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Yolei and Sora had split off from the group to cover more ground through the forest trying to find Ken’s base, not the best job in the world but necessary none the less, they had covered a lot of ground in just a short time most in part due to Hawkmon and Biyomon’s ability to fly. About an hour had past with little signs of…any thing. With minimal interest and the sun fading behind the horizon they still searched until a pack of five Snimon attacked; now usually this would be no problem with a seasoned professional like Biyomon and a still a powerful rookie like Hawkmon but this packs attack plan was to attack the digidestined not the digimon,

“Hawkmon armor digivole to shuriemon!”

“Get them”, yelled Yolei at the top of her lungs.

 Biyomon help them quick’’,

 “no problem Sora” said Biyomon with confidence in her voice “spiral twister” the plan the Snimon were ordered to do was put into action, the first attack by Biyomon was easily dodged and the Snimon launched a direct slash attack at Sora knocking her a good 20 feet in between the trees “SOORR-!” Biyomon yelled in distress before being interrupted by another twin sickle from the five Snimon. Yolei watched in horror as her friends were taken out with such ruthlessness

Shurimon hurry up” said Yolei not realizing that her digimon was all ready on the offensive “double star” once again the attack had been dodged and Yolei realized this and was now running literally for her life luckily due to her quick reactions the attack had landed on the ground behind her but most of the force had sent her sailing into a nearby tree completely knocking her out. Shurimon dodged the onslaught of the Snimon by jumping from tree to tree thinking that this was not much of a plan he spun around and leaped for the enemy, they were closer than he had originally planed and was instantly shot down, it wasn’t a direct hit so it didn’t do as much damage but was still bad enough to knock the wind out of him,

 “What can I do? Biyomon’s out and so are Sora and Yolei” the digimon moved in and all Shurimon could do was lie at the base of a near by tree. “This can’t be it” he said in a slight anger,

“CRIMSON BLADE” a shadow out of no were struck a now apparent dark ring at the base of the Snimon’s arm, their attention was instantly averted towards the figure and another one slightly smaller than it standing by its side

“twin sickle” the force landed near the two and sent the smaller one down, the taller figure then went full force at them breaking the control of the rings,

“YO you o.k.?” a kid no more than 16 years old with a backpack got up and ran to the injured digimon “what happened here?”

“We were ambushed” just then the shadow that had hit the Snimon’s dark rings jump down from the branches “theirs three more of us in the woods I’m…ShurimonShurimon said grunting and pointing to the woods

“Lets help you first, shadow take is it? to the house just put him on the couch I’ll help the others” at that the dark figure helped Shurimon up off the ground and had him put one arm around his neck as they hurried off to the kids house. Meanwhile the kid rounded up the two girls and the other digimon and lined them up next to each other were they found the first one and did light medic work wile he waited for Shadow to return to help him carry the wounded. After the task of carrying them to the cottage was over the kid tended to there wounds, Hawkmon now dedigivolved watched from the couch that he was originally placed on as the man worked with the medical supplies that he pulled out of his backpack, his gentleness was astounding ,he fist took care of Biyomon, obviously the worst one injured, he bandaged her many cuts and took out the splinters from the back woods brawl the worst of it was that she had a huge gash on her head that he couldn’t take care of it in the woods after that was done next came Yolei she had a twisted ankle and a bad cut a cross her back from the fall she took wile she was running, but easily patched, Sora was the best of the bunch not much more than bruises and Hawkmon was surprisingly resilient. Since Hawkmon was the only one awake at the time him and Shadowmon talked wile Doug (they eventually introduced themselves) went to the nearby village to pick up food and more medical supplies, Shadowmon explained why him and Doug were out in the middle of the woods and it was a very sad story to say the least. Not much after Shadowmon finished the story Doug returned with the supplies. The three slept through the night that day Yolei, Biyomon and Sora all woke up to the smell of cooked eggs and toast the next morning in ten minute intervals, good thing too because Doug’s arm was now in a sling and took a little longer than usual too prepare. After the newly invited guests had finished their breakfast and the hostess introduced them selves Sora and the gang talked about why they were out in the woods and what they were looking for turns out that Doug and Shadowmon had no idea about the digimon emperor just the dark rings, with this new found knowledge Doug headed for the door

“Shadow don’t forget we got work to do in the next village” said Doug in an unenthusiastic voice

shadow?” asked Biyomon

“Yeah it a lot easier than saying Shadowmon all the time”


“What do you do in the village?” asked Sora

“Well we have no jobs to pay for stuff so in exchange we offer medical services”

“Hey we should introduce him to Jo” Biyomon said in a whisper

“Wile were gone feel free to look around, there is food in the pantry but please don’t leave yet you haven’t fully recovered”

“No problem” they all said in happy voices not about to give up this resort vacation

