The secret to Digivolving...


By the immortal Xdogg


And in the infamous words of SonimodB...

Warning: The following story is rated NC-17. It contains descriptive sexual content and is not meant for people of 17 years of age or younger. (Frankly it's okay with me if you're under aged, but the government might not like it.) If you do not want to read a lemon that contains sex between a digimon and a human, now is the time to turn back. For the rest of you, enjoy!
NOTE: this story is my first ACTUAL lemon.


“Well I was wondering if you could help me teach Blaze to digivolve properly?” Xdogg asked Kari. “Sure I can teach Blaze to digivolve but you’ll have to leave him here with me though.” Kari cheerfully answered. “Ok, I need to go to the library and use a computer to email my friends letting them know I’m ok.” Xdogg said as he left. “Bye!” Kari called out to Xdogg as he ran towards the nearest library. “Hey is teaching me to digivolve going to cause any problems for you today?” Blaze inquired. “No it shouldn’t cause any problems.” Kari answered. “Gatomon come here please.” Kari called to her digimon “sure Kari” Gatomon said as she forgot to close the site she was viewing. “what do you need Kari?” gatomon asked. “Gatomon please go to the park and tell the others that I won’t be able to go with them because I’m teaching Blaze to digivolve.” “Sure Kari.” Gatomon said as she left for the park realizing she was late. “Now Blaze the secret to digivolving is to know what you want to digivolve into and getting a burst or protecting someone you care for.” Kari said as she explained digivolving to Blaze. “Hey Kari can you type this up for me because I think Xdogg might want to know this.” Blaze said as he saw a computer in Kari’s room. “Well Blaze I’ll type it up and then you can find Xdogg and possibly digivolve with no trouble.” Kari said as she walked into her room and moved the mouse for the computer so the screen saver would disappear and what she and Blaze saw next almost caused her to faint. “Whoa someone is into some serious porn in this house!” Blaze blurted out without a second thought of what he was saying. “I’ll just um get rid of this window” Kari said as she tried to close the movie file of a man fucking the brains out a woman. Blaze not wanting to get a hard on decided to turn away from the computer but it didn’t help because of the sound from the speakers. “um I have to go to the bathroom” Blaze said as he rushed off to the bathroom. “Oh man I got a hard on just from hearing those sounds, I’ve got to do something about it. I know...” Blaze thought to himself as he started jacking off. After about a 1 minute of jacking off Blaze had a good rhythm going and was really getting into it and moaning lowly. *KNOCK* *KNOCK* “Blaze are you okay you sound like you have a stomachache.” Kari said full of concern for Blaze’s well being. “Uh I’m fine Kari” Blaze said as he stopped jacking off. When Blaze got out of the bathroom he forgot all about his hard on and went to get a copy of the digivolving papers. “Hey Kari are the papers finished?” Blaze asked standing behind Kari. “Yeah they’re almost done...” Kari said as she turned around and saw Blaze’s cock sticking out 6 inches long and 3 inches wide! “What? do I have something on my face?” Blaze said not noticing he still had a hard on. “come here Blaze I’m going to make you digivolve...” Kari said in a seductive tone. “How are you going to do that?” Blaze asked still a little confused about why Kari was acting weird. “Blazes lay down and keep your eyes closed till I say so.” Kari instructed. “ok, if this will make me digivolve.” Blaze said complying with her demands, as he lied down on the ground his dick stuck straight into the air. Kari quickly took off all her clothes and impaled herself on Blaze’s reptilian rod. “Oh that feels nice and warm....” Blaze said as his mind was in the dream dimension. “oh!!” Kari yelled as her hymen broke quickly. Blaze acted on total instinct now as he took Kari by the hips and started humping her like a madman. “oh blaze fuck me harder!” Kari screamed as she was being screwed by Blaze “Kari you’re so tight” Blazed moaned. after about five minutes of this Kari was moaning so loud she could be heard from any room in the house. “I think I’m I’m CUMMING!!!!!!!” They screamed in unison as they climaxed all over each other, with that Blaze digivolved. “Blaze Digivolve into....” skin peels off and new data covers his black grid “.....Kidmon” ( aka blaze. In this form blaze has a buster sword on his back, he’s the same height as Xdogg, he has black hair and is now a human shape with black snake eyes jeans, red t-shirt covered with a black vest, he looks like cody but taller) “whoa I digivolved into my champion form!” Blaze said before he passed out and de-digivolved back into black agumon. “sleep well blaze..” Kari said as she walked away from the sleeping rookie.




Well that's the end of my second lemon (first with sex scenes). I hope you liked it, But rest asure there is more to come. Send all Comments and Critism to