Season 4: Wisemon’s Alternate Ending Series

Part 16: Livin’ In The Fridge

By Wisemon


Digimon is the property of Toei Animation.  This story contains lyrics by Alice In Chains and modified quoted lyrics by Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Aerosmith (technically, they’re still a rock band with several hits in the 90’s, and besides, this will be the fourth story in a row with a reference to something from Boston).  Also, Tomoki’s unified evolution might infringe on some more Lucas copyrights.  Last time, Takuya chose to go out in a blaze of glory, somewhat.  The legendary warriors cried over his death, and Junpei vowed to avenge him while his hand had some fun.  Tomoki was chosen as HellDiaboromon’s next victim, but he’ll have heaven beside him.  This story has moderate violence, sex, innuendo, and bad language.  If you’re under 18, stop reading now.



            “Takuya is dead; you said that you could digivolve now,” Tomoki reminded Angewomon.

            “I say a lot of things; it doesn’t mean that they’re all true.  Fortunately for you, these are troubled times, so you know I cannot lie.  Angewomon digivolve to…”  Angewomon’s outfit got a little less skimpy and a little more serious as her body was covered in sea foam green armor, “Ophanimon!”

            “A celestial digimon, now we stand a chance,” Izumi commented while she continued to enjoy the fingers that were inside of her.  “Go get him, Ophanimon.  I mean seriously, fuck him up; I want to see some scar tissue.”

            “Dream on, I’m not risking my beautiful ass,” Ophanimon replied.  “It’s the tike’s job.  I’m going to give him the power to do a unified evolution.”

            “I have a name; it’s Tomoki.  I’m not just a punk in the street.”  Tomoki knew that Angewomon didn’t respect him, and if he was going to save the world, he wanted some respect.

            “Tomoki, no offense, but I think we’d be better off with Junpei in charge of this roundup.  You can go back in the saddle again on the next one.”  Izumi remembered the stakes of the battle.  “Of course, there shouldn’t be a next one.”

            “I’m the warrior of ice, and the prophecy said that hell had to freeze over,” Tomoki explained.  “It has to be me.”

            Junpei was ready with his metaphor, a cliché baseball analogy.  “Tomoki, we’ve got a man on third base, but we’ve also got two outs, and you’re up.  If you want to go home, you’ll have to hit it out of the park.  Can you do it?”

            “Put me in, coach.  I’m feeling like a bad boy, so I’m going to rip him up like a rag doll.”  Tomoki was psyched to go.

            “I don’t have to kill you the hard way; you still have a choice,” HellDiaboromon reminded Tomoki.  “Let’s see, according to my mental probe, you desire respect and heroic admiration.  Sorry, but I can’t morph into intangibles.  Your greatest fear is…me, because I killed Takuya.  That makes this easy for me.  Now I just need your soul to squeeze.”

            “Man, don’t listen to him; this fight hasn’t even started yet,” Junpei told Tomoki.  “Despite what he says, it’s something unpredictable, but in the end, you’ll do alright.  I know you have the fight of your life, so good luck.”

            “I think you mean ‘good riddance’,” HellDiaboromon quipped.


            Tomoki took out his D-Tector.  “No more standing in the shadows of the others.  I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment to come.  I’m destined for anything at all, but hopefully, it’ll be a victory.  Ophanimon, I’m ready for my upgrade.”

            “That’s dandy, but I really don’t care if you’re ready.”  Ophanimon cast a beam of light onto Tomoki’s D-Tector.  Instead of the regular sky blue and green colors, Tomoki’s D-Tector became a single color, a bright lime green.

            “Whoa, this is cool.”  Tomoki examined his new D-Tector.

            “Yes, that is the weapon of a true digimon master,” HellDiaboromon said.  “However, it won’t be enough.  This is your final warning; now prepare to be a victim of authority.”