“What are we going to do we still haven’t found Kens base?” thought Yolei

They discussed a plan to find Ken for about an hour until they started exploring the little house it was oddly built it was round with no permanent walls just dividers, there was four couches centered around a fire place in the middle were they were tended too and slept and two beds at opposite ends of the house obviously Doug and Shadows beds, at one end the kitchen and at the other the bathroom. Sora being the only one with out bandages decided to take a shower wile Biyomon went outside for some fresh air and Yolei and Hawkmon sat around the fire. Just as Yolei sat down she slowly examined the bandage on her back through the now stitched hole and realized that it was under her braw and shoulder strap, being the person that she is she immediately thought of what could have happened wile she was asleep

“Hawkmon what the hell happened wile I was unconscious!”

Hawkmon startled by the sudden break in the silence fell on the floor

“Calm down Yolei I watched him the entire time he gently unbuttoned your vest, laid you on your stomach did uhhh you know, cleaned your wound and put a bandage that’s all, he was quite impressive how he handled you and the others, he was very delicate and he even blushed when he undid your and Sora’s shirt ”

“Wow, he really doesn’t sound like any of the guys I know, wait SORA TOO?”


“Does Sora know about this, what did he do to her!?”

Yolei stop, your getting worried for nothing as for Sora all he did was clean her up with a damp sponge.” Hawkmon said defending Doug

“How can we trust these two” Yolei said still suspicions

“Well because Shadow and especially Doug have nothing else to live for, why would they screw this up?”

“What do you mean nothing to live for

“Wile all of you were still sleeping Shadow told me why they’re both out here alone”


“Hey why are you all just sitting around?’’ said Sora just out of the shower

“Hawkmon’s telling us why Shadow and Doug are out here”

Sora sat next to Yolei at the far end of the couch

“Apparently” Hawkmon went into his most serious voice”in the real world about two years ago Doug and his mom got into a car accident, well needless to say his mom didn’t make it out of it, this was his last living relative”

“Why” asked Biyomon back from her walk

“For one reason or another one by one all of his family died, his dad died from a flu virus his aunt and uncle died in a plane cr- ”

“Please stop!” said Sora cutting off Hawkmon

“How horrible how can we help him?” Yolei

“No please I wasn’t suppose to tell you and Shadow wasn’t suppose to tell me either”

“Should we help him?” Sora asked

“I don’t think so but we should be more appreciative to him” said Sora with a chipper tone

“Look what he has done for us, he feed us, he cleaned us up, were lucky he was around”

Little knowing to them but about another hour had past and Shadow and Doug had returned from town

“Shadow would you mind checking their bandages wile I clean up?” said Doug coming through the front door and off to the bathroom

“No problem” in that deep almost spooky voice of Shadows

Shadow was a digimon that was very similar to Meramon’s physique but with yellow eyes a cold touch and a dark figure

Yolei would you lay down real quick?”  

Knowing she was in good hands she went to one of the beds behind the dividers and removed her shirt, laid down and undid her braw strap. Shadow did what Doug had asked him to do with the same love and dexterity he had, Yolei shivered form his cold touch as he re cleaned the wound and replaced the dressing on her back and checked her ankle braise, his touch was soothing for the most part it was like an ice pack. Yolei got dressed and thanked Shadow for the attention, appearing from behind the divider of the bed room Shadow continued over to Biyomon to check her head, digimon heal faster than humans so the wound had almost disappeared from her body

“Is their someone we should contact for you?” Doug said drying his hands on a towel     

“I almost forgot, the others are probably worried about us” Yolei yelled

well you’re the only one here with a D-terminal” Sora pointed out

“A D-terminal?” the two asked

“What, you don’t know what they?”


Its like a hand held e-mail and it stores our armor digi-eggs”

“Oh” Doug said only understanding the e-mail part

Yolei punched away at the D-terminal”any body! were in a house- ” “wait were are we?” Yolei asked puzzled, the grouped laughed

“Were about a mile or two southwest of the Gizamon village”

thanks” “were two miles southwest of the Gizamon village” finished with the directions Yolei punched send, only a minute later she got mail that said “dang how did you get that far? We will be there in two days so just hang tight-love Davis” “HA HA very funny”

“What‘d they say?” Biyomon asking in anticipation

they said that’s it’ll be two days before they can reach us ”

“Oh darn” Sora said sarcastically not wanting to leave this quaint little house not to mention a caring couple of hostees.

“Since your stuck here you might as well stay and rest wile you recuperate” Shadow offered in a sincere voice

“I’m heading out to the garden” Doug’s voice trailed off as he went out the back door

“O.K.” Shadow replied

Since Biyomon was too weak to walk from the battle she sat on the porch that encircled the house and watched as Shadow created a full size sculpture of himself in a large tree out in front of the small cottage.

