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- Disturbed - 12-30-2006

*walks around with his paws in front of his face* Hey!! I cant see *moves his paws around untill they meet with something soft and squishy* Hey I found something *starts squishing them softly*

The capsule contains Disturbed accidently feeling Misty's boobs

- Misty - 12-30-2006

*Disturbed touching my boobs* Hey! Watch where you're grabbing! That's my chest....

Capsule contains embarrassment

- Disturbed - 12-30-2006

Disturbed: *shakes hes head and eyes come into focus and sees what he is doing* Oh shit..*quickly take his paws away*

The capsule contains a great apology

- Misty - 12-30-2006

^_^ I forgive you Disturbed *hugs tightly* It happens!!

Capsule contains blushing and a return hug

- Disturbed - 12-30-2006

Disturbed: *blushes very deeply and hugs Misty*

The capsule contains a warm hug from a very sorry wolf

- Misty - 12-30-2006

*is hugged by Disturbed* It's okay...it happens! Now stop that :-p

Capsule contains a wagging tail

- Kurtz - 12-30-2006

Wagging tail! BLEH! *rips it off and stuffs it down his throat* I don't need matches!

The capsule contains Kurtz.

- Disturbed - 12-31-2006

Why do you always wish to do bodily harm to me! *grabs a guilmon forces him to drinks a pint of Rena Sauce and throws him into the capsule*

The capsule contains Guilmon wildly yiffing Kurtz :P

- Kurtz - 12-31-2006

Kurtz: *before the Guilmon can even put his member near his tailhole, Kurtz grabs the Guilmon with all four tentacles and snaps all his limbs off* Didn't work, buddy.

The capsule contains a thwarted plan.

- Disturbed - 12-31-2006

Disturbed: *shrugs* Oh well

The capsule contains some drums