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Man this pisses me off!!! - RaZhar - 05-29-2004

Have you ever been to the, The Elder's Scrolls III: Morrowind Xbox message board on Gamefaqs.com? I went there because I too have the Xbox version of Morrowind (And I love the game!) and I saw a bunch of nice people who asked perfectly innocent questions and got flamed and yelled at for not knowing the answer by some dicks calling themselves Veterans. How fucking egotistical do you have to be to call yourself a Veteran? I saw a guy ask a question about Rolli the Guar and then some so called Veteran asshole started to insult him and then made a topic to make fun of the poor guy and other so called Veterans joined in! And what's the big deal with Fargoth? He's just a guy you meet in the start of the game!

And the Xbox Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic board is also bad. There's people all over there talking 24/7 about doing evil stuff and their hatred for different characters!

And then this Halo religion you see. I liked Halo too and I play it a lot on my Xbox but I thought that there were a lot better games on the Xbox than Halo. Like Ninja Gaiden, Brute Force, Star Wars: KOTOR, Morrowind, and Dead or Alive! Hell I think Halo doesn't even rank to be in the greatest games of all time section with me.

I know I'm ranting about Xbox and I know that a lot of people don't like the Xbox for some odd reason but I just wanted to get this craziness that I've seen on the Gamefaqs.com Xbox boards off my chest. I'm not a Xbox nerd, I'm a Xbox, PS2, and Game Cube nerd. Owning all three consoles pays off, whenever an exclusive game comes out on one of the consoles that I really want I don't cry about it, I just get it when it comes out. And if you are going to flame me for having an Xbox or even just talking about it then I'll just say this: Grow up!

- Blackwargreymon Lover - 05-29-2004

That's the main reason I don't go to Gamefaqs. I go to Gamewinners. everyone there is nice about it there (or at least from what I've seen).

But yes, I do know what you're talking about. It is pure and utter bullshit, but since nothing is going to be done about it, it's just going to keep going on.

- Cyber Stryker - 05-31-2004

That's the reason I stopped using the gameFAQ's message boards. A few weeks ago I made a topic about the physical differances of drakes, and dragons on the Drakengard board and you'd think I killed someone's mother with all the hateful flaming that ensued. I mean jeez, if you want to disagreee with me fine but damn that got hateful. (I use the same screenname there if anyone's interested in seeing how that went.)

- RaZhar - 05-31-2004

Yeah I also go by the name, RaZhar, at Gamefaqs.com as well.

But anyway, I remember this one time when I was on the Morrowind board and I made a topic saying that I stumbled on a glitch with the Wraithguard, Sunder, and Keening. All you had to do was to equip Wraithguard and outside the menu quickly keep switching between the weapons, Sunder and Keening, and your stats will skyrocket. I made that topic to just help people avoid it if they wanted to play a serious game but some assholes thought I was a cheater and wouldn't listen to reason.

Then the Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore PS2 message board is also plagued with morons as well. There's people saying that they want that naked Kasumi skin and they won't shut up about it! If you want to see Kasumi naked then go to a hentai site! It's better than some stupid nippleless, assless, crotchless, halfed assed skin!
Then there were people saying they hate that DOA is now on the Xbox. So what? I prefer it on Xbox anyway! Better graphics and physics means the better all of girls' breasts jiggle!
I mean if you want something that bad then buy what you need to have it and shut the fuck up! I wanted to play the games on the Xbox so I bought a Xbox and couldn't be anymore happier with myself!

And have you been to 5chan.net? It's by far the best hentai site ever but I hate it when someone calls someone else a sicko for liking to look at underaged anime girls. But the thing is that there is a section for underaged anime characters (Lolicon and Shotacon) but you'll see some dick call someone a freak! So what if some others and I like to look at underaged anime characters, it's not as if we want to actually have sex with real kids!
Also there are some that'll yell at you if you post something they don't like even if it's perfectly okay to post it. However it's a good thing that on 5chan.net those people are rare and usually someone will side with the one who's getting yelled at or the moderator will yell at the flamer.

The reason I like this message board so much though is because a lot of the people here are nice unlike the people at other message boards.

- UnknownH - 06-01-2004

yeah this board is nice and remember gamefaqs is stupid and people are stupid it's simple

- RaZhar - 06-01-2004

You couldn't be anymore right, UnknownH...

- UnknownH - 06-02-2004

thank you I know I couldn't

- Anus Individual 20 - 06-04-2004

That's a large part of why I stick around here, despite my waning interest in Digimon porn...

- UnknownH - 06-05-2004

yeah like I said once I don't come here for the porn(that's is a reason though) I come here for the people (which I do)

- RaZhar - 06-05-2004

Quote:yeah like I said once I don't come here for the porn(that's is a reason though) I come here for the people (which I do)

Same here!