How it Starts

By the Immortal Xdogg...

And in the immortal words of SonimodB...

Warning: The following story is rated NC-17. It contains descriptive sexual content and is not meant for people of 17 years of age or younger. (Frankly it's okay with me if you're under aged, but the government might not like it.) If you do not want to read a lemon that contains sex between a digimon and a human, now is the time to turn back. For the rest of you, enjoy!
NOTE: this story is just a introduction to the characters.

It was a normal day for Xdogg ( Xdogg looks a lot like Takato but with red hair, a little taller and is 14 years old) and B.agumon, B.Agumon was finishing off a normal agumon and was getting ready for his final attack. "Black Pepper Flare!!" Yelled B.agumon as he attacked the enemy agumon."Nice Job Agumon" Xdogg yelled to his partner."NO!!!" Yelled the enemy agumon as he was turned into data."Ha no sweat I didn't even have to armor digivolve or digi-modify." B.Agumon bragged as he went to his tamer."yeah well I think there I something wrong with the digital world." Xdogg said as his digmon walked up to him. The two of them decided they should get home. On his way home Xdogg ran into Pitch Black(Pitch Black looks just like Matt but he is 14) Xpunk(looks like T.K. but with brown hair and is 12),"Hey Xdogg how's B.Agumon doing?" Pitch black asked."Oh he just beat an agumon like the one Tai from the digimon TV show has." Xdogg answered with clear pride for digimon."Well your digimon wouldn't stand a chance against the real digi-destined's digimon."

Xpunk said looking at Xdogg's rookie digimon."So what the digi-destined are just cartoon characters." B.Agumon said clearly hurt by Xpunk's remark."Well we gotta go home now anyway, so see yeah later." Xdogg said as he and his digimon walked home.

Later in Xdogg's room

"Hey Xdogg... Will I ever digivolve normally?" Asked B.Agumon "you will someday..." with that said Xdogg decided to go on the net and check out some sites on digivolving digimon."Step one. Battle alot of digimon." Xdogg read aloud to himself, "hey Xdogg I want a name for myself." B.Agumon said to his tamer. "Huh, oh um how about Blaze?" Xdogg said to his digimon. "Sure that name sounds ok." Blaze said to his tamer. Xdogg's computer flashed a bunch of colours and then a portal opened up. "What the..." before Xdogg could finish his sentence he was in Japan and it looked like the digimon TV show's Japan. "Hey Blaze where are you?" Xdogg questioned. "I'm here and I think we were warped to the digimon TV show." Blaze answered back. "Well if we are then I say we go find the digidestined and ask them how they really got their digimon to digivolve." Xdogg said as he got out his D-power and checked where he was. "Hmm. If we go north we can get a bus that goes near Tai's house." Xdogg said to himself. "let's go" Blaze said. "ok." Xdogg said as he walked toward the bus stop.

Meanwhile in Kari's room...

"Gatomon stop going on the digiartists domain and help me with this stuck zipper!" Kari yelled at her digimon, which was reading 'Mimi's Bodyguard' ."Ok ok you don't have to bite my head off." Gatomon said as she closed the file she was reading. "Well gatomon I need to get ready to meet the rest of the digidestined and my jacket's zipper is stuck." Kari said to her digimon. "So Kari are we definitely meeting the others in the park?" Asked gatomon for about the fifth time that day. "Yes gatomon, and we are going to tell the newest digi-destined about our adventures in the digital world." Kari told her digimon clearly annoyed by it asking the same question 5 times. "Ok Kari" Gatomon cheerfully said.

Meanwhile at the bus stop...

"Hey Xdogg does this day seem familiar to you?" Blaze asked his tamer. "Yeah it does seem a little familiar to me..." Xdogg said as he waited for the bus."Hey now I remember!...We have to get to Kari's house so we can talk to gatomon." Xdogg said joyfully. When the bus pulled up Xdogg gave his ticket to the driver and so did Blaze."Hey Xdogg when we get there do you think we will be able to talk to Kari and Gatomon?" Blaze questioned as they sat at the back of the bus."Well her mom won't let us waltz right in so we will say we're Tai’s friends from school." Xdogg said smugly as he got out his

D-power digivice and checked his map. “hmm. We’re about 5 minutes away from Tai’s house so let’s get off at the next stop.” Xdogg said to Blaze who was looking out the window of the bus.

Meanwhile in Kari’s room...

“Gatomon I feel something strange heading our way.” Kari said as she went to the door. “Is it evil?” Gatomon asked concerned. “No its not evil but its not from our world and it has a digimon.” Kari said very concerned. Just as Kari was getting ready to leave the doorbell rang. “Who can that be?” Kari asked. Standing at her doorway was Xdogg and Blaze. “Hi can I speak to Kari please?” Xdogg said to Kari while looking at the ground. “Um Xdogg you should look up at who your talking to.” the digimon said to his tamer. “I’m Kari, may I help you?” Kari asked not knowing who was asking to talk to her. “Hi I'm Xdogg and this is Blaze he's my partner and he's a Black Agumon the rookie to a B.Wargreymon.” Xdogg said introducing himself. "Nice to meet you Xdogg and Blaze, what do you want to speak to me about?" Kari asked. “Well I was wondering if you could help me teach Blaze to digivolve properly?”




Well that's the end of my FIRST lemon (although there was no sex scenes). I hope you liked it, But rest asure there is more to come. Send all Comments and Critism to