Welcome to the DaD!

Submissions are Back Online!

While we're stilling working on upgrading various parts of the site (and maybe getting a whole new layout!) we've got a new submission form up now! Check out the Submit page to post your art and lemons, you'll only need a forum account.

We've got a few new lemon submissions! Renafan has returned, submitting a Savers lemon with an interesting surprise twist. Daniel is also back with a new story, and has asked to be renamed as Furry Lovers. Next Lazuli has another 3 new stories, ranging from a simple romantic lime to extra kinky. DV85 is also here but has removed his stories for the moment in order to possibly replace them with better versions, so stay tuned!

: And So It Continues...

The first update under new management! Lazuli has been added to the Lemons section with 13 stories including a variety of situations and Digimon/Digimon and Tamer/Digimon combinations. He may also be available for commissions or interesting suggestions, so check out his FurAffinity for more info!

On to general updates, you may have noticed the new menubar on Lemon pages I already put up, with navigation and a couple readability options - although they don't work on some of the old files' code. Additionally I've fixed a number of broken links throughout the lemons and artist galleries as I upgrade the them to a new format on the backend. Changes in those sections might come in the not too distant future, such as new layouts, more information, and maybe even searching by tags. We'll see, so in the mean time come chat with us on the DaD's message board!