All Seasons: Wisemon’s Actual Ending Series

Part 6: Good Old Days

By Wisemon


Digimon is the property of Toei Animation.  This series is intended mostly as a release for a burning plot idea, and for an ending that I find far more relatable than that of my Alternate Ending Series.  So, the dialogue will be a bit less frequent in this one.  To save time, on occasion, there will be some he said/she said type narratives.  As is my style, this is all in the past tense, like a fairy tale, a really fucked-up fairy tale.  Because I put so much thought into each word, my interests lie mostly in poetry now, which is why I was reluctant to even start this series.  Unfortunately, poetry can’t satisfy my love of foreshadowing.  This series will be absolutely loaded with foreshadowing, but you’ll have to find it yourself this time around.

            This story is a continuation of the last one, and it’s loaded with references to the television series and the Millenniummon storyline (part of the reason for the title).  I expect that you read the last story.  Just in case you didn’t, this is where I left off: Miyako, Daisuke, Cody, and Ken were at the DarkOcean looking for Daemon.  Junpei and Izumi were preparing to fight Azulongmon.  Their fate shall be exposed.  If you’re under 18, maintain your innocence by ceasing to read this.



Miyako, Daisuke, Cody, and Ken walked for nearly two hours along the beach of the DarkOcean.  Miyako had her D-Tector set to detect any digital life.  Though she deigned to explain to Daisuke and Cody how to use the function, they preferred to rely on Miyako's expertise.


“Miyako, have you found anything yet?” Daisuke asked.


“For the fifth time, I’ll let you know when…Eureka!”


Ken pulled a cigarette from his mouth.  Eureka?  What happened to ‘perfecto’?”


“‘Perfecto’ didn’t accompany Archimedes’ discovery of the volume displacement principle.”  Miyako assessed the information on her periwinkle D-Tector.  “Fascinating, we’ve got multiple Digimon coming our way.  They appear to be of equal strength, so logically, none of them are Daemon.”  Miyako pointed toward the DarkOcean.  “They’ll be emerging from the water.  We should have visual contact in approximately six seconds.”


“Then it’s time to suit up.”  Daisuke held up his D-Tector.  “Execute: Spirit Suit!”  A chocolate brown jumpsuit with cobalt blue cuffs and collar formed around Daisuke.


Cody held up his D-Tector.  “Execute: Spirit Suit!”  A pale blue jumpsuit with crimson cuffs and collar materialized on Cody.


“But we haven’t run any tests to verify the effectiveness of these suits.”  Miyako held up her D-Tector.  “I suppose we’ll have to settle for a field test.  Execute: Spirit Suit!”  Miyako was surrounded by a periwinkle jumpsuit with pink cuffs and collar.  “Blehh, pink cuffs!  I hate pink!”


Daisuke nodded.  “Pink is totally overrated.  I mean, it looks great when you’re a twelve-year-old boy, but then you learn that there’s less to pink than–”


Three Divermon arrived on the shore.  As was their shtick, each one was carrying a spear.


“Miyako, that was 6.2 seconds,” Ken noted.


Miyako excused herself.  “I said approximately.”


One Divermon (presumably the leader) spoke on behalf of his gang.  “You have a female.  Give us your female so that we may procreate with her.  If you do not give us your female, you will all suffer.”


Ken took a drag on his cigarette.  “Now that’s a rarity, a pickup line I haven’t used.”


“That was a pickup line, wasn’t it?”  Daisuke punched his fist into his palm.  “Listen here, you eel-faced Jacque Cousteau wannabes, nobody, but nobody, but me uses pickup lines on Miyako!”  Daisuke charged across the sand toward the Divermon.  Then he slipped into a baseball slide, just as the Divermon tossed their spears.  If he hadn’t slipped, he would’ve been impaled.  As he rose from the sand, he saw the Divermon attempting to retrieve their spears by tugging on the attached ropes.  It would take them a little while; the spearheads were jammed in the sand.  Daisuke pulled out his trusty pocketknife, and he slashed the ropes off of all three spears.  Then he turned back to his old teammates.  “Did you guys see that?  Come on, am I good or am I good?”


“You were almost killed!” Miyako reminded the gutsiest of the DigiDestined.


Daisuke grabbed one of the Divermon’s stuck spears and began to pull it out.  “You know what they say about almost?  Horseshoes and hand grenades.”  Daisuke moved his hands up to the top of the stuck spear and tugged for all he was worth.  “Just trust me; I know what I’m doing…”  The spear broke off at the bottom, leaving the spearhead in the sand, and leaving Daisuke holding a stick.  “…And I meant to do that.”  Daisuke examined the splintered spear shaft in his hands.  It was about two and a half feet in length, which was long enough for Daisuke’s purposes.  He held it like a baseball bat, and he took a few practice swings.  “This will do.”  Daisuke glared at the Divermon.  “Come on, you guys want Miyako?  You have to go through me first.”


The Divermon leader spoke up again.  “We wanted the girl who came here six years ago, the one who freed us from captivity.  We wanted Hikari, but we’ll settle for this girl with glasses.”


Miyako sighed.  “I’ve heard that one before.”


Daisuke watched as the Divermon rushed toward him.  “One fish, two fish, piñata fish.”  As Daisuke prepared to swing, the stick in his hands began to glow.


“Shouldn’t we help Daisuke?” Cody asked Ken.


Ken took a puff before responding, and while un-mouthed, he made sure to point his cigarette in Cody’s direction.  “He wants to do this on his own, so just let him.  You want a cig?”


Cody coughed deliberately, as if it wasn’t Ken’s intention to shove smoke in his face.  “No, I don’t smoke,” Cody answered with the utmost curtness.


“Fine, more for me.”  Ken took another puff.


Daisuke swung at the first fish belly within range, and watched as his stick sliced an inch deep through the Divermon’s skin.  “Well, this is going to be easier than I thought.”


