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Full Version: Hey, I'm new here :)
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Ah! New specimens!

Diva: I think you mean members.

Me: I know what I said. Anyway a pleasure to meet you deary, I'm Salem the resident mad scientist and witch. Anything you need just come to me or one of the other senior members, now if you'll just step this way we can begin your medical check up. ^W^
ik what you mean and salem i never had my check a year ago when i first joinedCrybaby2 lol
(01-15-2012, 08:20 AM)Cowboy From Hell Wrote: [ -> ]Yay, someone who isn't a spambot for once.

That was my first thought when i first saw this intro lol.

Anyhow, I know it's late, but welcome to the DaD.

Ah! Fresh, supple, non-robotic flesh!

Er- I mean- welcome aboard the boards! I will be very gentle- er- hospitable with you! *Bows so low he headbutts the ground and knocks himself out*
hey im new
im tj and im new to the site
TJ, just letting you know it's better to create a new thread when making introductions.

At any rate, have fun during your stay. ^^
my name isTJ
and im new to the site and I love to write Digimon yaoi stories
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