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- Kurtz - 12-28-2006

*Prayer by Disturbed quickly starts* Good or bad?

The capsule contains ANOTHER music video.

- Disturbed - 12-28-2006

Oh fuck yeah *Before I Forget by Slipknot* WOOOOTT

The capsule contains a mosh pit

- Misty - 12-28-2006

*people start a mosh pit as others are getting hurled out of the middle of them*

Capsule contains ambulances

- Disturbed - 12-28-2006

*fires an RPG at the ambulences blowing them up* Now the people in the ambulances need and ambulance

The capsule contains a sick joke

- Misty - 12-28-2006

*random people throw pig guts at the ambulances*

Capsule contains another sick joke

- Disturbed - 12-28-2006

Meh thats not that sick

The capsule contains a dildo

- Kurtz - 12-29-2006

*sticks it up Disturbed's tailhole* HA!

The capsule contains a roar.

- Disturbed - 12-29-2006

RAWR!!! *takes the dildo out opens Kyo's maw and shoves it down his throat*

The capsule contains ouch

- Kurtz - 12-29-2006

Kyo: MMFFFHRRR!! *quickly knees Disturbed in the crotch*

The capsule contains evil.

- Disturbed - 12-29-2006

*falls to the ground holding his crotch and falls to the floor* GRRRRR..*paws glow black and rises them* SHADOW TENTICLES

The capsule contains Shadow Tenticals grabbing Kyo