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hello everyone - Mars The Great - 10-14-2018

hello everyone.

RE: hello everyone - UnknownH - 10-14-2018

Hello. Nice to see you. Sorry if not much is hear but try that Discord server. I think there's people there.

RE: hello everyone - Jaser - 10-15-2018

Heya! Yeah, the discord server is going strong.

Still wondering why Unknown isn't there...

RE: hello everyone - UnknownH - 10-15-2018

I keep forgetting about Discord. It's on my computer but it never boots up.

RE: hello everyone - Jaser - 10-15-2018

You don't need it installed, you can run it in your browser. Go to discordapp.com and click the purple button. I keep it open as a pinned tab.

RE: hello everyone - UnknownH - 10-16-2018

If I remember. I might have said before that I forget things at times. Probably because it's late and I'm half asleep. I have oddly a lot to do at night now that I have a job during the day.