Miyako observed Daisuke’s maneuver with keen interest.  “Fascinating, the stick appeared to gain some sort of destructive energy while Daisuke held it…and Daisuke was given the spirit of wood.  Perhaps my earlier hypothesis of the spirit suits being offensively ineffectual was incorrect.  I have the spirit of water, and we’re walking along a beach.  There must be a way to test my new hypothesis.”  Miyako smacked herself across the forehead.  “Of course…Daisuke, drive them back into the ocean!”


Daisuke kept swinging, but the Divermon had gotten wise.  While the sliced Divermon backed away, the other two snuck up behind Daisuke.  Daisuke narrowly pulled off a circular swing, which kept his adversaries at bay, but he knew that the odds would catch up to him eventually.  “Miyako, I’m not in a position to drive anybody anywhere.”


“If you want something done right…”  Miyako ran up behind one of the Divermon, slapped him on the back, and ran toward the water.  “Tag, you’re it!”


Coincidentally, the Divermon leader was the tagged Divermon.  “She’s the one we want!  Forget the punk with the stick and grab the girl!”  All three Divermon gave up on Daisuke and chased after Miyako.


Miyako went three meters into the ocean and turned around.  She placed her hands on the water’s surface.  She concentrated on the water, and she attempted to channel her spirit, until she found herself laughing at the scientific implausibility.  With a sense of dread and failure, she looked up to see that, indeed, the Divermon were approaching.  Her mind flooded with panic, and she stared at the approaching Divermon like a deer in headlights.  Then the Divermon stopped in their tracks.  In a hockey stroke, all six of their legs had been sliced off.


Daisuke held up his stick in triumph.  “That was a nice distraction.  I know I’ve said this before, but we make a really good team.”


Miyako felt her confidence returning, and she saw the water under her hands glowing.  She gazed up at Daisuke.  “That wasn’t a distraction.  Just trust me; I know what I’m doing.  For starters, I’m retracting my celery and cottage cheese theory.”  The water around the legless Divermon began to boil, and the Divermon disintegrated into data.  Miyako pulled out her D-Tector.  “Fractal Code: Digitize!”  The data poured into Miyako's periwinkle D-Tector.  Then she walked out of the water.


Daisuke stared wide-eyed at Miyako.  “But…but…that was my fight, and that was my victory.  I was supposed to take their data.  Not that I knew how to take their data, but I would’ve figured it out.”


Miyako put her hand on Daisuke’s shoulder.  “Aren’t you going to ask me if I’m okay?”


“Are you okay?” Daisuke asked haphazardly.


“All systems nominal; now let’s find Daemon.”  Miyako stepped through the sand and continued in the team’s traveling direction.  Her teammates followed.



Twenty minutes later, Ken was pulling the last cigarette from his pack.  “Guys, we’ve been walking on this beach for over two hours, and we don’t even know if we’re heading in the right direction.  I think it’s time for us to quit.”


“Dude, you know how I hate to quit,” Daisuke reminded his old friend.


“That’s something you and Ken have in common.”  Cody was referring to Ken’s addictions, but everybody ignored him anyway.


“Ken’s logic is sound.”  Miyako checked her D-Tector’s screen for the fiftieth time.  “I’m still not picking up anything on my D-Tector, and that’s the only method at our disposal for finding Daemon.”


Daisuke had a brainstorm.  “Instead of looking for Daemon, let’s make Daemon come to us!”


“That’s a nice thought.  Now how are you going to pull it off?”  Ken lit the last cigarette in the pack, and dropped the empty pack on the sand.


“Ken, I let you drop the butts, but now you’re just littering for no good reason.  Pick that up!” Cody ordered.


“Well, I don’t know how to make Daemon come to us,” Daisuke admitted.  “I just know that it’s a great idea.”


Miyako pushed up her glasses, settling into her devising mode.  “I know how to enact this plan.  Ken, open up the Dark Gate.  Open it to its greatest potential diameter, and Daemon might be able to see it from wherever in this world his current location happens to be.”


“As you know, my ability to open the Dark Gate depends on the darkness in my heart.  If I had to guess, I’d say that the gate size depends on the amount of darkness,” Ken repeated the phrase in his head, “If it’s even possible to quantify darkness.  Frankly, I don’t believe in any of this bullshit.  You guys aren’t here right now, and I’m not out of cigarettes in the middle of some digital beach.  This is just another drunken delusion.  Right now, I am completely hammered in my crappy apartment, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”  A black beam shot out from Ken’s D-3, and the Dark Gate began to open.  Five seconds later, the Dark Gate was five meters in diameter and still growing rapidly.


Daisuke understood.  “Nice work, Ken.  Just keep thinking negative, and we’ll have a Dark Gate the size of the Tokyo Dome.”


Miyako went back to checking her D-Tector for any approaching digital life.  “If Daemon is within even the remotest regional proximity, he won’t miss our giant hole in the sky.”



Ten minutes later, Daemon approached the fifty meter wide Dark Gate.  He recognized the DigiDestined, and he flew right over them, right into the Dark Gate.


Daisuke stared dumbfounded as Daemon disappeared through the Dark Gate.  “That wasn’t how I pictured this happening.”


Miyako shook her head.  “Hindsight’s twenty-twenty.”


“Weren’t you supposed to negotiate for his release?” Ken recalled.


“That was the plan.  I think we’re going to need a new plan.”  Daisuke snapped to a realization.  “Come on, we’ve got to go after him!  Besides, he’s back in our world now.”


Miyako saw a bright side.  “And we had to go back through the portal anyway.  This saves us a step.”


Ken was skeptical.  “How are you going to convince him to help you now?”


“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  Now let’s go!”  Daisuke waved his comrades onward.  Then he dashed through the Dark Gate.


Daisuke’s teammates followed hesitantly.  “Daisuke’s the leader again?” Ken questioned.


“Daisuke thinks that he’s the leader,” Miyako replied, “but we all know that I’m the leader.”


Miyako, Cody, and Ken walked through the Dark Gate.


On the other side of the Dark Gate, Daemon hadn’t remained stationary after entering Ken’s neighborhood.  Daisuke had decided that it was best to wait for his teammates before attempting to track down the incendiary Digimon.  The delay was brief (no more than thirty seconds), but it was enough time to make Daisuke a little worried.  “I thought they were right behind me.”


