ada: Okay, somebody's going to pay for this! *waves her arms in frustration*

P-Monica: Pretty good, and you, wolf boy. *nuzzles him a little*

The capsule contains a stack of hentai mangas.

- Disturbed - 11-12-2006

Silver: *grabs them and starts reading*

P-Disturbed: I'm doing pretty good *playfully nuzzles back*

P-Saphire: hehe Hi Ada *plushy sweatdrop* looks like we all caught the plushy curse

The capsule contains Ifrit

- Crimson Fox - 11-12-2006

Ifrit: *burns away the capsule and growls menacingly*

P-Ada: Hmph, bad summon, don't make me turn this capsule around. *dismisses Ifrit and nods at Saphire* Yeah, I wonder who's dumb joke this is.

P-Monica: *huggles and feels his plushy body* So soft...

The capsule contains all the answers.

- Disturbed - 11-12-2006

Silver: Awsome now I can pass my math test

P-Saphire: well if my brother is down here than it cant be him..*blinks*..you know you look pretty good as a plushy Ada *giggles swishing her plushy tail*

P-Disturbed: Hoo-Hoo! Look I'm the pillsburry dough wolf *pokes his plushy tongue out*

The capsule contains..oh what the hell plushy Crimson

- Shadowknight - 11-12-2006

Shadow: *Whistles sharply* SHADY!!

Shady: *Runs into the room as he's called and skids to a halt infront of Shadow* RUF RUF RURF!!

Shadow: You want the toy? *Waves around the plushy* GO FETCH!! *Throws it away*

Shady: RUF!! *Chases down the plushie and begins chewing on it happily*

Shadow: The capsule contains the pure essence of fire.

- Kurtz - 11-13-2006


Nath: *sweat-drops* Okay, mad plushy moment over. *clicks fingers and everyone turns back to normal*

The capsule contains a Light Beam.

- Disturbed - 11-13-2006

Ah its too bright!!!

Saphire: Oh thanks Nath *huggles and kisses*

The capsule contains Squalls gunblade

- Kurtz - 11-13-2006

Kurtz: WOOT! *starts slashing random things with the gunblade*

Nath: *cuddles Saphire* No problem! ^_^

The capsule contains the Power Beam.

- Disturbed - 11-13-2006

I dont know what to do with it *fires a beam* oh right

Saphire: *licks Nath's cheek*

The capsule contains Saphires cuteness