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Full Version: What is wrong with me?
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Okay, so you all know I am in a lot of accidents, mostly being hit by cars or falling down the stairs.

Well, could anyone tell me why this happens so much?

I cannot hear suddenly loud noises correctly, and that is probably why I get hit by soooo many cars.

I also get extremely dizzy when I look down from any high area. Say like going down the stairs? Also, since I have an area in my house that is like open to above/below, I look down and I get dizzy, I even fell off there once before.

I don't drive very often, and when I do, I MUST have someone sitting beside me. Why? High speeds sometimes blur my vision.

Can any1 plz help? I honestly think that I am going to either die or kill someone else if this keeps happening!
Best answer: see a doctor of some kind. Ok, now that the obvious is outa the way, my job here is done. Lol