Miyako, Cody, and Ken stepped through.  Then Ken began the process of sealing the gate (not an easy task for such a large gate).  “I’ve done my part; I got Daemon out of the DarkOcean.  I’m going to seal up this gate, and then I’m going to need a drink and a new pack of smokes.  Maybe I’ll see you guys again sometime before I die.  You can visit anytime you want, but my apartment is always going to smell.”


Miyako was sympathetic.  “Ken, don’t throw your life away like this.  Whatever disease the Dark Spore gave you, I’m certain that modern science could find a cure.  In the meantime, quit your habits, and save your money.  That way, when they find a cure, you’ll be–”


“–Miyako, not every disease has a cure.  Take your faith in science to somebody who still gives a shit.”  Ken accidentally increased the portal size.  “Damn it, look what you made me do!”


Daisuke walked up to Ken and stood beside his old fusion partner, overriding the bad stench signals that his brain sent him.  “Let’s do this together, just like the good old days.”  Daisuke held Ken’s free hand (the one not holding his D-3), and “together,” the old teammates closed the massive Dark Gate in under a minute.  “Dude, was that so hard?  I bet you still have it in you—the crest of kindness.  How would you like to help us save another planet?  Tomoki has an extra spirit, and it seems to me that you were meant to hold it.”


Cody spoke up.  “Forget it.  If Ken’s in, then I’m out.”


Ken pulled his hand away.  “You just don’t get it.  I’m resigned to my fate.  All that’s left is to try and make it go by as quickly as possible.”


“Ken…it was nice to know you.”  Miyako examined her D-Tector screen.  “Daemon is still within a few city blocks.  If we hurry, we ought to be able to catch up to him.”  Miyako ran off in her D-Tector’s indicated direction, forgetting that she was in the red light district, the time was approximately , and she was an attractive young woman dressed in a periwinkle jumpsuit.


Cody didn’t even give Ken another glance.  He followed Miyako.


Daisuke decided to give Ken one last piece of encouragement.  “Just remember, it’s not over yet.  Do you want to be remembered as a disappointment?”


Ken was silent.  He watched as Daisuke sprinted to catch up with Miyako and Cody.  He couldn’t tell his old friends.  He would’ve lost the last shred of self-respect that he had.  “Beware the darkness.”  That’s what Devimon had told him.  Darkness came in many forms.  Darkness was alcohol.  Darkness was nicotine.  Darkness was marijuana.  Darkness was methamphetamines.  Darkness was unprotected sex with promiscuous women.  Darkness was the AIDS virus.  “I didn’t think it could happen to straight guys,” Ken recalled.  “I thought only guys like Ryo picked up that shit.  It’s one of those life lessons.”  Ken walked back to his apartment.  When he got to his bedroom/living room table, he began downing shots of sake.



Twenty minutes later, Miyako, Daisuke, and Cody caught up to Daemon.  To their surprise, Daemon wasn’t tossing fireballs at anything that moved.  Rather, he was sitting atop the entrance canopy of a small adult entertainment club.  He had his elbows against his knees and his head in his hands, like a child contemplating the universe.  Neon signs flashed all around him, but he didn’t care.  The loyal customers stared up at the cloaked misfit, but he didn’t care.  He was free to do whatever he wanted, but he didn’t care.  As frustrating as the DarkOcean was, it had given him time to realize that his goals were unfulfilling.  Conquering the human world and the Digital World wouldn’t make him any friends.  At best, he could get a bunch of obsequious Digimon followers, like LadyDevimon, MarineDevimon, and SkullSatamon, all of whom he secretly hated.  In retrospect, the DigiDestined had done him a favor by eliminating the “Daemon Corps.”  They had done him a favor by freezing his misguided ambitions.  It was time for Daemon to come up with some new goals—a better purpose in his digital existence.


Daisuke remembered that the situation had to be approached delicately.  Daemon was a necessary ally.  “Dude, that canopy wasn’t meant to support your weight.  You probably shouldn’t sit on it.”


Daemon maintained his position.  “I am not actually sitting.  I am hovering just above the canopy in a sitting position.”


“Well, alright then…keep doing that.”  Daisuke turned to Miyako.  “I’m no good at starting these things.”


“I noticed.”  Miyako devised a negotiation strategy.  “Daemon, we intentionally released you from the DarkOcean.  We mean you no harm.”


“Somehow, I don’t think he was worried about that,” Daisuke commented.


Miyako continued.  “Could you please come down from there?  We would like to make an arrangement with you.”


Daemon hovered down to street level, and he stood within a meter of Miyako.  Of course, he towered over her by nearly as much, meaning that Miyako would’ve been completely overshadowed, if only the sky weren’t set to solid shadow anyway.  “What sort of arrangement?” Daemon asked monotonically.


Miyako was intimidated, and therefore, she was apprehensive.  She checked to make sure that Daisuke was still carrying the Divermon’s broken spear.  Once that was verified, she continued the negotiations.  “It is our understanding that you are capable of shifting between dimensions.  We would like to acquire transportation to another Earth dimension.  We assume that you would want something in return for your services.  While we cannot offer you our Digital World, nor our Earth, we have been told of a world that would lose nothing by accepting your complete control.  Would you be interested?”


Daemon considered the offer.  “Sorry, but I have outgrown world conquest.  If you want my help, you will have to give me something better.”


“Do you have anything in particular in mind?”  Miyako hoped that it wasn’t the same thing Koushiro asked for.


Daemon extended his hand.  “I want your friendship.”


Miyako looked to Daisuke.


Daisuke shrugged.


Miyako shook Daemon’s hand.  Then Daisuke shook Daemon’s hand.  Reluctantly, Cody did the same.


“I had forgotten how much easier it is to be friends with humans,” Daemon told the DigiDestined.  “I have not had a human friend since Ryo, and I simply lost touch with him.  You will be my new friends.  I will take you wherever you request, but first, you have to play some games with me.”


“What kind of games?” Miyako asked warily.


Daisuke had a suggestion.  “How about strip po–”


“–No!” was the unanimous response.


