Season 4: Wisemon’s Alternate Ending Series

Part 3: Trigger Happy

By Wisemon


Digimon is the property of Toei Animation.  This is the most violent story in the series; one human being brutally slaughters another in hand-to-hand combat.  However, I’m not just throwing in the violence for the hell of it.  I’m trying to convey the deep love that Junpei feels for Izumi, his desire for them to have a perfect celibate marriage, and most of all, the wrath that he can unleash on someone who threatens his dream.  Last time, Junpei stopped Kouichi from killing Izumi by stunning him with a tackling charge.  Then he locked Kouichi into the “Junpei Trap”.  That was Junpei’s opening combination, but he has four more bullets in his repertoire revolver.  This story contains extreme violence and bad language.  If you’re under 18, stop reading after the end of this sentence.



            “Fuck that hurts!” Kouichi shouted.  Junpei’s left arm was pulling Kouichi’s right shin away from its knee joint while Junpei’s legs were pulling upward on Kouichi’s right thigh.  The resulting tug-of-war created a huge pain in Kouichi’s knee, and the top of his tibia felt like it was going to snap.

            Izumi sat up to observe the fight.  It was like something from the Coliseum in her former country of residence, except those fights were banned a long time ago.  Izumi could see why they were banned, but deep down, she could also see the appeal of watching a fight to the death.

            “I will now pull with all of my strength,” Junpei announced.  He leaned his entire body weight back, drastically increasing the outward strain on Kouichi’s leg through the arm wrapped around the calf.  “Also, I will time in my head how long it takes for the leg to break, because as you might imagine, I’ve never gotten a chance to break someone’s leg guilt-free before now.  Let me hear that snap, come on.”  About twenty seconds later, Junpei heard the sound he was listening for, followed by a glass shattering scream.  Something had to give, either the knee or the shin.  As Junpei had hoped, it was the knee.  “I didn’t like the scream, but it was worth it to hear the glorious sound of ligaments tearing.  What am I saying?  I’m supposed to be the good guy.  Let me help you up.”  Junpei released his hold, grabbed Kouichi’s right wrist with his left hand, and lifted Kouichi to his feet.

            “God damn it!  You fucking idiot, I can’t put weight on my feet; you broke my leg!” Kouichi hollered at Junpei.

            “Hey, I’m sorry; I forgot,” Junpei said apologetically.  “I guess I’ll have to carry you.”  While still holding Kouichi’s right wrist, Junpei put his right arm in between Kouichi’s legs.  He reached behind the injured right knee, and he lifted Kouichi onto his back in a fireman carry position.  “Is this better?” Junpei asked.

            Izumi couldn’t believe that Junpei hadn’t beat up Kouichi some more before showing him some mercy.  “Sure, Junpei broke his leg,” Izumi thought, “but if Junpei saw us almost do what I think he saw us almost do, I wouldn’t have expected Kouichi to still be breathing by the end of the night.  Aside from that, Kouichi intended to kill me.  Maybe Junpei thinks that we can still convince Kouichi to join our side.  More likely, Junpei probably thinks that even if Kouichi remains evil, he won’t be a real threat with that broken leg.”

            Suddenly, Junpei took a big jump backwards into a tree.  Fortunately for him, Kouichi completely absorbed the impact.  Of course, that was Junpei’s plan.  Then Junpei set Kouichi back on his feet, leaning him against the same tree.  Junpei took a few steps back, turned with his right side facing the propped up Kouichi, and delivered a two step shuffle side kick that smashed in Kouichi’s nose.  The bottom of Junpei’s right shoe was covered in a mixture of blood and snot, and he was not looking forward to having to clean it later.  Then he remembered where Kouichi’s sniffer had recently been, and he decided to make the best of the situation with a comment about it.  “You should’ve kept that nose out of my business, and I think you know what I’m talking about when I say that I mean that literally.”  Junpei smiled at the coincidence of his kick connecting with Kouichi’s nose; he wasn’t even sure if he could get his foot that high.  “I might’ve gotten a few extra inches because Kouichi was leaning,” Junpei admitted to himself, although he didn’t want to sell his kicking ability short.

            “I guess the most likely scenario,” Izumi said to herself, “was that Junpei was only kidding about the prospect of showing mercy.”


            Kouichi was still leaning against the tree; he didn’t have a choice.  He couldn’t walk, and he could barely breathe.  Junpei grabbed Kouichi’s right wrist with his left hand, and he grabbed Kouichi’s left wrist with his right hand.  He quickly pulled Kouichi towards himself while raising his left knee.  Junpei’s knee nailed Kouichi in the midsection, and knocked out whatever air Kouichi had managed to gather through his mouth.  Junpei let go of Kouichi’s right wrist and placed his left arm on the other side of Kouichi’s head.  He forced Kouichi to bend down by pulling on the wrist that he still held.  Junpei rotated his left arm downward, and wrapped it around Kouichi’s head.  He quickly fell onto his left side, taking Kouichi’s head with him.  “That was the ‘Shibayama DDT’,” Junpei told his fallen adversary.

