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- Misty - 12-31-2006

*jams out to Disturbed*

Capsule contains rock n roll

- Disturbed - 12-31-2006

\m/ Rock on!!

The capsule contains black jeans

- Misty - 12-31-2006

Oooh! *grabs them* MINE

Capsule contains music

- Kurtz - 12-31-2006


The capsule contains my rage to today.

- Disturbed - 12-31-2006

*looks in* Whoa!! *quickly shuts* Dont go in there!!

The capsule contains jello

- Kurtz - 12-31-2006

*throws jello at Disturbed* BAD WOLF! *covers eyes*

The capsule contains the end result.

- Disturbed - 12-31-2006

*jello lands squarely on the crotch of his pants* You did that on purpse didnt you?

The capsule contains suspicion

- Kurtz - 12-31-2006

Erika: That is so hot, you know?

Lurea: Yup! Totally....

Rosa: Fuck it. WHY CAN'T I LICK THERE?!


*all four pounce*

The capsule contains madness.

- Disturbed - 12-31-2006

Disturbed: *gets pounced by all four* Fine you can lick there.

The capsule contains a pantless Disturbed with jello on his crotch

- Kurtz - 12-31-2006

Erika: *vanishes*

Lurea: *vanishes*

Tieya: Hee-hee, I only want this, sweetie. *quickly crawls underneath Disturbed and starts licking the back of his neck frantically*

Rosa: *grinning softly, she wipes the jello more into Disturbed's crotch, before starting to lick at it with her young, dragoness tongue* Hrrrr....

The capsule contains Erika and Lurea playing.