Please read this series in order to understand the whole thing. I'm pretty
busy, so i dont like to waste time re-explaining stuff.

This takes place in season one, however, it uses charachters from season 2.

Davis was over at TK's house. Before Davis came over, Matt told TK not to
mention the digital world at all, beacause they thought Davis was normal.
Davis came into TK's room. They talked for about 20 minutes, mostly about
soccer. They argued about who was going to win the world cup, then wether a
Canadian should play soccer for Britan. "Just beacause Canada sucks at
soccer doesnt mean one of them can defect to Britan!" Davis half-shouted.
TK said "He's the only good Canadian soccer player, so whey should he stay
in Canada! Canada has 1 sport they're good at and that's hockey!" Davis
said "You know, this arguement is pretty pointless" TK agreed. TK said
"Let's talk about something more interesting than soccer" Davis said "Yeah,
but what is more interesting than pro soccer?" TK said "I know" with an
semi-evil grin. He kneeled down, unbuttoned Davis's pants and slid his cock
out from under his boxers. Davis would have kneed TK in the face, but he
had seceretly wanted to do this, not in a homosexual way, but just out of

TK took Davis's cock in his mouth and began to suck. It didn't taste great,
but he kept on sucking it. Davis started to moan as his cock bulged. Soon
he came. Davis realized that his orgasm was much more pleasurable when
someone else did it to him. TK didn't want his cum in his mouth, so he
pulled his body back away. He grabbed some tissues of the shelf and gave
them to Davis to mop up his dripping cock. Tk said "that wasn't sexual, it
was just our of curiosity." Davis nodded and said "So is this." He pulled
down TK's pants and boxers and started to suck his cock. TK realized how
great this was and started to feel intense pleasure immidiatly. Davis tried
to gage when TK would orgasm, so he could avoid getting cum in his mouth.
The result was TK almost came, then Davis stopped and got him almost to
orgasm. After about 3 times, TK grabbed Davis's head and moved it to make
him cum. He shot hot cum into the air as Davis pulled off. He lay there
for a second, chasing the ghost of his orgasm. He pulled up his pants and
cleaned up his cum as well as he could.

Izzy had finished downloading from the site. He opened the file, and
immideatly his internet connection became active. He saw a 3-D map of a
temple on the continent of Server. He could see things happening in the
digital world as they occured. He realized that if he downloaded all the
files, he could see everything going on in the real world. For now, he used
his mouse to move the virtual camera into the large temple he could see.
Inside were huge server computers. He thought this might be some kind of
giant server system for the entire digital world, or at least part of it.
He went back to the site and checked the download mirrors availiable. He
knew the digital world was related to the real world in many ways. Maybye
there were more of these temples, and they had data from all of their
regions. There were 7. Each had the name of a major city in their
continent. There was a Bejing mirror, a Toronto mirror, a Paris mirror, a
Sydney mirror, a Cairo mirror, a Mexico City (South America) mirror, and a
Queen Maud Land (Antartica) mirror. Izzy checked the data size for each and
came up with results perporitonate to the size of the various conitnets. He
realized that there were many important artifacts in the Digital world that
could prove quite useful in defeating Ken.

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