            “I’ll live without warning,” Tomoki retorted.  “You can’t stop the spirits when they need me to fight for them.  Actually, at the moment, I need them.  Just to rub it in to your Kerpymon half, I’ll take the conquered ones.  Unity Execute: Unified Spirit Evolution!”  As he promised, Tomoki took the spirits of steel, water, wood, and earth from Takuya and Kouji’s D-Tectors.  Of course, his spirit of ice was added as the necessary fifth spirit.  Tomoki’s transformation began with his body being covered in snow.  He grew, his pants grew, and the shirt that Takuya gave him grew and turned white.  His hat became a helmet, and his goggles became a pair of tinted space specs.  When the snow cleared up, he emerged as, “JediFrigimon!”  He looked like a regular Frigimon clad in khaki pants, a white martial arts robe, and a jet pilot’s helmet and lenses.  He also had a leather belt holding his robe together.  Curiously, there was a very large Popsicle stick jammed halfway (as far as possible, like in the forest riddle) through the belt on his left side.

            Bokomon stared in awe at the new digimon.  “It’s amazing when the moment arrives that you know you’ll be alright.  Let’s see what the book has to say about JediFrigimon.”  Bokomon looked through his book, but he couldn’t find any information on JediFrigimon.  “There’s some stuff on Daipenmon, his fusion evolution, but nothing on his unified evolution.  I’m guessing that nobody thought that it was possible.”

            “Who is this ‘nobody’?” Junpei asked.  “It’s something I’ve always wondered; who wrote your book?”

            Junpei, this isn’t the time for asking pointless questions.  For crying out loud, it’s a free-for-all.  While the minor does his thing, you can finish doing your thing.”  Izumi clamped down on Junpei’s fingers to emphasize her point.

            “Lust, it’s a sweet emotion.”  Junpei decided to make the best of his assignment.  “Izumi, instead of fingering you, can I eat you out again?”

            “I suppose, but why does it matter to you?” Izumi inquired.

            If JediFrigimon doesn’t get the job done, I’m going to need a plan, and they say that tuna is brain food,” Junpei explained.

            Izumi giggled slightly.  “Fine, just take me to the place I love; take me all the way.”


            JediFrigimon looked straight into HellDiaboromon’s eyes.  “You were right; I’m afraid of you.  This sudden fear has left me trembling, because now it seems that I am out here on my own.  However, I recently learned that it’s okay to be afraid.  Junpei said that fear can be an asset in a fight, and he’s rarely wrong.  So, I’m on my own…here we go.”  JediFrigimon took out his D-Tector and started up “Heaven Beside You”.  “This is my highest evolution, and I still can’t fly, but that’s alright.  Music is my aeroplane.  I played the music for everyone else’s battles, so that makes me the designated designer of the aeroplane.  I am the aerosmith.”

            “It’s time to find out what JediFrigimon can do.  I’d better document this in my book.”  Bokomon found a blank space in his book and prepared to take notes.  “I don’t want to close my eyes; I don’t want to miss a thing.”

            “When this is over, I hope you can take the loss,” HellDiaboromon told JediFrigimon.  “You’ll be crying me a river, but I’ll still take you to the other side.”


            HellDiaboromon was done being charitable; he made the first move, “Habanero Breath!”

[Be what you wanna be.]

            JediFrigimon extended his right arm towards the oncoming flames, “Frost Force!”  A swarm of snowflakes met HellDiaboromon’s fire attack, and the two attacks combined to form water at their meeting point, like an acid and a base.  “Against me, your ‘Habanero Breath’ is no better than a chili pepper.  If you’re going to use the same old song and dance, this fight isn’t going to last very long.”

[See what you came to see.]

            “I turned your friend’s brain into stew; one way or another, I’m doing the same to yours.”  HellDiaboromon leaped towards JediFrigimon.  He planned to slash his opponent with his claws as he landed.

            [Been what you wanna be.]

            “Uh, I don’t think so, Frost Force!”  JediFrigimon’s flurry sent HellDiaboromon flying backwards in an arching path.

            [I don’t like what I see.]

            HellDiaboromon managed to do a midair back flip in order to land on his feet.  “Ha, even when you out-strategize me, you can’t hurt me…suck my dick.”

            [Like the coldest winter chill, heaven beside you, hell within.]

            “No, I’m determined to hurt you,” JediFrigimon replied.  “I’ll make you my bitch, and you’ll take it in the other side.”

            [Like the coldest winter chill, heaven beside you, hell within.]

            “You little puke, you can’t talk to me like that!  I’ll cut you down to size, Ixnay Fork!”  A red trident materialized in HellDiaboromon’s hands.

            [Like the coldest winter will, heaven beside you, hell within.]

