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- Disturbed - 12-31-2006

*takes the shot to the face* Grrrrr!!! *grins darkly as he grabs Kurtz's tail and throws him into the sky*

The capsule contains a thrown green dragon with red hair

- Misty - 12-31-2006

Holy Shit! *watches Kurtz being thrown in the air*

Capsule contains Kurtz flying.

- Disturbed - 12-31-2006

Ready pull!! *fires pie cannon at flying Kurtz*

The capsule contains a flying pie covered Kurtz

- Misty - 01-01-2007

*points and laughs at Kurtz having a pie thrown in his face*

Capsule contains another joke.

- Disturbed - 01-01-2007

Nah I'm done joking

The capsule contains a Flamedramon

- Misty - 01-01-2007

*blinks* Uhh....Flame.......Dra.....Mon.....*stares*

Capsule contains my jaw dropping

- Disturbed - 01-01-2007

*holds Misty's jaw and puts it back up* Hehe

The capsule contains a hug from Flamedramon to Misty

- Misty - 01-01-2007

Eee! *getting a hug from the Flamedramon* ^__^

Capsule contains Disturbed

- Disturbed - 01-01-2007

Disturbed: *opens up the capsule* Damn it I hate clones!!! *fires his magnum at his head splattering his clone juices*

The capsule contains a big mess

- Misty - 01-01-2007

*sweat drops* Oh geez...

Capsule contains the real Disturbed full of blood