“I think my shooting range is open tomorrow.  Do you want to learn to use a handgun?” Cody asked the flamethrower Digimon.


“That’s an even worse idea,” Miyako commented.  “I propose that we play a game of Trivial Pursuit.”


“Yes, that sounds like a fun game.  Let us play that game,” Daemon agreed.


Daisuke shook his head.  “Dude, bad move.  Miyako is going to cream us.”



Around , back in Miyako's dorm room, Miyako, Daisuke, Cody, and Daemon were playing their game of Trivial Pursuit.  Miyako's dorm room was more accommodating than Daisuke’s, but it was still a tight squeeze for three humans and a Mega level Digimon.  They were forty minutes into the game, and it was clear that Daisuke wasn’t going to win, so he excused himself to make a call:

“If we’re going to leave tomorrow, I’ll have to set this up with Tomoki.  I think he’s going to let us stay in his apartment with him.  I mean, we are saving his world and everything.”


“Make sure you write down his dimensional coordinates,” Miyako told Daisuke.  “We’ll have a tough time finding his dimension otherwise.”


“Miyako, do you know your dimensional coordinates?” Daisuke questioned.


“Not exactly.”


“Then how do you expect Tomoki to know his?”


“He is on the other Earth, right?” Daemon asked.  “There is only one dimension with another Earth.  I have been there before.”


“In that case, you can warn us about all of the tourist traps.”  Daisuke stepped outside and dialed Tomoki.


Meanwhile, inside the room, Daemon drew a card.  “Miyako, in the category of ‘Science and Nature,’ for a wedge, what is the First Law of Thermodynamics?”


“Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, or, the energy put into a system equals the energy output of a system.”


Daemon read the back of the card.  “That is correct.  You get a wedge.”


Miyako took her wedge, but she hesitated to put it into her game piece.  “The energy that I put into the water…the energy that Daisuke put into his stick…where did it come from?  I don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle yet,” Miyako dropped her wedge into her game piece, “but I’ll have them eventually.”


Outside the room, the pieces were falling into place for Daisuke.  “Tomoki, we’re all set.  We’ll be coming soon to a theater near you.”


Tomoki yawned.  “Daisuke, do you have any idea what time it is?  I have school tomorrow.”


“Right, we do too, but we’re college students; we can skip classes if we have to.  Well, Cody isn’t a college student, but I guess he must be alright with taking some time off.  He did volunteer for this, and he knows that it could take a while.  At least, I think he knows.  If he doesn’t, I’m not going to be the one to tell him.”


“Get to the point,” Tomoki demanded.


“We’re going to need a place to stay.  Since we’re saving your world from this D-Reaper thing–”


“–Fine, you can all stay in my apartment.  Just don’t tell anybody; I’m not paying the extra rent.  As it is, I’ve already got an unclaimed roommate, and he slimes everything that he touches.  Bring your own food, clothes, money, and whatever else you think you’ll need.”


Daisuke considered the “whatever else.”  “I’ll bring my lucky bat.”



May 4th was Izumi’s birthday.  Around , in their BreezyVillage cabin, Junpei and Izumi were still “celebrating.”  Their son, young Tomoki, had slept beside the mung tree the night before, surrounded by the legion of remaining Mega level digimon.  The morning brought the same bickering.  Were the Megas truly safe under King Junpei’s protection?  Was the digital world safe?  Was Junpei fit to be the king?  Ophanimon, KingEtemon, Gallantmon, Piedmon, and Polkamon were well aware that young Tomoki overheard their conversations.  It was their intention to have young Tomoki relate the proceedings to his parents in order to inspire the king and queen to take action against Azulongmon, but the whole situation was over young Tomoki’s head, even as a conversation recorder.  Four-year-olds didn’t involve themselves with politics.  Young Tomoki was more interested in the elaborate costumes that the digimon wore.  For a while, he played around in Gallantmon’s cape.


“Gallantmon, you’ve got something crawling around under your cape,” Ophanimon noted.


“I know; I think it’s the kid,” Gallantmon said.


“You can’t let a kid run around under your cape!” Piedmon exclaimed.


“Why not?” Gallantmon asked.


“It’s undignified,” Piedmon answered.  “Now throw him out.”


Gallantmon reached down, picked up young Tomoki, and placed him elsewhere.  “My cape is not a toy.”


“Then why do you wear it?” Young Tomoki asked.


“…You ask too many questions,” Gallantmon replied.


“I only asked one.”


“One is too many.”  Gallantmon’s lance pointed toward a nearby cauliflower garden.  “Go play over there.  Nobody likes cauliflower.”


“Ahem, I like cauliflower.”  Bokomon approached the legion of Mega level digimon.


Young Tomoki’s eyes lit up.  “Uncle Bokomon!  Uncle Bokomon!  What are you doing here in BreezyVillage?”


“Is it not Izumi’s eighteenth birthday?  I am here to wish her a happy birthday.  Where is she?”


“Mommy and Daddy are still in their room,” young Tomoki answered.  “I think they will be in there for a long time.”


Bokomon smiled.  “You are just as helpful as your namesake.  Could you please tell me one other thing?  The Mega level digimon that are gathered here, are these the last of the Mega level digimon?”


In his own words, young Tomoki explained the situation.  “I think they said that the rest of the Megas were eaten by Azulongmon.”


Bokomon’s smile grew wider.  “Thank you for this valuable information.  As a reward, I will tell you a little secret.”  Bokomon approached young Tomoki, and he whispered into his ear.


Young Tomoki was confused by the secret.  “But you look exactly like Uncle Bokomon.”


“If you want to believe that I am Bokomon, do not watch what happens next.”  Bokomon approached the Megas (and Polkamon).  He took a spot a meter in front of Piedmon.  Then he began to change.  The form of Wisemon was relinquished, and only the puppeteer remained.  Azulongmon, in his massive, cloudy, sparking, chainy brilliance stood before the remaining Mega level digimon.


Piedmon had the misfortune of staring face-to-face with the supercharged renegade.  He drew his Trump Swords, but it made no difference.  He was immediately engulfed in electricity.  His data was added to the heap, and his egg was sent to the Village of Beginnings.