            “Whoa, that’s new.  Let’s see if it’s a match for my weapon of choice.”  JediFrigimon pulled his Popsicle stick out of his belt and held it up.

            [And you think you have it still, heaven inside you.]

            “That’s nice, but this isn’t arts and crafts.”  Despite its abnormally large size, HellDiaboromon wasn’t impressed with JediFrigimon’s Popsicle stick.

            [So there’s problems in your life.]

            “Actually, this is the handle, Lime Saber!”  A lime green cylindrical ice pop formed around the end of the stick and extended to half of JediFrigimon’s height.

            [That’s fucked up, and I’m not blind.]

            “If only you were as bright as that frozen treat, you’d know that you’re forked.”  HellDiaboromon rushed JediFrigimon, and his trident swing was met with JediFrigimon’s Lime Saber.

            [I’m just see-through faded, super jaded, out of my mind.]


            Junpei finished his meal, and then he lay beside Izumi.  Part of him wanted to observe JediFrigimon’s battle, but he couldn’t take his eyes away from Izumi’s face, and its satisfied expression.  “What they say is true; you’ve seen nothing until you’re down on a muffin.  It all started with a little kiss…on your thigh.  Then I was living it up while I was going down.  I don’t understand why most mother fuckers never go downstairs.  By the way, I tried to say, that baseball analogy went deeper than it might’ve seemed.  The two outs were Takuya and Kouji, Tomoki has to win to literally go home, and I’ve gotten to third base with you.”

            “Yeah, you like your metaphors.”  Izumi knew that she should’ve elbowed Junpei for calling Takuya and Kouji “outs”, and for mentioning “third base” to her, but she was too tired.

            “Indeed, but despite my fondness for poetic techniques, I really hate school.”  Junpei was going to give Izumi another clue, not that it was necessary.  “I hate studying, but I do it because I have to, and I do a lot of it.  Yeah, I believe I’m a walking contradiction, and the studying issue is certainly not the only reason.  Anyway, I’m learning everything I ever needed to know right here, so I really have no need to go back to school.”  Junpei noticed that Izumi had fallen asleep.  “I could use a nap myself.  I hate to have to do this, but since you’re ‘defeated’ like Takuya was, and since I need every advantage that I can get…”  Junpei pulled out his D-Tector, “Execute: Energy Drain!”  A beam of turquoise light went from Izumi’s body into Junpei’s D-Tector.  “I don’t know why I feel guilty about that.  After all, I still don’t feel guilty about Kouichi.  I gave him so many knee drops; the impact left me with sore joints.  In case you ever wondered, it was all for you.  Falling in love is so hard on the knees.”


            JediFrigimon and HellDiaboromon pulled their weapons back and re-collided them continuously.  They were both looking for an opening, but neither of the duelists was giving one.  “We’re living in repetition,” JediFrigimon noted.  “This is getting redundant.”

            [Do what you wanna do.]

            “Fine, I’ll mix things up, Literal Firewall!”  Since HellDiaboromon was in close range with his opponent, his defense technique was an effective offense.  A blaze emerged from the ground directly under JediFrigimon.

            [Go out and seek your truth.]

            JediFrigimon did as he was taught; he stopped, dropped, and rolled.  Of course, he made sure to direction his roll away from HellDiaboromon.  When JediFrigimon was done getting the flames off, he looked up from his prone spot on the ground, just in time to see HellDiaboromon’s trident coming down for the stab.  JediFrigimon got his Lime Saber horizontal to block the attack, and the tines on HellDiaboromon’s trident jammed their way into the icy “blade”.

            [When I’m down and blue.]

            “You couldn’t help yourself from falling.”  HellDiaboromon drove his Ixnay Fork deeper into JediFrigimon’s Lime Saber.  “Yes, you had to run away from the pain.  Now there’s not even breathing room between you and pain.”

            [Rather be me than you.]

            JediFrigimon noticed that the pressure from HellDiaboromon’s trident was breaking up his Popsicle “blade”.  “It all keeps adding up; I think I’m cracking up.”  JediFrigimon kept his right hand on his stick, and he made a punching motion with his left arm.  He kept his arm out afterward, and he cut off HellDiaboromon’s mock of the supposed punch attempt, “Frost Force!”

            [Like the coldest winter chill, heaven beside you, hell within.]

