This takes place in season 1.

The digidestined were suprised to find ken and a blackwargreymon waiting for
them in the digital world. Tai shouted "RUN!" The digidestined ran back to
the portal, but blackwargreymon caught Sora. Ken borught Sora back to the
temple he was operating from. He sat Sora on his bed in his quarters. He
pulled off her pants and panties. She screamed and kicked him. Ken slapped
her. He took off his pants and shoved his cock in sora's pussy. Sora
flinched as her hymen broke. Ken kept going, moving in and out endlessly
like the energizer bunny. Finally he came, shooting cum into Sora. Sora
Slid away from him. He grabbed he legs and pulled her closer. He held his
stiffening cock in fornt of her mouth
and said "suck it!" Sora refused, and got hit again. She took his cock in
her mouth and reluctantly began to suck it. Sora considered biting it, but
that probably wouldn't be too smart, considering what Ken did when he had
nothing to be angry about. He came, shooting a bad tasting liquid into his
mouth. He left her there.

Back in the real world, all the digdestined exept Tai had fallen asleep.
Tali was worrying about Sora. He realized he could rescue her. He opened a
portal to the digital world to the cooardinates of the temple Ken was at.
He ended up in Ken's quarters. In the corner Sora was lying on the ground
with cum dripping out of her pussy. Tai pulled her clothes on and started
towards the portal. Blackwargreymon came in the door and lunged at Tai.
Tai jammed the knife he had brought into blackwargraymons thigh to stop him.
The huge digimon fell over. Tai ran for the portal and got through. It
closed automaticly on him. He still had to get Sora home, however. He woke
her up and said "dont worry you're safe now" You have to get home. Sora
said "No. I was raped by Ken. You have to get me to the hospital. I'll say
it was some guy on the street". Tai took Sora by taxi to the hospital. He
paid the driver. Tai asked Sora weather she wanted to go in alone. Sora
walked in by herself. The taxi took Tai home.

The next morning, Tai was toying with the idea of asking Sora out. Then he
realized she probably didnt want to do anything remotely sexual after what
happened yesterday. He turned on his computer and aimlessly surfed to take
his mind off things. He typed in "Digimon Emperor" for fun. The search
engine came up with one result. Surprised, he opened it. He wondered
wether more people knew about the digital world besides the digidestined.
It was probably created by Izzy. It was more based on the digital world.
It was created to see if anyone else had heard of the Digital world in order
to find more digidestined. He called Izzy and asked him about the site.
Izzy said "I have no idea what you're talking about, Tai". Izzy visited the
site and opened it in an HTML editor. He called Tai back and said "It's
odd, but theres a huge data file that can be acsessed through this site.
It could be related to the Digital World." Tai said "Can you download the
file?" Izzy replied "Yeah, but its giant. It comes in segments though. If
thats all, bye."