Gallantmon braced himself behind his shield and launched his strongest attack, “Final Purification!”  A blinding white beam of equal diameter to the shield was released.  The beam connected with the side of Azulongmon’s serpentine body, and no damage came of it.  “Aww, nuts!”


The blast did manage to get Azulongmon’s attention.  He turned to face Gallantmon.  “You fucking retard, you just had to provoke me…Blue Lightning!”


Gallantmon hoped that his shield would hold out against the attack, but it didn’t.  He was obliterated, and his data was summarily absorbed.


Young Tomoki watched in horror as the white knight perished, the egg indistinguishable among remnant sparks.  He thought about how less than five minutes earlier, he had played in the digimon’s cape.  He thought about how effortlessly Gallantmon had moved him from point A to point B, and how that same digimon was completely powerless against the giant blue dragon.  The notion of immeasurable power froze the boy in place.  If his bladder were full, he would have involuntarily drained it.


KingEtemon had a bright idea.  “You attacked Gallantmon because he provoked you?  If that’s how it works, I just won’t provoke you.”  KingEtemon took a seat on the ground.  “I’m just going to sit here, and I’m not going to provoke you.  Is that okay?”


Azulongmon turned to KingEtemon.  “Yeah right, you just sit there, and I’ll leave you alone.”


KingEtemon tipped his crown to the dragon.  “Maybe you’re not as unreasonable as everyone says.”


“I was being sarcastic…Blue Lightning!”  Azulongmon fried KingEtemon and took his data.


Ophanimon ascended to Junpei and Izumi’s cabin and busted open the door.  “Azulongmon is here!  Get your lazy asses moving!”


Fortunately, Junpei and Izumi were in between “opening birthday presents,” so the situation was less awkward than it could’ve been.  Their bodies were concealed under their sheets, though their forms were fairly noticeable.  Izumi sat up and stared at Ophanimon.  Then she saw the hole where the door used to be.  “Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?  You’re paying to replace that.”


“Fine, I’ll replace your fucking door!  Now get up and fight Azulongmon!”


“Could you leave so we can get dressed first?” Junpei requested.


“There’s no time for that!  Just get out there and digivolve!”  In the back of her mind, Ophanimon wondered how many Mega level digimon were left.


“Okay, if you leave this room, we’ll get up and fight Azulongmon.”  Izumi swung her feet to the floor to prove that she would follow through on the bargain.


Ophanimon didn’t have a choice.  She had to trust in the royal couple.  “Remember, this is your world now.  Don’t let it go to hell.”  She exited the cabin and swooped toward the battle, hoping to aid her Mega level allies.


Junpei and Izumi grabbed their D-Tectors and exited the cabin (completely naked).  The fact that their cabin exited onto a tree limb presented a particular problem for Junpei:

“I can’t become RhinoKabuterimon here.  My weight would snap off the branch.”


“Huh, I guess that would be a problem.”  Izumi held up her D-Tector.  “Execute: Fusion Evolution!”  Izumi gained purple hair, white armor with purple trim, boot jets, aerodynamic wings, a facemask, and a giant pinwheel, “JetSylphymon!”  She grabbed Junpei and took off with him.  “This elevator’s going down.  I assume you want the ground floor.”


“Man, the ground floor is boring.  I hear they’re serving cheese and crackers on the mezzanine.”


JetSylphymon unloaded Junpei upon BreezyVillage’s carrot garden.  “You haven’t eaten cheese and crackers in nearly seven years.  You’re not allowed to eat cheese and crackers, remember?”


Junpei nodded.  “And I couldn’t be happier.  Cheese got me constipated anyway.”  Junpei held up his D-Tector.  “Execute: Fusion Evolution!”  Junpei became the blue and yellow rhinoceros tank creature, “RhinoKabuterimon!”


Azulongmon had Polkamon in his sights.  “You fat fuck, aren’t you going to attack me?  You saw what happened to the monkey when he didn’t attack me.  So you can go out with glory, or you can go out like a pussy.  What’s it going to be?”


Polkamon maintained his composure.  “You are attempting to gather the data of all of the Mega level digimon.  I am merely an Ultimate, a weak Ultimate; I am not your target.”


“There were four Megas standing here when I started this; I smelled the power of four.”  To be certain, Azulongmon quickly sniffed Polkamon.  “You are not the fourth; where is the fourth?”


Ophanimon surveyed the battlefield, looking for an opening while one of her fellow Megas took a shot from Azulongmon.  She quickly realized that her fellow Megas were absent from the battlefield, and the reason seemed fairly obvious:

“Holy shit, I’m the last one.  In that case, I’m getting my beautiful ass out of here.”  Ophanimon turned away from the conflict and headed for anywhere that was elsewhere.


Over Azulongmon’s shoulder (if he had a shoulder), Polkamon spotted Ophanimon’s retreat.  “The fourth Mega is right behind you.  You may have her under the contingency that this will be the end of your data pirating.”


“Whatever, I don’t have to agree to anything.  I’m trying to protect the digital world from the D-Reaper.  I will do what is necessary.”  Azulongmon turned his attention to Ophanimon.  She was almost out of his firing range.  Then Azulongmon turned back to Polkamon.  “Wait a minute, aren’t you Polkamon, the owner of that music store?  You’re the one who gave the legendary warriors the ability to play music on their D-Tectors as they battled.”


“I believe that music can inspire–”


“–That was the lamest concept ever, and a dishonor to the D-Tectors’ intended usage.  You need to go on a diet anyway, so I think I’ll assist you by trimming off some ugly data…Blue Lightning!”  Azulongmon fried Polkamon and absorbed the shopkeeper’s data.  Then he took off to hunt down Ophanimon.


RhinoKabuterimon stomped his forelegs.  “Are you ready to take on Azulongmon?”


JetSylphymon watched as Azulongmon chased Ophanimon across the sky.  “Not quite yet.”  She soaked in the inevitable electrocution and egging of Ophanimon.  Beneath her facemask, JetSylphymon smiled.  “Okay, now I’m ready.”


