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Happy Thanksgiving!(Deja Vu!) - Renafan - 11-23-2018

In North America, today is Turkey Day/Early Black Friday/etc.,  but I was thinking of this place and the happiness it brought me in the wee hours when I was in college and stressed out over biology(I had to choose the HARD Biology lol)...I'd come here.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Hope you're with your families today and stay safe.  It's...kinda cold out there today!(7 degrees with a low of -3F....ouch).

RE: Happy Thanksgiving!(Deja Vu!) - UnknownH - 11-24-2018

Thanks a lot. You too. Hope it was good.

RE: Happy Thanksgiving!(Deja Vu!) - Jaser - 11-26-2018

Hey Renafan! Thanks for stopping in and stuff. Happy Thanksgiving. Remember the Discord is super active even when this place looks empty.