“What’s wrong Biyomon?” Shadow asked looking over his shoulder noticing the depression in her sighs

“Huh, oh its just that… I feel as though I failed in my duties as Sora’s digimon”

“Have you talked to her about it?” he said putting his tools down

“No, I can’t face her”

Biyomon, did you do your best to protect her?”

“Of course I did”

“Than that’s all she can ask, I’m sure she doesn’t feel the same way, she knows you did your best and she also knows that you will always do your best”

“Thanks that makes me feel better”

 Sora cleaned their house even though it was just the two of them is was still kind of messy, Hawkmon helped Doug out in the garden, Yolei was instructed to stay put and rest but she didn’t listen very well, she hobbled off and on to sit with Biyomon and Shadow. At some point in the late after noon Yolei caught Doug alone on the steps by his garden taking a break, his arm was still in a sling, Hawkmon had done so also and joined Biyomon, Shadow and Sora in the front.

“Hey Doug” Yolei said as she sat on the first step

“Oh hey Yolei, how’s the foot?”

“Better, it’s stopped hurting since this morning ”

“That’s good”

“Uh hey Doug”

”Hawkmon told us why you’re out here with Shadow”

“Oh” Doug said in a depressed voice

“What can we do to help?”

“I don’t want you to help” he said in an annoyed tone

“Why because of your pride” Yolei said starting to yell

“No that’s not it”

“Why then” her voice still escalating

“Every person I ever loved has died, And I have always delt with it one way or another when my dad died I turned into a pot head not carrying much about anything the only reason I quit was because of my mom, she was my last life line in the real world, she cried every time I smoked so I quit and I delt with it another way, when my mom died they wanted to put me into an orphanage because I was only 14 so I came here with Shadow” Doug’s eyes filled with tears as he poured his heart out to this women he only met yesterday.

“Didn’t you have any friends to stay with?”

“No I was a loser in school and the only other friend I had moved to another state…I wanted to prove to myself I could survive on my own”

 “Hey every body” Biyomon said obviously feeling better since she was now skipping, Doug jumped up and wiped his eyes trying to hide his emotions

“Your friend Shadow is a talented artist at his work” Biyomon said still skipping

“Yeah I know” Doug said trying to shape up his voice into a more optimistic sound


That night was colder than most, after dinner Doug and Shadow passed out the extra blankets that they both made a wile back, the fire had died out for the night and the digidestined huddled with their digimon under them. It was about three in the morning when Doug got up to get a drink, he swung his legs off his bed and headed for the kitchen as he did so he noticed Yolei shivering wildly with Hawkmon held tight to her body, Doug turned around and headed for his bed, he got his heavier blanket from it and sprawled it out on top the two, by the time he was done in the kitchen he noticed that Yolei had stopped shivering and he returned to his bed. Left with only his light blanket he laid on his stomach to help keep warm but shortly before he was asleep he felt a warm hand run across his back under the sheets, he turned around and came face to face with Yolei

“Hey Yolei

“Doug your too kind too all of us”

“Na I’m just doing what I feel is right” realizing what she was referring to

Yolei crawled under the covers with Doug after she made sure that Hawkmon was warm and returned Doug’s blanket

“No matter how alone you feel, I will always be here” Yolei’s voice slipped into a soothing note, Doug rolled on his left side and put his arm around her

thanks that means a lot to me…”

Feeling a vibe from Yolei that was unmistakable Doug ran his hand over her thigh trying to see if Yolei was thinking the same thing, to his great joy she took his hand and rubbed it over her breast. Not knowing how to precede Doug let Yolei take over, she rolled on top of him and removed her shirt and was left with a pink braw, Doug was amazed this was happening to him after all the anguish he has put up with in his life he has found a human that cared more for him than Shadow ever could (thank god), Doug looked strait into Yolei’s eyes as the blue moon light caught the right side of her body and outlined it in the darkness, he saw a pure untouched women with dreams and a good life   

“Wait, I can’t do this” Doug said in a disappointed whisper

“Why not?”

Yolei listen because you may never here this from another man’s mouth again, if I did this it would get you pregnant and it would cheapen the reason I helped you guys, I just can’t”

“…Doug I knew it, you are a noble soul, me and Sora were right about you”


“Me and Sora wanted to test your reason’s for helping us so we devised a plan to test you and this was the only way we could think of, god Doug what kinda girl do you take me fore”

“A better one than I first realized, but I’m still bumed, is what you said true?”

