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Not Going Extinct
Agumon & Mimi
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Title Explanation:
Agumon is a dinosaur and if he keeps having sex like that, dinosaurs won't 
go extinct.
-Sora Rocks
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by: VeemonXXX
title by: Sora Rocks

Mimi slowly opened her eyes, and she wondered where she was. She didn't 
remember anything that had happened recently, and she tried harder to 
remember. She began to concentrate on remembering what had happened when she 
felt a sharp pain in her head, followed by a dull ache. She rubbed her head 
as if it would help to get rid of her headache. She sat up and looked 
around. She couldn't see much; it was completly dark, but she knew that she 
was somewhere outside. She squinted her eyes and tried to make out what was 
around her. She saw that she was in a small clearing and that there was a 
thick forest around it.
She layed down and put her hands on her forehead. Again, she tried to think 
of what had happened, enduring her headache. She soon gave up when she found 
that she couldn't remember anything.
"I'll wait until morning and then look for the others." She told herself as 
she tried to get comfortable, realizing that she would have to sleep on the 
ground. She closed her eyes and felt her mind begin to disappear into the 
realm of sleep...

Suddenly she heard a branch snap. The sound dominated the night and woke 
her. Her eyes shot open and she sat up, waiting to see if she would hear 
more. A few seconds later she heard another loud sound come, only closer 
this time.
She knew that she had to do something, and she looked around. She saw a pile 
of wood near her and she grabbed a long peice, one that would allow her to 
strike any rouge Digimon from a good distance. She stood up and moved away 
from the center of the clearing.

She listened carefully as she heard the steps of the Digimon coming towards 
the clearing. Mimi saw the shape of a Digimon emerge from the forest. Being 
the middle of the night, she only saw its silhoute. It was short, and it had 
many sharp looking appendages protruding from its chest. She watched as it 
moved its head around, a head blocked by its sharp appendages. She raised 
the stick above her head and jumped forward, moving the stick in a motion 
that would hit the Digimon's head and knock it out. She watched as the 
Digimon quickly flipped around, grabbed the stick and wrenched it from her 
grip. She noticed that the sharp appendages had fallen to the ground and 
quickly observed that they were pieces of wood. She felt the Digimon push 
her onto her back and saw a claw quickly coming to scrape across her face. 
She hit the ground hard, and all of her weight landed on one of her legs 
which had twisted under her body.

"Ahhh..." Mimi screamed out in pain. She saw the claw that was coming 
towards her stop.
"Mimi?" she heard Agumon say.
"It's me..." she said through her pain.
"I'm sorry!" Agumon quickly responded when he heard Mimi's pain-filled 
voice. "You tried to attack me..."
Mimi just groaned in pain.
"I'll be right back." Agumon said as he walked towards the center of the 
clearing. She heard the sound of wood moving around, and then a small blast 
of fire. The small fire lit up the clearing.
"Can you walk?" Agumon asked Mimi.
"Maybe..." she groaned in pain. She grabbed Agumon's arm and used it to 
steady herself. Then she stood up. She took two steps and then nearly 
collapsed. Agumon caught her and helped her over to a log in front of the 
fire. She sat down and leaned her back against it.

Agumon looked at her. He saw that her leg had been hurt when he had pushed 
her onto her back, it had already been banged up when he had first found 
"It doesn't look that bad," Agumon said, "It just needs a little time."
"Feels pretty bad..." Mimi said through her pain.
"I'll see what I can do." Agumon told her. He moved her skirt away and began 
to slowly massage her leg, trying to relax it and releive some of her pain.
"That feels better..." Mimi sighed as Agumon continued to slowly massage her 

Agumon moved his gaze up her leg to see if any of it looked bruised, and he 
saw her panties. They were thin and he could see the outline of her...
Agumon snapped his mind away from those thoughts.
"She's your friend, and she's a human." He told himself.
But Agumon soon found himself looking back; and although he resisted it with 
all of his rational mind, he felt primal instincts boil up from a place 
within him he never knew existed. He moved his claws farther up her leg and 
began to feel her skin, not just massaging it anymore, feeling her in a way 
that he had never imagined feeling her.

Mimi felt something come over her, something that she could not readily 
comprehend. She had a sudden rush of emotions towards Agumon, and she began 
to feel the way that his claws moved on her leg differently. She wondered 
why she was feeling this way towards a Digimon... Her thoughts dissapeared 
as she felt one of Agumon's clawed fingers rub against the upper area of her 
inner thigh. She felt it move over to her pussy and begin to rub its 
entrance through the thin material of her panties. She wanted to tell him to 
stop, but she didn't want it to stop.

Agumon moved his other hand up to her leg, pulled her panties off and tossed 
them away. He slid his claws back up her legs and rubbed his fingers against 
her wet entrance. He moved them in circles around it and continued to rub 
her leg with his other hand. Agumon took one of his fingers and lightly 
pressed it against her wet entrance, and then he slowly slid it into her.

Mimi gasped in pleasure as she felt Agumon's finger enter her, and she 
started to moan as she felt his fingers slide in and out of her. Her 
pleasure increased as she felt another of Agumon's fingers enter her, and 
she moaned as both of his fingers moved slowly in and out of her.

Agumon continued to slide his fingers in and out of her pussy, and he moved 
his head down to it. He sniffed at her and; overcome by her smell, licked 
her juices away from around his fingers. He heard Mimi groan as she felt his 
reptilian tongue rubbing against her, and he decided on using his tongue a 
little more. He slid his fingers out of her wet pussy and moved his tongue 
around her pussy, licking up all of her juices. He slid his long tongue into 
Mimi slowly, and heard her sigh as he felt her body shudder.

Mimi grabbed Agumon's head and pressed it closer to her, forcing his long 
reptilian tongue deeper into her. She felt it exploring her insides, and 
touching everything that it could. She felt his rough tongue rub against her 
one final time, and she pulled his head closer. She moved his tongue as deep 
into her as it would go and she reached her orgasm. Her body shook as she 
cummed onto his long tongue, and she felt his tongue slowly leave her. 
Agumon licked his lips, tasting as much of Mimi's cum as he could. She 
looked at Agumon, and saw his hard cock. She spread her legs and smiled at 

Agumon wasted no time, and he quickly moved his cock in front of Mimi's 
pussy. He moved his head up to Mimi's, and they began to kiss. Agumon moved 
his cock into Mimi's pussy, and he slid his tongue into her mouth. Their 
tongues intertwined and he rubbed his rough tongue against her soft one.

Mimi; furiously kissing Agumon, moved her hands down to Agumon and pulled 
him forward and deeper into her. She felt Agumon move his hips and thrust 
his cock into her. She moved his hips and his cock moved into her pussy 
faster and deeper. She felt Agumon's hands move up to her tits and rub them. 
She let out a groan of ecstacy that was muffled by Agumon's tongue in her 
mouth as he continued to hump into her and feel up her tits.

Agumon pressed himself closer to Mimi and pumped his cock deeper into her 
pussy, feeling his cum welling up from deep within him. He pressed his 
tongue against Mimi's and his hands against her tits. His body began to 
shake as he felt hers tremble, and he pushed his cock deeper into her one 
last time, while she pulled him closer. His body spasmed as he released his 
cum deep into Mimi.

Mimi had her second orgasm when she felt Agumon's hot cum coat her, and she 
released hers onto his cock. He pulled his softening cock out of her and 
collapsed next to her.

The two lovers looked at eachother, exhausted.
"Leg feeling better?" Agumon asked Mimi.
"Definitly." Mimi replied.

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