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                                                Pairing between two pairs


Tai sat down beside Agumon, watching Sora and Mimi with their digimon.

“Sora is really hot” Tai mumbled, half to himself.

“So is Biyomon” Agumon replied dreamily. Suddenly, their eyes widened simultaneously.


“Yeah – don’t tell anyone” Agumon pleaded

“Sure thing buddy”

“You like…Sora?”

“Uh huh”


They spent the next ten minutes in silence. Agumon opened his mouth, about to speak, when TK’s child-scream from behind them startled the three humans and their digimon. Tai flinched slightly, wondering whether TK was in trouble, when the scream came again, and he recognised it as a scream of laughter. It was accompanied by a splash and Matt’s low chuckle.


TK and Matt let themselves go, jumping into the lake and splashing around, forgetting the pressures of the digital world as they succumbed to their childish urges. Their companions soon joined them, Izzy removing his computer before lowering himself into the lake. Whether their clothes got wet mattered little to the digidestined, having not had a glimpse at a sizeable stretch of water for several weeks.

“God, this feels great!” Mimi stated over the general noise. “I haven’t been able to bathe my feet for ages and all that walking was killing me!” No one answered her, and her face stiffened.

“Fine!” She said, indignant at being ignored, “I’ll go talk to Palmon!”


As Mimi stormed out of the water, so Biyomon joined Sora in splashing and swimming playfully.

“Oh, hey, Biyo!” Sora said happily

“Heya Sora.” At the mention of their respective love’s names, Tai and Agumon could not resist turning around, Tai swimming a lazy semicircle and Agumon spinning on his scaly heel from the shore. The pair caught each other’s eyes, and Tai could not resist a wink at Agumon before completing his turn towards Sora and Biyomon, who were happily chatting away, Sora treading water and Biyomon floating using her wings. Tai gazed on, lovelorn, for several minutes before realising he was the only other one left in the water. Sadly, he swam back to the small beach, joining his comrades.


A few hours later, everyone was beginning to regret the swim slightly, and the clearing a couple of hundred yards from the lake was full of shivering humans and one shivering digimon. Agumon was shocked to find himself sat next to Biyomon, but Tai had no such luck. He was several spaces away from Sora. Biyomon was in fact enjoying being so close to Agumon, as his natural body heat was keeping her shivering body quite warm. She slowly edged closer to him, hoping he would not notice. However, she did not count on the special attention that Agumon was paying her. Every time she tried to get closer, he mistook her intentions completely. Once she was huddled close to him, Agumon spoke softly into her ear.

Yes, Agumon, What is it?” She whispered back



“I have something to tell you…”

“Something to tell me?” An inkling of the ‘something’s’ topic trickled into her mind.

“I - I have always loved you.”

Biyomon was startled. Looking into his eyes, she could see the sincerity of Agumon’s claim. She had wanted someone to be close to for several weeks, but didn’t have anyone in mind. Suddenly, here is an open opportunity.

“Agumon…you love me?” He blushed as she said this. “Then would you like to get together?”

“It would be the best thing I ever did” he said intently.


Later that night, Everyone slept by their digimon. But Agumon and Biyomon could not sleep. Biyomon had persuaded Sora to sleep beside Agumon and Tai, and when she thought Sora was asleep, Biyomon crept beside Agumon.

“Come with me to the woods,” she commanded him, “We can have some fun.”

“This is turning out to be a good day” he replied in a haze.

As the two digimon crept into the depths of the woods claw in wing, Tai woke up as a result of the movement near him.

“Wha…Agumon?” he asked no-one in particular, still only semi-conscious. When the fact he was missing became apparent, Tai also noticed Sora was alone. Biyomon had left, too.


“C’mon Sora, wake up!” Tai shook her lightly again, and she blinked awake.

“What is it, Tai?”

“Agumon’s gone. Biyomon too.” With those four words, Sora became very alert and attentive.

“Do you know where they’ve gone?”

“Into the forest. No-one else I missing.”

“Then let’s go! No point in disturbing the others.” With that, Sora marched off with Tai…in completely the wrong direction.


After about 200 yards, they were completely out of earshot of the camp in the dense woods, and it became obvious that they were not going to find their digimon soon.

“Maybe they just went to be alone…” Tai knew he shouldn’t tell, but this was the person he loved…”You know, Agumon fancies Biyomon.”

This is it, Sora thought. There’ll never be better circumstances than this.

“Tai,” she said, “I want to be alone with you, too.”

OH MY GOD. Tai’s brain was pounding.

“Sora…I have wanted you since I first met you”


“Yes. Let’s go deeper into the forest.”


“That’s far enough,” Biyomon said to her Digi-lover

“O-okay,” Agumon’s heart was pounding. He felt like he wanted to explode. The two digimon leaned towards each other, and their mouths met. Their tongues explored each other’s mouths, and slowly wrapped round one another as Biyomon broke the kiss. She kissed Agumon again, quickly, but she had other things in mind.