“Yes, Doug I love you for the same reasons I’m here testing you for but that’s also not going to stop me from doing what I want”


With nothing left too say to him she slowly crept down his body and up his boxers under the blankets and began to stroke him with the utmost of ease, Doug was a little shocked by this action but by this time this feeling quickly subsided “You may not want to have sex with me but I can still repay you for your thoughtfulness” She pulled down red his boxers to reveal his dick standing at attention “this isn’t so bad is it”

“Uh no” he blurted out

She looked at his man hood for only a minute until she shoved it deep into her mouth Doug suppressed the feeling to moan quite well but Yolei didn’t realize this so she thought she should try harder, with a new goal in her mind Yolei went to work trying get Doug to cum, another feeling to moan suddenly came over Doug but this one he could not suppress as well because his mind was now situated on the beautiful woman between his legs *eghhh*

“That’s it” she thought but this was interrupted by the wave of cum shooting out of him she immediately swallowed as much as she could as a weird sign of politeness 

“That should cover my bill” Doug whispered

“Not yet but I’ll pay the rest later”

ha No problem”

Doug pulled up his boxers and laid against the cold wall after she got off of him trying to grasp all of what has happened tonight, Yolei put her shirt back on so not to catch a cold and still surprisingly she laid up against him with his covers as he wrapped his arms around her with out hurting his sprained arm again to keep her warm, she fell asleep that night with a new perspective about men and a grin on her face     


That morning Yolei was the first to get up not wanting to be caught by the others, she broke Doug’s hug and proceeded to wake up Sora as gently as she could as not to wake Biyomon

Sora-Sora wake up” she said rocking her a little

“What is it?”

“Sora it worked, we were right”

Sora eyes widened at the news of this”Really? Maybe he can teach our guys some manners”

“Yeah right” all the commotion had finally woke up Biyomon and Hawkmon from their slumber

oh I’m sorry Biyomon did me and Yolei wake you”

“No I was already up, Hey today we get to go home the group should be here today”

“O yeah” they both said in lingering voice

“Good morning every one”

“Good morning Shadow”

“Do you want me to make breakfast?”

“I do I’m starved” Hawkmon shouted jumping from the nest of blankets on the couch

“O.k. chill out, what do you want?”

“Just eggs”

“Easy enough”

“What about you three?”

“No thanks our friends might be here soon” Biyomon responded

“Sora, Yolei?”

“Can you make pancakes?”

“Yeah, Sora?”

“That’ll work”

“Forget the eggs I’ll have pancakes too” Hawkmon shouted

Sora leaned down to BiyomonBiyomon why are you so anxious to leave?”

“I’m sorry Sora it’s just that that guy gives me the creeps, I was trying to get over it yesterday by being around him but it didn’t work”

“He took care of you didn’t he?”

“Yeah but still”

By this time Doug had enough time to sneak past every one to the shower and get dressed

Biyomon can I check your head?” Doug requested as he came out of the bathroom in pair of Denim pants still a little tired. He walked over to the couch were she sat

“Sure” Doug lifted the bandage to a fully feathered head

“Well your totally healed and your good to go”

thanksBiyomon replied

Yolei how’s the ankle and shoulder?”


“Alright but don’t walk on that foot for another week or so”


“Doug do you want something to eat?“ Shadow’s voice echoed                                           

“No thanks I’m not hungry, I put all your stuff I found in the woods behind the coat rack”

They ate quietly that morning until the silence was broken by a knock at the door



“Yeah are our friends here?”

“You must be Davis

“WHOA what are you?” Davis said creeped out by Shadows voice

“Come in”

“Hey you guys, were have you been?” Yolei insisted

“Its not like we were on a pick nick out here” Davis shouted back

T.K., Kari, Cody, Tai, Matt and their digimon all filed into the house to see what was going on

“Every body this is Doug and his friend Shadow” Sora announced “these two took care of us after we were attacked by some Snimon”

Doug and Shadow just bowed their head a little to their new guest

Yolei told the story of how they ended up at the house as best she could

“Do you two want to come with us to find the digimon emperor” somebody from the crowd asked

“No thanks me and Doug are the non-violent type but if you get in trouble or get hungry we will be here”

“Well lets go were not going to find this guy just standing around” Tai explained

The group went out just as they came, the goodbyes were short and they all thanked Shadow and Doug for the help

Biyomon” Shadow knelt down next to the pink bird ”this is for you” Shadow opened his hand to reveal a small wooden likeness of her.

“Thanks Shadow it’s beautiful”

“I had a good subject, Think of it as a going away gift”

“Doug I’ll be back I promise and maybe we can have some more time alone” Yolei said in a seductive manner

The echoes of goodbyes rang through the forest as the group went off

“So Yolei did you have a fun time” Davis asked in his smart ass way

Davis shut up” even though she was being help by Kari due to her foot she was still able to drop Davis with one hit

“Don’t worry Doug she’ll be back” Doug looked up at his friend to realize that Shadow had a big grin on his face

“If you tell anyone I’ll-”

chill out I wont tell a soul”  



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