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RE: HAPPY (late) NEW YEAR!!! - UnknownH - 02-03-2017

Meanwhile, the other forum I went to went down and is now a facebook group. Plus... I don't know why.

RE: HAPPY (late) NEW YEAR!!! - Sophiel - 02-28-2017

Ugh. Lame-ass Facebook. Anyway, I intend to show up on a whim until either I or this site no longer exists. Like a game of chicken.

RE: HAPPY (late) NEW YEAR!!! - UnknownH - 03-01-2017

And it just had to be the worst kind of year political wise. So everyone's sharing what's happened now. It's hard to get through it sometimes.

RE: HAPPY (late) NEW YEAR!!! - ENAIC - 03-10-2017

Happy late New Year!

I think my browser disagrees with the site because I'm getting a boatload of errors/warnings at the top of every page and I have to open posts in the reply box to see what is actually being said, elsewise they're just blank

RE: HAPPY (late) NEW YEAR!!! - UnknownH - 03-11-2017

...Huh. I have a bad feeling about this.

RE: HAPPY (late) NEW YEAR!!! - Usako Man - 03-13-2017

Very late, but yes, happy new year.