            HellDiaboromon was sent airborne once again, and once again he used a back flip to land on his feet.  Then he noticed that he was no longer holding his trident; it was still stuck in JediFrigimon’s frozen “blade”.  “You’re doing pretty well.  Now I wonder about your friend, if he gave all he could give.  Speaking of giving, give me back my Ixnay Fork.”  HellDiaboromon snapped his fingers; his trident wiggled itself loose from its icy trap and flew into his hands.

            [Like the coldest winter chill, heaven beside you, hell within.]

            When the trident left, the icy “blade” shattered.  JediFrigimon watched as lime green chunks fell to the ground.  “This is not cool.”  The frustration turned to desperation, and he turned to Ophanimon.  “You’re my angel, come and save me.”

            [Like the coldest winter will, heaven beside you, hell within.]

            “Hey, wait, I’m an angel, but I’m certainly not yours,” Ophanimon responded.  “I gave you the power; the rest is up to you.  I feel no need for any interfering.”

            [And you wish you had it still, heaven inside you.]

            “At the very least, tell me what it takes to beat this guy.”  JediFrigimon realized that he wouldn’t be getting any heavenly help.  “Alright, then tell me how it is that you can sleep in the night without thinking you lost everything, this whole world.  If you don’t do everything that you can, then you’re just as responsible as HellDiaboromon.”

            [So there’s problems in your life.]

            “You’re using the guilt trip?  Nice try, but I don’t have a conscience.  If you don’t believe me, I’ll prove it.”  Ophanimon smiled mischievously at HellDiaboromon.  “I’ll let you kill all of these little bastards, as long as you spare my data.”

            [That’s fucked up, and I’m not blind.]

            HellDiaboromon probed Ophanimon’s mind, just to be sure that she was telling the truth.  “You’re being honest; your treachery impresses me.  You want me to change into Kouji, and you dream of Hellifornication.  You’re so jaded, and I’m the one that jaded you, because I forced your boyfriend to kill himself.  No, you were jaded before then, weren’t you?  Your offer is tempting, but if Takuya had made the same offer, it would’ve been more tempting.  Despite his bumbling, he had a certain charm.  In a roundabout way, I’m trying to tell you that you don’t have a deal.  You will all die.  There will be no exceptions.  Damn, I’m a sidewinder; I’m a killing-for-fun king!”

            [I’m just see-through faded, super jaded, out of my mind.]


            Junpei had a tough decision to make.  The practical side of his brain knew that he should be coaching JediFrigimon through his battle, but the loving side of his brain desperately wanted to cuddle with Izumi.  “Weren’t you the same side who was afraid of her fishing hole?” Junpei asked the yellow half of his mind.  “Yeah, I’m talking to my brain, but that doesn’t mean that I need my pills.  The medicated state of mind I find is overrated.  Sure, sometimes I give myself the creeps.  Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me.  It all comes with the territory of marching out of time…to my own beat now…the only way I know.  I think that it’s alright that I do what I like; that’s the way I want to live.  Right now, I want to cuddle, and I will, but first I have to rationalize it.  If this place gets frozen over like the prophecy says it should, Izumi will freeze to death.  I have to cuddle with her to keep her warm.  Our body heat will be transmitted best if we’re both naked and wrapped together in a blanket.  Well, she’s already naked from the waist down.  Of course, I don’t have a blanket.  I’ll have to leave my jumpsuit on, but I’ll still unzip it.”

            Junpei unzipped his jumpsuit (which he had only recently zipped back up) all the way, six inches below his briefs’ waistband.  He carefully slid his arms around Izumi’s body, and he managed to leave her slumber undisturbed.  Junpei looked at her sweet sleeping face, and he was flooded with warm thoughts.  “This is the way I wanted it to be with you.  More than anything, including sex, I just wanted to get to this point with you, but it wasn’t easy.  You drove me crazy; I felt like the color blue.  There was a hole in my soul, but it was worth it.  To save Takuya’s spine, you had to tell me that you loved me too.  Now we’re stronger than ever, and it’s just going to snowball.  The day will come, because I know…I know it’s you.  You’ll say ‘I do,’ and then I’ll say ‘I do.’  For now, we’ll lay on, lay on, lay on, lay on until our friend finishes his fight.”

