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- Kurtz - 12-29-2006

*Talia now has a vibrator up her tailhole as well as two butterfly clips on her nipples and hot burning wax over her breasts - as well as red, purple and blue strike marks across her butt and breasts*

Capsule contains a disgrace. n.n

- Gol22 - 12-29-2006

Gol: *blinks* o_o wow....

The person below is shocked

- Misty - 12-29-2006

*is shocked* Waiit... what am I shocked about?

Capsule contains the answer

- Disturbed - 12-29-2006

Hes probably not into BDSM as other people are

The capsule Disturbed chained to a bed

- Misty - 12-29-2006

*Disturbed chained to a bed with whips and gags laying around*
Misty: What the hell happened to you??

Capsule contains the answer

Misty: Actually Disturbed, Gol likes when I'm chained to the bed...I dunno if he liked it though..

- Crimson Fox - 12-29-2006

Crimson: No one must ever know.... *burns up the answer and laughs insanely*

The capsule contains a kitsune.

- Disturbed - 12-29-2006

Disturbed: *anime watery eyes* Awww she is so cute...*picks the kitsune up and cuddles her in his arms*

The capsule contains a good hug

- Misty - 12-30-2006

*is hugged* Thanks Disturbed, but I don't think it was aimed at me :-p

Capsule contains Ramen!

- Disturbed - 12-30-2006

Yums!!! *eats eagerly*

The capsule contaisn a black wolf with noodles all over his face

- Misty - 12-30-2006

Aww that's cute *Snaps a photo*

Capsule contains a blind black wolf with noodles on his face.