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Not going to put this off any longer jaser. You are a horrible person. - RDK - 08-08-2020

It was a mistake to think that I could ever even socialize with any of you on that "discord" of yours, being that just like in any other chatroom I ever bothered to use its always filled with undesirable individuals who dwell in harassing others because the person who owns such places is fine with it, as long as you are buddies with them of course and this place was no different.  So jaser you want to keep things private by sending me messages here about my rants on how much of a grating experience I had on that chatroom server of yours while at the same time just beating around the bush on the whole concept?  Why not just reveal it all to see if you are indeed innocent of the crap you pulled on me there?

You damn well know as I do that you had stopped letting me post any other artpiece on my designated space on this place of yours all because you are hurt that I was rude to one of your buddies in your discord server.  I make no regrets on standing up for myself when said people there are a bunch of assholes who go on judging you because you don't like what they like, in this case some stupid fanmade game by bronies who only their type could ever bother to take notice about.  You went on all salty about it telling me that my problems in real life would not be an excuse as to why I would tell your buddy off my case, but sure as hell you didn't bother to tell his ass to lay off either.  So fuck you very much for that, I can see that even when I had a place here for the longest of times you could care less about that fact.

About you having difficulty on managing your own site?  That's bullshit and we both know it.  Maybe if you weren't so busy in using Discord you would actually have time to continue working on this site.  But that's not of my business.  Just an observation.

And you know what?  I could care less if you still refuse any new Digimon related art from me and choose to miss out on me caring about this place by supporting it with my own stuff.  Its your problem.  As far as I see no one really uses this place anymore anyway.  Who are you kidding trying to convince me that I am still welcomed here and setting excuses as to why you don't seem to accept anything else I had tried to link from my gallery sites?  Its not a coincidence that once you banned me from that server nothing else I tried putting up here ever showed up, because while I was still around in that DISCORD SERVER of yours any URL from my sites I would copy and add here would show up in hours.  You can check my gallery section to confirm this, but being you are the only one who manages this place well, you are full of it altogether.

But like I said.  Not my problem.  I'm glad you and your buddies there on that thing revealed the type of people you all are.  Its sad really, this is about the only place about Digimon where I could feature anything I ever drawn related to the series but I am sure not going to miss it knowing the kind of person *you* are.

So long.

RE: Not going to put this off any longer jaser. You are a horrible person. - Jaser - 08-10-2020

Dude stop harassing our members.