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Full Version: My permanent return... Yet, I'll still go unnoticed.
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Hi all.

I'm back with a new name and a new outlook on life, as well as even more intelligence and a larger vocabulary. Though, as the title says, I'll probably still get generally disregarded ^^ So, in case anybody wants to RP, or team write a little, feel free to contact me. I'm going to start checking the boards at least once a day and making it a habit.

It's good to be back...
Yay! <3
So your new outlook on life is being pessimist? I'll see you changing names very soon I'm afraid.

Kiddin'. Be welcome back. I hope you'll be even more active.
Thanks for the welcome backs, guys!

I also forgot to mention that I've got a 360 now and you can catch me at my gamertag of: AdymTheLion. I play lots of Borderlands, Magic 2012 and Forza 3. Also, I've gotten into RPing like I said, and I'm anxious to do a little with you all, since this is my favorite forum ^^
OMG Look WHo's back Welcome Back there buddy we Missed you ^.^
Adym! Oh share with us your new outlook, good sir!
My new outlook? Well, it's actually quite simple:

It doesn't matter if people don't like with you, because your friends will. It doesn't matter if people think what you like is stupid or pointless, because there will always be somebody who likes the same things as you. And it doesn't matter if you've got nobody to hang out with, because somebody will always come along.

Also, My Little Pony is not as creepy as previously thought ^.^
My Little Pony fucking rocks HARD CORE!
Don't you be dissing those bitchin' ponies or I'll shank you real good!
Please no shanking! I never said it was bad, I just thought it was kinda creepy. Now my mind has been chanced thanks to the power of the internets :3
And thanks to the power of the FRIENDSHIP!!
Because friendship is MAGIC!
And don't you forget it n00b.

EDIT: You're really fun ^.^
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