This lemon is written by me, Vipermon and it contains adult situations between two digimon from the digimon TV show.  This story is for 18 and older.  So if your not, then don't read this, but if you are, enjoy it.

It takes place during season two of digimon when ken invited the digidestined to his christmas party.


A DigiChristmas to remember


The digidestined and their digimon were all glad that Ken invited them all to his Christmas party.  When Veemon asked Ken if they could come, he was happy for that, but he was even more happy when Ken said that Veemon might even catch a kiss from Gatomon under the mistletoe.  Veemon admired Gatomon for her intelegence, her sassy ways, her strong wits, and her cute furry ass.  He had a huge crush when he first saw her when Davis lifted Veemon's digiegg for the ground and he looked into her beautiful eyes.  He wondered if Gatomon had the same feelings for him as well.  He would be so happy to kiss Gatomon.  The bad part was he didn't know what a mistletoe looked like.


As Davis and Veemon got ready for the party Veemon asked Davis, "Hey Davis, don't you think its great that all of us are going to Ken's party?"

Davis said, "Sure I think that it'll be a blast, I might even kiss Kari under the mistletoe."

Veemon then said, "Uh Davis what exactly is a mistletoe?"

Davis explained as best as he could about the mistletoe.  Veemon only learned that it looked like two leaves with little berries hanging over a doorway and when two people stand under it they have to kiss.

Veemon was confused at first but asked, "Why do people have to kiss under a mistletoe?"

Davis said, "It's kinda tradition, people have been doing that for years.  Well Veemon lets go, we don't wanna be late."  "Ok Davis."  Veemon couldn't wait to get there.


All the kids showed up at Ken's place.  TK knocked on the door and they all waited for someone to answer.  As they were all waiting, Veemon noticed that Gatomon was standing right in front of him.  He loved her so much.  Gatomon's tail was swinging back and forth and when it waved a few times in front of Veemon he could not help but smell a lovely perfume coming from her.  To Veemon it was heavenly, but as he inhaled the scent he started to get aroused.  He looked down and saw that his digi member was poking out a little.  He became worried and thought to himself on what would happen if Gatomon turned around and saw his little erection pointing towards her.  He put his hands over his digihood so that no one would see him.  Ken's front door opened and Ken bowed to everybody there.


"Hello everyone it is an honor to have you at my party."  They were all suprised on how friendly Ken had become, so they bowed back.  Veemon bowed as best as he could but his face caught a glimpse of Gatomon's furry butthole.  He stared at it while he was bowing and got another sniff of Gatomon's purfume as her tail waved in front of him again.  His dick was growing bigger the more he smelt her.  He tried his best not think about her for now and it worked.  Ever slowly his dick went back into his pouch.


Ken then started to shake everybody's hand.  It was almost Veemon's turn to shake Ken's hand, so he looked down to check if his growing erection was still there.  Luckly it was gone and he was relieved from that.  So he walked up to Ken, shook his hand and walked in. 


His mom wasn't home from work yet so Ken thought that it would be fun to play a game of go fish with the others.  So all the kids went into his room and the digimon followed except for Veemon.  He couldn't find the mistletoe anywhere so he just sat on the couch in the front room.  Just then the door to Ken's room opened.  Veemon looked over to see Gatomon walk out and shut the door behind her.  Gatomon walked over to the couch and jumped up on it.  Veemon was some times a little nervous when Gatomon was near him especially when he smelt her perfume.  So he decided to strike up a conversation.


"Hi Gatomon, are you enjoying the party?"

Gatomon said, "Its ok but I don't really like playing go fish.  I'd rather be eating fish."  Veemon chucked under his breath.  Gatomon stretched out along the couch and waved her tail around a couple times.  Veemon smelt the air and caught Gatomon's scent again.  He tried his best not to get aroused again.  "Thats an interesting perfume you have Gatomon, may I ask what it is."  "Sure Kari picked it out for me.  I think the name is called Element, but the scent is Earth, why I don't know, but I like it."  Veemon said, "Me too....uhh....I...I mean...." he thought that he just killed it right there.  But Gatomon replied, "Why thank you Veemon thats the nicest thing anyone's said about me."  Veemon thought that was lucky and said, "Really!!! You think so."  She said, "I don't think so, I know so." as she said it in a sassy tone.  She then said, "Well since its Christmas  and you so love my purfume, maybe I should give you a present." 


