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Full Version: The Game Playas Series
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A lot has changed in my life. New job, new place to live, hell, I'm in the US again. Not all changes were good, but I moved on and hopefully for the better. This also includes, after a long hiatus, the return of the VS series.... sorta.

I'll be posting a new series called The Game Playas, starting from scratch. Yes, I'm rebooting the series, and like many a reboot before me, the VS Series as you know it, never happened. The starting cast for now will be Usako, Brian, Joe, Kamino and Empty, though we will see Jenni and Raven later. And this time they will be in numbered volumes, no more random tales in which you have to guess what story happened before what. This will also help me keep my stuff in order. No more drawing this story while still not having finished 3 other stories for me. You won't see Volume 2 until ALL of Volume 1 is done.

Anyways, I finally was able to buy my own scanner so expect to see the first pages of Volume 1 in exactly 2 weeks.
Well, that's interesting. Nice to know. I shall wait for your first upload here.
Wow, I sorta got into your stuff there a while back (then, like most of my life, it sorta faded away... :'( ) anyway, glad to hear you're back :)
oh UnknownH, if possible since you're a mod and all... can you delete all my past topics on the old series/tales of nowhere and the like?
Yo. I shall try that.
Thanks UnknownH. God willing, I'll have stuff up by June 20
Yeah. Done. I left the fic since it wasn't art.
Thanks alot dude. I'll start posting the new stuff this Monday.
we're almost there
And to reboot the series... A Boot to the Head.
Should be fun.