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What do you think of Fooly Cooly? - Angeteen - 08-14-2003

I just finished watching episode six of Fooly Cooly, and, from what I could gather from an episode guide I found, episode six is the last episode of the show. Though it being short (which is a complete annoyance), what do you think of the show? Is anyone more clear about it now than they were when they first watched it?

- Waru_the_Magnificent - 08-14-2003

All I know is that


Haruko is really called Haru Hana, and still in chase of Animus/Atomos (I couldn't really hear the name right).

That Ta-Kun (hehehe) hasn't heard the last of either Haru and Atomos (that guitar of his plucking a string of it's own gave me that clue).

That Mamimii is slightly spoiled, and does not know what she's missing. by leaving so abruptly. but perhaps being a phtographer shall clear her mind a bit and set things straight.

That Haru STILL is, in my opinion, a crazy space-bitch, but that makes her MORE lovable.

That the universe's GREATEST weapons are electric guitars.

That Gainax (the company, perhaps the animators as well?) loves showing women's asses, both clothed and bare.

Scooter-bikes are pretty bad-ass.


- TrippinPlaya - 08-14-2003

Fooly Cooly/Furi Kuri waru ;)

Btw nice title dude heh

- Mr.Onizuka - 08-14-2003

Well whatever the hell it's called was definetly entertaining,Thou it sucks it was short.

- Waru_the_Magnificent - 08-14-2003

Trippin: The title is temporary. And I "assumed" that Fooly Cooly was SOME sort of perv terminology... but didn't think wise to assume.

- Duce - 08-14-2003

im not sure but, i heard some where that Fooly Cooly didn't really have anything to do with the show that the guys who made it just liked how it sounded. But anyway i really liked the show too bad it was so short.

- Anus Individual 20 - 08-14-2003

Shit. What channel was this on?

- Waru_the_Magnificent - 08-14-2003

Cartoon Network, at Midnight.

- Duce - 08-14-2003

yeah i think it going to be repeated if anyone missed it your not out of luck. i missed the first one so ill get to see it tonight.

- Menos - 08-14-2003

Yea i think warus right. I have to admite it but even though it was the most fucked up anime i had ever watched i did find it fun! Was pretty wierd to see them do some south park comedy...And oh yea I want a pair of thoughs eye brows!!!