Veemon looked at the sexy feline walking seductively towards him.  He was prepared for anything so he calmed down and turned his body to face her, but as he did so, Gatomon placed her arms around his neck and she kissed him.  But it wasn't just any kiss, it was more of a passionate kiss.  Veemon then felt Gatomon's sand-papery tounge enter his mouth and probe the inside of it.  Veemon was being turned on as the juices from Gatomon's mouth mixed with his.  They held each other for a solid 5 minutes.  As they embraced one another, Gatomon felt something brush against her furry belly.  They broke the kiss and Gatomon looked down to see Veemon's blue cock rubbing against her.  Veemon looked at her and followed her face down towards his now enlarged member sticking out.  He didn't know what to say at first, and he looked at her in embarassment.  Gatomon had a sly look on her face and said, "Oh Veemon, is this my present?  Mind if I try it out?"  Veemon was surprised at first but said, "G..Go right ahead."  And with those words, Gatomon grabbed his blue cock and then she sank her whole mouth onto his dick all the way to his balls and started to suck him off.  Veemon started to moan very softly and rose very little when Gatomon took his dick out of her mouth and would suck on his balls.  He sat back against the couch to get more comfortable and for Gatomon to have better access to his big dick.  Veemon looked at Gatomon and all he could see was her head bobbing up and down off of his throbbing member.  The more Gatomon sucked on him the more he felt relaxed.  He could feel Gatomon's tounge wrap around his cock and sometimes sink into his piss hole.  Gatomon would sometimes take his dick out of her mouth and run her tounge along his giant length.  She would also kiss the tip of his dick just for good measure.  Veemon started to squirm a little and Gatomon took this as a sign that he was almost there.  She didn't want to miss it, so she took his dick out of her mouth and started to stroke him hard.  With a few more strokes, Veemon shot his load all over Gatomon's face.  She wiped the cum from her face and savored every last drop.  Veemon wasn't through just yet, he pushed Gatomon onto her back and he started to lick at her furry clit.  Gatomon taken by suprised said, "Boy Veemon, two presents just for me, you are so thoughtful."  Veemon just ignored her and continued on with licking at Gatomon's cunt.  She loved the way his long tounge probed the inside of her, licking at her cunt walls.  Gatomon swinged her tail around and brushed it across Veemon's back which made him lick her faster.  Gatomon purred with delight from Veemon's frantic licking.  With a few more licks, Gatomon came all over Veemon's face.  As the taste of her cum and the scent of her purfume filled him, he grew another erection.  Gatomon saw this and got on her hands and knees and called Veemon over.  Not wasting any time, Veemon walked over and ramed his rod into her wet pussy.  She let out a half meow and half moan as Veemon's dick filled her.  Gatomon loved the way his huge cock filled her pussy and Veemon loved Gatomon's tight clit as he pumped her.  While he would fuck her, Veemon would wrap his arms around Gatomon and stroke her furry chest making her purr even more.  "Oh Veemon, yes...yes...fuck me harder."  As Veemon heard this, he started to pump Gatomon's willing cunt harder and faster.  Veemon was sweating like crazy as he rammed her.  "Veemon, I'm gonna....I'm gonna.....gonna.....CUM."  Gatomon covered Veemon's dick with her juices.  As Gatomon came so did Veemon afterwards.  Both of their juices mixed together as they layed there, looking tired.  Veemon looked up at the celing and noticed something hanging off it.  He looked at it and found out that it was the mistletoe.  He looked all over the place and wasn't able to find it, but there it was hanging right over the two of them.  Veemon thought about what Davis said and figured that fucking was a part that he left out.  So both Gatomon and Veemon got up, cleaned themselves off, and walked back to Ken's room.  But just before they walked in Veemon said, "Boy Gatomon, I can't wait to give you your present next year."  Gatomon just giggled a little and said, "Maybe sooner than you think."  So they kissed one last time and walked into Ken's room and saw the others still playing cards.



Well that was my first lemon.  Hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I wrote it.  Give me a holler and tell me what you think ok  later