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Full Version: HAPPY (late) NEW YEAR!!!
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I feel a celebration is in order! Let us celebrate both the site's, and our own selves, surviving a pretty shitty year! And let us pray that, after the fiasco that was 2016, 2017 will be FUCKING MAGICAL!
Thanks. It was a horrible year last year but it could just be way better this year. We hope.
Eeeyup, may this year treat us well. Since it is a new year I feel we should do some new stuff around here to celebrate or help start out fresh. Any suggestions?
I don't know. We'd have to get people here again for that to happen.
*shakes a noisemaker around*
There's someone...Quick grab him before he escapes!
Yeah. I got him here a while ago. He mostly posted in the art forum.
Yep, I'm sticking around for a while longer, I'm sure.
As long as this board exists, I may be here. No one knows why it's here, but it is. So here I am.
It's a mystery it is! And I'll be here too! It's my duty as both Empress and as leader of the Dark Digidestined! ...plus I rather do love this place.
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