            Junpei got to his feet.  Kouichi was left lying curled up with his forehead against the ground.  Junpei walked around behind Kouichi and grabbed Kouichi’s left leg under his left arm, and he put Kouichi’s right leg under his right arm.  Then he put his right leg over Kouichi’s body and turned him onto his back.  Kouichi was looking straight up into Junpei’s crotch as Junpei still held both of his legs.  Junpei’s legs were straddling Kouichi’s body, and Junpei realized that he had to cut Kouichi off before he made the inevitable remark.  “I know what this looks like.  Trust me, this will feel like the exact opposite of a 69 (pain is the opposite of pleasure).  The key difference in position is that I’m still standing, and when I come down, it’s all over for you.  I’m the legendary warrior of thunder, and this is my ‘Defibrillator Charge’, clear!”  With the name of his final move revealed, Junpei jumped up and landed in a double knee drop (both knees) right on the ribs of Kouichi.  Junpei used his hold on Kouichi’s legs as a support to spring himself back onto his feet in less than a second.  He jumped straight up again, and again he landed in a double knee drop on Kouichi’s ribs.

            Junpei repeated the process at least a hundred times.  By the end of the ninth time, most of Kouichi’s ribs were fractured.  By the end of the thirty-fourth time, all of Kouichi’s ribs were broken.  By the end of the sixty-first time, both of Kouichi’s lungs were punctured.  By the end of the eightieth time, Kouichi’s heart had stopped beating.  The rest of the knee drops were just to finish letting out the unbelievable rage Junpei felt towards the guy who had planned to kill and fuck (in that order) the girl he loved.


            Junpei got to his feet for the last time, and he released his hold on Kouichi’s legs.  He briefly considered whether or not to hit one more double knee drop, before remembering that the only reason he’d stopped was because he was out of energy, which meant that he didn’t have the option of hitting more knee drops.  “It’s not like he’d feel them anyway,” Junpei thought.  That reminded Junpei of something Kouichi had said earlier to Izumi, the line that had driven Junpei to dash into the clearing and after Kouichi like a charging rhinoceros.  “Hey Kouichi, how about if I fuck your corpse?  Relax, I’m just kidding.  I would never fuck a guy.  Should an ‘Izumi’s Last Dance’ situation arise, I might consider it.  That’s what you had in mind, right?  Of course, it’s never going to happen.  As long as I’m alive, she’ll be alive, protected from little shits like you.”  Junpei voiced his threats quietly to make sure that Kouichi would be the only one who would be able to hear him (if Kouichi were still alive).  Junpei didn’t want Izumi to hear him.  He also didn’t want the kid he spotted hiding behind some trees to hear him.  After all, the conversation between a man and the man who he just beat to death is a private one.



            How awesome was that fight?  Granted, it was a little one-sided.  This won’t be the last time that you will see a violent fight between humans in one of my stories.  In fact, nearly half of the fighting in this series will be between humans.  In case you’re wondering, I based Junpei’s fighting style on my own.  Actually, I’m going much further than that.  In this series, I’m making Junpei’s body proportional to my own.  I’m not quite as overweight as he is, but we do have very similar builds.  Unlike most anime characters, Junpei’s legs aren’t much longer than his torso, just like mine.  The low center of gravity isn’t very helpful in sports like track and basketball, but it’s perfect for American football (so there’s no confusion with soccer) and wrestling, my two favorites.  Returning to the fighting, I’m 5’9”, and I get my foot about six feet above the ground on my average shuffle side kick, despite having short legs.  On the show, Junpei hinted that he was much taller than average for his age; let’s say he’s about 5’6”.  If his kicking proportions are the same as mine, his foot should reach 5’8” above the ground on his shuffle side kick.  Let’s say Kouichi is about 5’2”; his nose would be about 4’8” above the ground.  That would leave an entire foot of difference between the point of impact and the point of possible impact, more than enough to smash in Kouichi’s nose.  Alright, that’s enough arithmetic.  I’m pretty sure that I have the first story on the site in which one human kills another without the use of weapons or special powers.  If you’d like to comment on that, you can email me at  Here are some things to remember from this story:

Junpei times how long it takes Kouichi’s leg to break when the “Junpei Trap” is locked in at full strength.  Kouichi and Kouji have the same body.

Who taught Junpei how to fight?  Can he teach the other legendary warriors how to fight like that?

Junpei doesn’t stop until he runs out of energy, like a battery.

Junpei vows to protect Izumi from “little shits” like Kouichi, but what will happen when he has to protect her from a “big shit”?

Junpei and Izumi really need to talk.  How will they tell Kouji about his brother?  What will they decide to do about Tomoki?  What will they decide to do about themselves?


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©2003 By Benjamin Wiseman