RhinoKabuterimon understood the purpose of the delay.  “Now that was mean.”


“What?  It’s not like I’m the one who blasted her…though I certainly would’ve enjoyed it.”  JetSylphymon started up her boot jets and her pinwheel.  “She’ll come back eventually.  In the meantime, I say we give her a baby blue dragon to play with at the Village of Beginnings.


“Now you’re talking.  Let’s do this together, just like the good old days.”  RhinoKabuterimon charged forward, but by the time he moved two steps, JetSylphymon was already in front of Azulongmon.


JetSylphymon began slicing at Azulongmon’s cloud body with her circular saw-like pinwheel.  She made several cuts, but all of her would-be progress was negated by the fact that she was slicing a gas.  Her pinwheel passed through Azulongmon’s body, but it inflicted no real damage.  “What’s the big idea?  I’m carving this guy like veal scaloppini, and it’s not doing shit.”


Azulongmon turned to face JetSylphymon.  “What the fuck are you doing?  You weren’t one of my targets.  Do you want me to take your data?”


“If I can’t slice him, I’ll blow him away…Jet Turbulence!”  JetSylphymon launched a super concentrated wind attack with over a megaton of force behind it.  Not even Azulongmon could maintain his position.  The cloudy body was blown into the outskirts of BreezyVillage.


RhinoKabuterimon caught up to JetSylphymon.  “Nice move, but you know he’s going to come back.  I guess you could keep blowing him.  I personally enjoy when you perpetually blow–”


“–I’ve heard that joke a million times.  Right now, I need some advice.  I can’t cut this guy.  Like you said, blowing him gets me nowhere.  I doubt that your lightning attacks will work, seeing how he’s a lightning digimon.  You’re the one with the battle strategies, so what do we do?”


RhinoKabuterimon thought it over.  “You could try digivolving.  You don’t know what you’ll change into, but you know that you’ll be more powerful.”


“It’s worth a shot.”  Jetsylphymon took out her D-Tector.  “Jetsylphymon digivolve to…”  The body became distinctly less feminine, gaining white feathers, silver and gold armor, a belt with a scabbard and sword, a quiver with arrows, a back-strapped javelin, bird-like wings, and a beaked headdress.  “…Valkyrimon!”  Valkyrimon spun around and posed for RhinoKabuterimon.  “How do I look?”


Of course, RhinoKabuterimon tried to be polite.  “It’s definitely a new look for you, very noble.  It’s the kind of look that says, “I take this digimon seriously as a warrior.”


Valkyrimon knew the implication.  “I look like a guy, don’t I?”


“Yeah, but nobody said that I had to have sex with all of your forms.”


This news disconcerted Valkyrimon.  “Then how am I going to become a stronger Mega?”


“I’d volunteer to be your personal trainer…but with any luck, this will be the last time you’ll need this form.”


As predicted, Azulongmon flew back to the confrontation.  This time, he considered the wind and thunder warriors to be his targets, despite Wisemon’s objectives.  The clouds directly above the cloud matter digimon grew darker.  “No bitch throws me around…Blue Lightning!”  By utilizing the clouds above his head, Azulongmon launched a dozen lightning bolts instead of his usual single bolt.


“Shit, it’s like Kerpymon’s Storm of Judgment,” RhinoKabuterimon surmised.  Fortunately for him, every bolt was aimed at Valkyrimon.


With supersonic speed, Valkyrimon dodged every lightning bolt.  One of the bolts that missed Valkyrimon happened to destroy Junpei and Izumi’s honeymoon cabin.


In a shower of splinters, RhinoKabuterimon watched the home of his first sexual intercourse disintegrate.  The greatest moments of his life were tied to the location.  Like the consummation song suddenly halting in his head, he snapped along a sentimental fault line.  RhinoKabuterimon’s body began to glow.  “RhinoKabuterimon mode change to…”  The beast stood on his hind legs.  His (MetalKabuterimon’s) cannons became a jetpack.  His front hooves became Beetlemon’s fists.  Once again, he became the digimon who defeated HellDiaboromon, “RhinoBeetlemon!”


Valkyrimon nodded her approval.  “I was wondering what it would take to get you to show up for this battle.”


RhinoBeetlemon stomped his left foot.  “Yeah, well, that did it.  The gas dragon destroyed our honeymoon cabin, and that place was special.  He’ll pay for…Hey, how come you’re not as riled up about it as I am?”


“The cabin was special because of the times we had in it, but he didn’t destroy our memories.  The cabin itself was just wood and nails; you can always rebuild it.”


“I guess I could rebuild it.  Do I have to?”


“Yeah, you do.”


RhinoBeetlemon fired up his jetpack.  “In that case, I’m really pissed off with this guy.”


Azulongmon knew what RhinoBeetlemon would attempt, and he forced himself to chuckle.  “You fucking retard, you think you’re going to beat me with your little jetpack?  I am as far beyond you as you are beyond Rookies.”


RhinoBeetlemon charged up his horns.  Curiously, the surrounding sparks were no longer green, but the standard yellow of Beetlemon’s attacks.  “You’re beyond me…and I’m right through you, Smash Flash Gore!”  He propelled himself horns first toward Azulongmon’s neck area (though one could call Azulongmon’s entire body a neck).  As he predicted, RhinoBeetlemon went right through Azulongmon, finishing his charge above the cloud body digimon.  Of course, his attack had no effect.  “But that was my best attack…I think we’re in trouble.”


Valkyrimon drew her sword.  “We’ll be fine; just leave it to me…Feral Sword!”  Zipping through the sky in an imperceptible blur, Valkyrimon slashed back and forth over the length of Azulongmon’s body, dicing the dragon like a roll of cookie dough.  At the end of Azulongmon’s tail, Valkyrimon became visible again.  She checked on her handiwork, and noted that its effectiveness was equal to her husband’s.  “Huh, I think you’re right.  I hope you have a backup plan.”


RhinoBeetlemon couldn’t let his wife down.  “I’ll come up with something.  In the meantime, save your energy and keep dodging those lightning bolts.”


