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Duck and Cover mother f*cker. - Darkfox - 08-11-2003

Hey everyone, I'm back (if anyones noticed lol)

I took a short break away from the board cause to be quite frank, I didn't wanna talk to anyone aside from the people in real life and a few on MSN. Not only that but in the last few weeks of my absence I've been giving a month and a half time limit to find a job or I'm out on my ass cause my mom is moving (yes, still living with her), or I could find a job and move out on my own, I think I'd choose to live with my mom for a while cause she's pretty cool and likes rock music, plus it would cut most of my bills in half.

Also, for the last week I was given the job of taking care of a Poodle, the little thing was named missy, no lie she was prissy :D lol....for the week she had to get used to the slum living, but hell, I got paid 50 bucks for my troubles.

I've also been working on my art, not sure what the hell I'm doing with it but it's leading somewhere, my mom's friend knows a teacher for a college art class and says that I should really look into it...so maybe I will...I also have been working on characters going towards a web comic...all in due time.

Adios....I'll be around.

- Chibi Renamon - 08-11-2003

Oiii welcome back! ^_^
The "art"-part sounds promising, too. What I saw so far looked nice 8)

- redflow1 - 08-11-2003

:D i said it before and i say it now... everyone comes back :)

hope your life goes the right ways again now...

- Red Mage Dragon Tiamat - 08-11-2003

hello Darkfox. Welcome back here. ^_^

- TrippinPlaya - 08-11-2003

nice, welcome back man, good to see ya again :D

- InsaneImpmon - 08-12-2003

Hey DF, WB!

- Darkfox - 08-12-2003

Whoa...strange assortment of people to welcome me back lol, thank you all.

Btw, I won tickets to go see WWF wrestling on the 17th in my own city, house show but it's gonna kick ass lol.

Thanks for the kind words Chibi, I'm currently looking into HTML to see if I could eventually get a little picture archive for myself on some stupid URL, but I think I might just upload to my shitty MSN group till then...(it's in ECT links for anyone interested).

Anywho, I need to wander now, for I haven't been here in a while, and I hope people have been on their best behaviour lol.

- Anus Individual 20 - 08-12-2003

Nah, we've been angels...

...Horny, deviant, cursing, obsene, fallen angels...

...okay, so essentially, we've been Satans.

- Darkfox - 08-12-2003

Good boy, you lived up to my expectations lol....actually fallen angel's are cool...I was thinking of getting scars like torn wings on my back one day lol.