            Despite having his body pressed against the front of Izumi’s, Junpei’s thoughts were so pure that he avoided stimulation, until it was forced on him.  Izumi slid her bottom leg under Junpei’s hips, and she placed her top leg over his hips.  Then she closed her leg noose tightly around Junpei.  “Man, you just kick started my golden generator,” Junpei realized.  Though he was erect, his jumpsuit was keeping him pointing downward.  “This is uncomfortable, but it should fade, as long as there’s no further movement.”  As though on cue, Izumi started to grind her crotch against Junpei’s.  “That’s a warm welcome to paradise.  I guess I know what you’re dreaming about; you dream of killer fornication.  Dream until your dreams come true…you’ll only be asleep for a few days.  You want to give it away now, but it’s not the right time.”

            Junpei could feel Izumi’s moisture seeping through his briefs.  “This is the fifth time today that you’ve been ‘excited’.  Actually, it’s the sixth, but I’m choosing to ignore that thing with Takuya.  I’ll bet his body isn’t even cold yet.  Anyway, it’s good to know that you have a healthy appetite.  We’ll need something to fill our days, and that’s just what I had in mind.”

            Junpei’s confinement had become unbearable.  “If I don’t let out my big six and a half inch, I could end up permanently deformed.  Then again, as soon as I let it out, it’ll probably penetrate her.  Would that really be so bad?  I could just push play and fly away on my Zephyrmon.  No, it wouldn’t be wise to do it before a potential fight,” the blue side of his brain told him.  “No, it wouldn’t be the way it should happen,” the yellow side of his brain told him.  “We’re in agreement; that’s unusual.”

            “Now I just need a way to free myself without exiting into her entrance,” Junpei told himself.  “Her legs are keeping me from moving away, but I can still move down.”  Junpei slid his body a few inches down along the ground.  Then he pulled down and out on the waistband of his briefs, and his cock immediately sprung up.  As he had planned, his dickhead was touching nothing but air.  However, part of his shaft was in parallel with Izumi’s slit, like a hotdog that was elevated partially out of the bun due to the sauerkraut underneath it.

            Izumi’s sleep was not affected, because she was dreaming about it anyway.  Feeling Junpei’s special skin against her own translated to the end of foreplay in her dream.  She began to move her hips faster, using Junpei’s meat to massage the shallow end of her vaginal walls.

            Naturally, Junpei’s cock was stroked by Izumi’s movement.  “This is going to make a mess,” Junpei noted.  “I guess it’s alright, as long as I’m not breaking the girl.”


            “You think you’re so clever?  Now you’ll get severed.”  HellDiaboromon leaped at JediFrigimon and swung his trident.

            JediFrigimon blocked the attack with his bare Popsicle stick, and the top third of his stick was summarily broken off under the pressure.  JediFrigimon glanced at the newly formed jagged ends of his stick.  “I can work with this.  In fact, now I have a brand new attack, Splinter Stick!”  JediFrigimon tried to stab HellDiaboromon with his broken Lime Saber handle, but he had the equivalent range of a switchblade, and HellDiaboromon was easily able to avoid the attempt by backing away.  Then JediFrigimon felt the tines of HellDiaboromon’s Ixnay Fork piercing his right wrist, and his Splinter Stick was immediately relinquished.

            “You won’t be using that hand anymore in this battle.  You said I was going to take it in the other side, but now who’s your daddy?”  HellDiaboromon yanked his trident out of JediFrigimon’s wrist.  When he saw that JediFrigimon was moving in for a desperation left hook, he summoned his defense, “Literal Firewall!”

            [Like the coldest winter chill, heaven beside you, hell within.]

            JediFrigimon was scorched again, so once again, he dropped to the ground and rolled away from HellDiaboromon.  When the fire was out, he got onto one knee, because he couldn’t manage to stand.  The battle, the heat, the smoke inhalation, and the overwhelming frustration had made him fatigued, and his blackened body visibly reflected his state of mind.  “You said you wondered about my friend, if he gave you everything he had.  You were talking about Kouji?  Kouji was never my friend.  Kouji wasn’t anybody’s friend.  Takuya was my friend.  Junpei and Izumi are my friends.”

            [Like the coldest winter chill, heaven beside you, hell within.]

            “Ahem, aren’t you forgetting someone?”  Bokomon wanted to be counted among JediFrigimon’s friends.