She pushed him gently backwards and lay on the ground. Agumon got the message and climbed onto her, kissing her again and trailing his hand down her body. As his tongue’s rough texture caressed the inside of her mouth, so Agumon’s fingers worked their way down to Biyomon’s breasts. First he cupped them lightly, never ceasing to kiss her, then lightly pinched the nipples, causing them to harden and Biyomon to squirm delightedly.


Agumon bought his head up, allowing Biyomon to gasp for air, as he searched further down his love’s body for his real target. With the end of his claw, he traced around her pussy lips, and then scratched her clit very lightly. Biyomon screamed in pleasure, her body filling with hormones from the new experience. Agumon then took his smooth claw and inserted it slowly into Biyomon, taking care that the point didn’t cause any damage. Once he was sure Biyomon was enjoying this, he began to pump his claw into her. This finger fucking continued for a few minutes, Biyomon moaning slightly in response to this treatment. Agumon removed his claw after five minutes, and licked off Biyomon’s wetness, and the two stared into each other’s eyes lovingly. They kissed again slightly, and Biyomon felt ready for the next step. Gripping Agumon’s head between her wings, she pulled his face onto her cunt, and he began to lick her.


Biyomon moaned in ecstasy as Agumon dragged his rough-surfaced tongue across the opening of her vagina, her body involuntarily shaking a the pleasurable treatment. As soon as he tasted her juices, Agumon began to lose control, pushing his tongue into her pussy as he frantically licked her. The third time he pushed his tongue inside her, he brushed her g-spot, and the scream this elicited alerted the semi-crazed Agumon to go over that spot again. Crazily, he thrusted his long, muscular tongue deep into her most sensitive region. The constant, textured stimulation quickly bought Biyomon to orgasm, a quiet moan escaping her beak as she exploded her cum into Agumon’s face, his eager tongue licking it up as fast as it came.


“Now, it’s my turn to make you happy,” said Biyomon, a strange inflection in her voice as she motioned for Agumon to lie down. He complied, his dick already out of it’s pouch and rock hard from the experience so far. Biyomon’s eyes grew wide as she saw his cock, a strange, happy uncertainty pervading her mind. She positioned her damp entrance over Agumon’s digihood, and dropped herself on, burying Agumon up to the hilt. The pain was initially unbearable, but Agumon’s pleading eyes begged her to go on, and after the pain of her hymen breaking, Biyomon was now experiencing the opposite, great pleasure as she rode Agumon. He himself was in a state of restraint, trying desperately to hold out as long as possible. Biyomon lifted herself up and down, tensing her hips as she fucked Agumon. The ecstatic treatment was proving too much for Agumon, however, as he could feel his hot cum building up inside him. With a low, feral growl, he unleashed his semen, shooting a huge amount of his heated cum deep into Biyomon’s body. The final, fiery stimulation was too great for Biyomon, who squawked and flapped her wings randomly as she had her second orgasm, mixing her cum with Agumon’s on his scaly belly. The lovers both fainted from exhaustion, Agumon’s dick still inside Biyomon as they slept in a puddle of their juices.


Their digimons’ liaison was unknown to Tai and Sora, who stumbled through thick undergrowth and tumbled onto the beach of the lake.

“Come here, Tai” said Sora, motioning to a patch of sand beside where she knelt. Gingerly, he lay where she motioned, and was subsequently very shocked when she began to undo his shirt, letting it fall to his sides as she removed his trousers. She slid his boxers to his ankles, then regarded his growing boyhood, taking it in her hands to complete it’s growth. She then ran her index finger around it’s base and fondled the tip with the finger of her other hand. A groan escaped Tai’s enraptured lips as she continued to pleasure him, her inexpert hands making their way along his organ.


Once she had stroked the length of his dick, Sora knelt down and leaned closer still, planting a large kiss on the head of his erection. Tai trembled across the length of his body as she first took the head, and then a full half of his hardness into her mouth, swirling it with her tongue. Tai was in ecstasy, tears forming in the corners of his eyes as Sora took him close to the brink. The running of her tongue along the whole of his length was all it took for Sora to draw Tai over the edge, a long stream of semen issuing from his dick as a low whine came from his lips.


Sora contemplated going farther, but as she looked out over the beach she saw the first glimpse of the rising sun. She pulled the prone Tai to his feet, and he got dressed in a haze, memories of the night creeping in as the cloud of hormones faded. His life had changed quite dramatically. Sora pulled him into the trees, his legs weak still from the exertion of the night. When the two reached the camp, they were relieved to see Biyomon and Agumon still gone. Neither one of them felt like awkward questions right now. The two lay down, kissed lightly, and tried to sleep.




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