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- Kurtz - 12-27-2006

Lurea: *crying a river of tears*

Kyo: *sweat-drops* She found out she wasn't in the SOE.

The capsule contains sadness.

- Disturbed - 12-27-2006

Awww...why so sad

Disturbed: *cuddles Lurea with a warm hug*

The capsule contains pizza

- Misty - 12-28-2006

You read my mind...*takes the pizza and starts eating it* Thanks!

Capsule contains PEPSI

- Disturbed - 12-28-2006

*takes pepsi and guzzles it down*

The capsule contains a bomb

- Misty - 12-28-2006

*bomb blows up Antarctica* Err...oops.

Capsule contains George Bush

- Disturbed - 12-28-2006

Meh..he was okay *puts whoopie cushion on his chair*

The capsule contains a gag

- Misty - 12-28-2006

O_O <_< >_> What kinda gag?

Capsule contains what I'm not hoping it to be.

- Disturbed - 12-28-2006

*George Bush walks in and sits on the woopie cushion*

The capsule contains that kind of gag

- Misty - 12-28-2006

Aww okay...*puts a pail of water on the door and waits for Gol to walk in*

Capsule contains snickering

- Disturbed - 12-28-2006

*snickers then turns into silence* whats the water for?

The capsule contains a second pail of water