            [Like the coldest winter will, heaven beside you, hell within.]

            “What about me?  I gave you the power that you’re enjoying,” Ophanimon reminded JediFrigimon.

            [And you know you have it still, heaven inside you.]

            Bokomon, you’re my friend too…to a lesser extent.  Ophanimon, if I’m ‘enjoying’ this, then I’m so fucking happy I could cry.  You weren’t joking when you made that offer to HellDiaboromon, and now the joke is on you.”  JediFrigimon looked towards Junpei and Izumi, and he saw that their nude crotches were aligned.  He assumed that they must’ve given up hope.  “My friends are so distressed, and lying on the brink of having sex.  There are no words I know of to express this stepped-in mess.  For the world I love, and the train I hopped, to be part of this save, I can’t stop.”

            [So there’s problems in your life.]

            “Yes, you can’t stop…me, so you should give up,” HellDiaboromon suggested.

            [That’s fucked up, but you’re not blind.]

            JediFrigimon kept Junpei and Izumi in his view while he raised his left fist.  “I love all of you.  You’ll be hurt by the cold, but you’ll thank me later.  As time ticked by, and still I tried, but I forgot about the prophecy.  This place has to freeze, so here we go, Antarcticana Ice Punch!”  JediFrigimon’s left fist came down and struck the ground, leaving it covered in a layer of ice.  The ice layer spread outward, covering the ground with a solid sheet.  From there, it moved up the walls and finished when it froze the ceiling.

            [You’re just see-through faded, overrated, out of your mind.]


            Junpei felt the ice instantly forming underneath him, so he held Izumi tightly, knowing that her body was also feeling the chill.  Actually, her body was feeling more than a chill.  It had a spasm, and Junpei’s rod was covered in her juices.  “I wish I could get off again, but I have to stay hydrated,” Junpei told the sleeping Izumi.  “Even without having an orgasm, I got dozed by you.  I guess I’m taking a nap.  Sleep with me, if it’s just for today.  Maybe tomorrow, the bad lord will take us away…probably sooner.”


            “Is it over now?” HellDiaboromon asked.

            “No, that was ‘Heaven Beside You’; ‘Over Now’ is a different song.  ‘Heaven Beside You’ is over now,” JediFrigimon answered.

            “Are you Abbott or Costello?  I didn’t mean the song; I meant your attack,” HellDiaboromon explained.

            “It’s over now,” JediFrigimon replied coolly.

            “Damn it, stop saying that!”  HellDiaboromon paused to regain his composure.  “I was trying to tell you that your attack was pointless.  Granted, it’s pretty chilly in here, and the ground is slippery, but I’ll fix that.  Your prophecy won’t mean a damn thing, Hellacious Ignition!”  An aura of inferno surrounded HellDiaboromon and extended out to a thirty foot radius.

            JediFrigimon was within the radius, as was much of the cave.  Heat radiation caused all of the ice (not just the ice in the radius) to melt.  JediFrigimon endured a few seconds of excruciating burning until the flood passed by and extinguished him.  Naturally, the water drained into the hole in the ground, the one that led to Lucemon’s lair on the seventh level.  There was enough water to fill the hole nearly to the top.  In essence, it had become a swimming pool.  Of course, swimming was the last thing on JediFrigimon’s mind as he reverted back to Tomoki.  “You don’t have to wonder about me.  I gave you everything I had; you can take that to the snow bank.”  Tomoki looked back towards Junpei and Izumi, and he noticed that Junpei had joined the slumbering party, leaving only one waking human.  Junpei and Izumi get to sleep together for their death, but I’m stuck with me,” Tomoki thought.  “I’m destroyed…giving up the fight.  Well, I know I’m not alright.  I’m off the Trailmon and hitching a ride.”


            “Where am I?” Junpei’s subconscious mind asked himself.  “I know I’m in a dream, but where’s my dream body?  I don’t mean the dream body that this diet will get me; I mean a literal dream body.  Those Junpeis get bodies; it’s not fair.”  Junpei was referring to the Junpei in the solid blue jumpsuit and the Junpei in the solid yellow jumpsuit.  “This dream again, the one with the blue me and the yellow me?  Blue and yellow make green, so I guess my green day is over, and my green dream has just begun.”