“Yeah right, magician boy is going to pull another rabbit out of his ass.  That miracle shit ends right here, and just to make sure…Blue Lightning!”  Azulongmon used the cloud bombing version again, which meant that his target, RhinoBeetlemon, was unable to dodge.


RhinoBeetlemon stood his ground.  “Conduction Spire of One!”  Through his horns, RhinoBeetlemon absorbed Azulongmon’s onslaught.  He was prepared to return the electrical attack through his Condenser Storm, but he wouldn’t have a chance.  The attack was so powerful that RhinoBeetlemon’s battery overloaded, and he reverted to Junpei.  In his naked human form, Junpei stared at his palms in disbelief.  The tide of helplessness washed over him.  “There goes my backup plan.”


“One down and one to go.  I’d love to finish you completely, but Wisemon still has some use for you.”  Azulongmon turned to Valkyrimon.  “He’ll thank me for teaching you some humility.”


Valkyrimon was somewhat confused by Azulongmon’s statement.  “According to Bokomon, you are Wisemon.”


“Bokomon talks too much, and so do you, but I know how to shut you up.”  Azulongmon formed a ring with his serpentine body.  “Aurora Force!”  From the center of the ring, he launched an energy ball thirty meters in diameter.


Despite the size of the attack, Valkyrimon dodged it with ease.  From the ground, Junpei noted a huge problem.  “Watch it!  The attack is coming back around.  I bet it’s heat-seeking.  Try going back through Azulongmon!”


Valkyrimon nodded.  “I’ll give it a shot.”  Just like RhinoBeetlemon, she flew straight through Azulongmon’s neck area.  Three seconds later, the energy ball followed her through Azulongmon’s abdominal area (not that Azulongmon had a defined abdomen).  She knew that the attack was still following, and she knew that she had to do something about it.  Her apprehension lied in deciding what she could afford to lose.  “The cauliflower.”  Valkyrimon landed in the cauliflower garden, waited for the attack’s arrival, and evaded it with perfect timing.  Of course, every stalk of cauliflower was obliterated.


“Azulongmon shifted his body when the Aurora Force would’ve gone through his cranial area.  He must have a weak point somewhere in his head,” Junpei figured.  He studied the structure of Azulongmon, and he began to develop a new plan of attack.


Azulongmon went back to using oral lightning bolts.  Then he tried cloud bombing again.  No matter what he threw at Valkyrimon, Valkyrimon kept dodging.  From an endurance standpoint, he trusted that he could keep firing longer than Valkyrimon could keep dodging, but he had no way of knowing for sure.  “Bitch, stand still and take it!”


Valkyrimon refused the request.  “Fuck you; I don’t go down without a fight.”


Junpei had his battle plan.  “Valkyrimon, come here for a second; I have to tell you something!”


Valkyrimon flew over to Junpei and knelt down beside him.  Just as Junpei was about to whisper into her ear, a barrage of lightning bolts approached from above.  Valkyrimon grabbed Junpei and took off to avoid getting shocked (never mind what would’ve happened to Junpei).


“The dark blue part of his head, that’s the only part that’s not cloudy,” Junpei whispered to Valkyrimon.


“I understand.”  Valkyrimon tucked Junpei under her left arm, and readied her sword in her right hand.  She shot up through the underside of Azulongmon’s head, right through the overgrown beard.  “Feral Sword!”  Valkyrimon sliced symmetrically over the length of Azulongmon’s facemask.  The cut was so perfect that the dragon’s thin bolt horn was split in half.


As Azulongmon’s four eyes began to separate into pairs, the realization came over him:

“I lost this battle.  I actually lost…to a girl.  This body will become digitized in a matter of moments.  Whatever, I’ll just summon Wisemon, and I’ll continue on as the ancient warrior of steel’s descendent.”


Valkyrimon landed and released Junpei.  With satisfaction, she watched Azulongmon disappear.  “They were all so afraid of him.  Maybe that’s why I’m the only one who could beat him.”


Junpei watched the skies similarly, but his reaction was less confident:

“Something’s not right here.  Where’s his data?  He absorbed over a hundred Mega level digimon.  There should be a shit-load of data coming your way.”


“Maybe it’ll rain down in a few seconds like it did when you beat HellDiaboromon.”


“That will not be happening,” a voice in the sky assured.  “Azulongmon has summoned me, and he has given me his data as a tribute.”


“So you’re Wisemon now?” Valkyrimon asked with exasperation.  “Why don’t you just admit that you’re the same digimon as Azulongmon?  This ‘summoning’ bullshit is just for obese geeks who play overpriced card games and who couldn’t get laid if their lives depended on it…no offense, Junpei.”


“Hey, you’re describing the old me, so no offense taken.”


“The old you’s, or rather, the young you’s, are precisely what I must discuss with you,” the voice in the sky told Junpei and Valkyrimon.  “First, I insist that you are both in your human forms…The Offspring Lightning!”  A green lightning bolt was sent down.  Its path seemed to be heading nowhere near Valkyrimon, so it was paid no notice…until it curved in midair and hit Valkyrimon.


In a flash of emerald, Valkyrimon reverted to a nude Izumi.  “You son of a bitch, that was a cheap shot!”


Junpei put his index finger over his mouth, signaling to his wife that listening was the only viable strategy remaining.


Wisemon manifested in the form of eight-year-old Tomoki Himi, complete with the trademark oversized hat.  Then he began his lecture:

“Children are chosen to be DigiDestined, Tamers, legendary warriors, etc. because children are innocent.  Innocence allows children to believe in their partner digimon, or in your case, yourselves as digimon.  By having you stay in this world indefinitely, I had thought that your innocence could be retained, since corruptions only come from Earthly forces.  It seems that you have corrupted yourselves.  Your arrogance, your indolence, and your lust for each other, all of these were forgivable.  Izumi, you planted foreign seeds, and you escaped from reality when your reality was paradise.  This single act is the greatest insult of all to this world, and it is the quintessential loss of innocence.  So, Izumi, since today is your eighteenth birthday, the day you become an adult, I am ejecting you from this world.  I assume that your husband and son will follow you out.  Humans were not meant to live in this world.  You were given a unique opportunity, and you blew it.  I will arrange for a Trailmon to pick you up this evening.  I suggest that you start packing and saying your goodbyes.”