            After a string of four masterful stories, it was necessary to clear the palette with this one.  This certainly wasn’t the worst story.  It had some awesome fighting, some near sex, and some pretty good jokes.  Still, it was no “Generic Blues” or “Dare To Be Stupid”.  I quoted lyrics from Aerosmith, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Green Day, and I snuck in each band’s name.  What do these bands have in common?  Green Day and Red Hot Chili Peppers used Aerosmith song titles, or vice versa, namely “Jaded” (for Green Day, this was a cover) and “Otherside” (“The Other Side” for Aerosmith).  Okay, so I’m reaching, but you can’t deny that Red Hot Chili Peppers and Green Day both have colors in their names (yes, I’m well aware that a “green day” is a day spent smoking pot).  The next story has the potential of being the greatest one in the series.  Junpei’s dream will feature some true innovations in the world of nonprofit adult Digimon writing.  As you look forward to it, here’s the stuff to keep in mind:

Tomoki’s clothes are part of his evolution into JediFrigimon.  Will the changes to his clothes be permanent?

JediFrigimon misquotes Junpei.  Does that play a part in his loss?

The legendary warrior of ice’s theme gets played.  Since Kouji goes out with Godsmack, only one warrior’s theme has yet to be played.

Ophanimon doesn’t help in the fight.  In fact, she tries to make a deal with HellDiaboromon.  Still, she hasn’t outlived her usefulness.

Junpei is sleeping with his dick resting length-wise along Izumi’s crevice.  There’s no risk of penetration, but a good dream could make some more messes.

What will happen in Junpei’s green dream?

Hell freezes over, and then it gets thawed.  Was the prophecy wrong?

HellDiaboromon defeats JediFrigimon.  Will he finish the job and kill Tomoki?


            As a special treat to anyone who bothered to read through these author’s notes, I’d like to give you a sneak preview of a point of view poem.  These point of view poems will be compiled into a single piece later on, but for now, you can see this particular one as a B-side to this story.  These point of view poems are meant to be read like song lyrics, and with the way I wrote them, imagining a melody shouldn’t be too hard.  This one is for Tomoki, and it’s inspired by 311, Green Day, and Alice In Chains (especially “Heaven Beside You”).



Keep My Cool


Chill…I wouldn’t let it slide because.

A whiny child, prone to cry I was.

Got toughened up in this wild land.

Needed to get axing, got the ax in my hand.

And Blizzard Blaster and Lime Saber.

With all these weapons, I did myself a favor.

Got independence, showed myself the way.

Still needed some help at the end of a bad day.

I met a ghost along a forest path.

He decided to give me a slimy bath.

We came, we saw, we kicked its rear.

Hmm, it’s getting kind of chilly in here.


I used to cry a lot.

But now I keep my cool.

I learned so much, so fast.

Whoa, this world is cruel.

Like the coldest winter chill.

Overexposure sure to kill.

But I’ll keep my cool even on the grill.


I saw it all.

But nobody ever saw me.

Because I’m small.

You think that makes me hard to see.

Straight to my eyes.

Innocence gone.

Had to stop the guys.

From doing Junpei wrong.

I played his tune.

A ditty from “Smash”.

Stormed like a monsoon.

On the boys like a bad rash.

He thanked me later.

Gave me my props.

We took the elevator.

All the way down without stops.

Met the villain.

Who took joy in killin’.

A finder of desire and fear.

Hmm, it’s getting kind of chilly in here.


I used to cry a lot.

But now I keep my cool.

I learned so much, so fast.

Whoa, this world is cruel.

Like the coldest winter chill.

Overexposure sure to kill.

But I’ll keep my cool even on the grill.


Not cool.

When Kouji killed himself because he only obeyed.

Not cool.

When Takuya burned himself because he had to get laid.

Not cool.

When it’s my turn, and I’m really afraid.

Still, I won’t cry.

Not even a tear.

No, I won’t die.

I got to get it in gear.

Set me up to fry.

But I will only sear.

Hmm, it’s getting kind of chilly in here.


I used to cry a lot.

But now I keep my cool.

I learned so much, so fast.

Whoa, this world is cruel.

Like the coldest winter chill.

Overexposure sure to kill.

But I’ll keep my cool even on the grill.


When the fight is over, I know I’m not okay.

Still needed some help at the end of a bad day.



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