Junpei saw an ulterior motive.  “Not so fast, Bokomon read us that prophecy.  You just want us to go back so we’ll fight the D-Reaper.”


Izumi seconded the assertion.  “Yeah, this is just more bullshit.  How do you expect us to take you seriously if you’re not going to be straight with us?”


Eight-year-old Tomoki glared at the couple.  “So I have multiple reasons for sending you back; that does not make my point any less valid.  You cannot live in this world.  You must go home.”


“This world is our home,” Izumi retorted with ferocity.


Junpei put his arm around Izumi’s waist.  “And a house united will stand forever.”


Eight-year-old Tomoki rolled his eyes.  “Very well, if you insist on staying, I cannot allow you to remain as humans.”  Eight-year-old Tomoki snapped his fingers, and a book appeared in his hands.  “I went to the trouble of reconfiguring you into flesh and blood after you entered this world, and I can rescind this gift.  I shall read from the Pandora Dialog.”  Eight-year-old Tomoki opened the book, and he began speaking in an unknown language.  Five seconds later, Junpei and Izumi were cast in eerie green spotlights.  The conversion process completed itself in under a second.  Wisemon closed his book.  “There, you now have the same vulnerabilities as every digimon in this world.  I could send you back to your eggs now, but I still have use for you.  Your comeuppance will occur soon enough.  In the meantime, put on some clothes—learn some shame.”  Eight-year-old Tomoki began to walk away, and then he simply disappeared.


Izumi felt herself up and down.  “Huh, I still feel like a human.”


Junpei checked himself similarly.  “Yeah, me too, but what if we really are data now?”


“I don’t see how it makes any difference.  I’m the only Mega level digimon left in this world, and since Wisemon won’t destroy us until we do whatever it is he needs us for, I think we’re still okay.  Even if something does get us, we’ll become eggs, and we’ll be fine again…unless our eggs get smashed.  But nothing is going to get us; we’re too powerful.”


“That’s exactly what HellDiaboromon, Kerpymon, and Azulongmon thought.  Keep in mind, we’re still considered to be royalty in this world, and that sort of thing breeds jealously.  I know from experience; jealousy can make creatures do crazy things.”


Izumi caught the hint of something from the night of the blue star.  “You’re talking about what you did to Kouichi?  I was led to believe that you were trying to protect me.  Which was it: protection or jealousy?”


“We’ve been through this before,” Junpei complained.


“And you’ve never given me a straight answer!  Are you going to trust me with the truth, or are you going to be like that digimon who never shows his true form?”


“It was about eighty percent jealousy,” Junpei answered immediately.  “I just…I just wanted you so badly.”


Izumi patted Junpei on the shoulder.  “Yeah, I’ve known all along.  I just wanted to get you to admit it.  This doesn’t change anything.  Nothing that occurred today has to change what we have together.”


Junpei flashed a contented smile.  “It’s still your birthday.  Technically, we’re both adults today.”


Izumi gave Junpei a two minute kiss with plenty of tongue.  When she broke it:

“More than adults, we’re consenting adults.”


“Yeah, some things never change.  If we want to keep from making new enemies, we’d better head back to the castle and look busy.”


“You just want to avoid fixing the cabin.”


“I’ll do it the next time we come here, but I don’t have the energy after that battle.  Besides, I would have to draw up some design sketches first.  Now, let’s grab Tomoki and head back to CloudKingdom.”


A troublesome thought occurred to Izumi.  “Where is Tomoki?”


Young Tomoki had remained frozen in the same spot.  He had observed all of Azulongmon’s conquests.  He had observed the battle between JetSylphymon and Azulongmon.  He had observed the battle between Valkyrimon and Azulongmon.  He had observed a boy, not much older than himself, initiating fear in his naked parents.  None of it made sense to him.  He was innocent.



Author’s Notes:


Musical Inspirations:


Ken’s main theme: “Sickman” by Alice in Chains

Ken’s friendships: “The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out/Screws Fall Out” by Less Than Jake

Miyako’s “Load” theme: “Cure” by Metallica

Ken’s resignation: “Drift & Die” by Puddle of Mudd

Izumi’s intractability: “Elders” by The Offspring

Junpei and Izumi’s penultimate stand: “Generation Lost” by Rise Against


Literature Inspirations:


For an explanation of my spelling of JetSylphymon, I’ll refer you to the Name Origins section of Megchan’s Digimon Encyclopedia:


You don’t have to look too hard to find similarities to the Book of Genesis.  I know using Bible stuff is cliché, but there’s something nice about using a reference that everybody can pick up on.


Television Inspirations:


“I am as far beyond you as you are beyond Rookies.”  This line was a parody of one of Apocalypse’s lines in X-Men: The Animated Series.  Much like Apocalypse, my Azulongmon believed in the survival of the strongest.


Video Game Inspirations:


As diehard fans know, Ken and Ryo’s Millenniummon storyline originated in the Wonderswan games.  Ryo’s appearance in the Tamers’ dimension has always been a mystery, with many plausible theories explaining it.  For my purposes, I decided that Daemon brought him there.


In Digital Card Battle, my favorite Digimon game, Valkyrimon is the strongest nature type card, and quite possibly the best Digimon card in the game.  Valkyrimon is also Silphymon’s Mega form.  So, I made Valkyrimon JetSylphymon’s Mega form.


Political Inspirations:


I think I made it fairly subtle, so here’s a clue:  “Chainy” is not a word.  From there, you ought to be able to put the pieces together.  As usual for one of my stories, you’ll get a lot out of rereading.


Personal Inspirations:


I’ve had to memorize the laws of thermodynamics in my academic pursuits.


I had assorted nuts and pretzels on the mezzanine of the Embassy Suites in Chicago.  They had this complimentary bar at , and I drank Shirley Temples.  Maybe it was the ground floor.  The point is: that was probably the nicest hotel I’ve ever been in, great location too.



©2005 by Benjamin Wiseman


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