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Gatomon & Biyomon

by: VeemonXXX

Gatomon was sitting on a log in their camp. She didn't know what to do. She 
was beginning to have these... feelings. Feelings that she had never had 
before. Actually she had had them before, but the other times she had had 
them they were towards guys... and this time they were towards Biyomon. She 
knew that Biyomon was a female Digimon; just like her, but she still had 
these feelings before.
She lifted her head and looked at Biyomon.
"She's so attractive..." Gatomon thought automatically. Frustrated; and not 
knowing what to do, she got up and left their camp. She needed some time 
alone to make sense of this.

Gatomon walked away from the camp. She walked over a rocky hill and stopped 
amid some foliage. She sat down; leaning her back against a tree, and closed 
her eyes.
She pictured Biyomon in her mind, and tried to create an explanation for the 
feelings that she was having. She found herself imagining Biyomon coming 
towards her and kissing her, and she felt her arousal growing.

She moved one of her paws slowly down her body, until it reached the place 
between her legs. Her pussy began to wetten as she continued to fantasize 
about Biyomon. She slowly moved her paw around her wet entrance, becoming 
more and more aroused. Her other paw began to rub her body, and it stopped 
on her chest. She moved it around one of her nipples, feeling it harden as 
she continued to move her other paw around her wet entrance. She imagined 
that Buyomon was rubbing against her breasts, and she moaned in the pleasure 
of her fantasy. She moved her paw away from her hardening nipple and to her 
other one, beginning to do the same thing; continuing to imagine Biyomon. 
She slowly poked around her wet pussy, and carefully began to insert one of 
her claws, imagining Biyomon doing it to her.
"Ahhh..." she groaned as she pushed it deeper, her other paw still playing 
over her nipple.
She moved it in and out a couple more times, and then took it completly out. 
She began to insert two, and at the same time move her head downwards and 
licked at one of her nipples, imagining Biyomon sucking on it while rubbing 
against her other. She slowly licked at her nipple; admiring its taste and 
the way her tongue felt against it, while moving her claws deeper. She moved 
them around in her, touching and stimulating all she possibly could. She 
bucked her hips and took them deeper yet.
"Ahhh..." she groaned again and began to slide them in and out, back and 
forth, moving her hips in motion with them. She moved her tongue over to her 
other nipple, and began to lick at it too. She moved her other paw to the 
nipple that she had just finished licking, and moved over it; feeling her 
paw slide over it smoothely due to its wetness.
She groaned again as she began to slide her claws in and out of pussy 
faster, her hips bucking with increased excitement as she felt her orgasm 
welling up from deep within her. She licked at herself faster as she slide 
her claws deep within her, and felt her body start to shake with pleasure. 
Her hips bucked one last time and she released her juices onto her paw in 
complete extasy, still imagining Biyomon. She slowly pulled out of herself 
and brought her paw up to her face. She licked her sweet juices off of it, 
as if they were Biyomon's, and; collapsing against the tree out of 
exhaustion, she fell asleep.

"Wake up! Wake up!" Gatomon heard these words cut through her dreams like a 
blade of light in a chasm of darkness. She felt something poking her.
"What?" Gatomon slowly said in a tired voice as she opened her eyes. She saw 
Biyomon standing next to her.
"They told me to go and look for you." Biyomon said "You've been gone for an 
Gatomon looked at Biyomon, and she knew what she wanted.
"So," Gatomon said "we have some time right alone right now?"
"Yep," Biyomon answered cheerfully, "they don't expect me to be back with 
you for an hour."
"You wanna have some fun?" Gatomon asked Biyomon.
"Sure." Biyomon responded, not knowing what Gatomon was talking about.

Gatomon stepped towards Biyomon and kissed her beak. Biyomon felt Gatomons 
paws moving around her body.

"What?! I'm not gay!" Biyomon thought.
"But this feels so good..."
"But I like guys!"
"But Gatomon does look really sexy..."
"I'm not gay."
"But you're enjoying this..."
They voices in Biyomon's head continued their debate, until she decided that 
she was enjoying this.

Biyomon pressed her body closer to Gatomon's, and she moved her wings around 
Gatomon. She began to return the kiss. Her wings moved around Gatomon; 
admiring her form, and she felt Gatomon's paws rub around her body too. She 
felt her pussy dampen as Gatomon's paw brushed against it.
Gatomon pulled herself away from Biyomon and layed down on the ground. 
Biyomon saw this and got on top of her in the 69 position. Biyomon felt 
Gatomon's tongue lick the wetness around her pussy away, and she felt it 
going in circles around it. Biyomon looked down at Gatomon's wet pussy, and 
she licked at it. Biyomon didn't waste any time and quickly penetrated it 
with her tongue. She felt Gatomon's body shudder under her, and seconds 
later she felt her's shudder as Gatomon penetrated with her tongue in 
response. Biyomon moved her tongue around inside of Gatomon, pressing it 
against everything that she could, tasting everything that she could. She 
felt Gatomon's own tongue exploring her, and again she moved her wings 
around Gatomon; feeling her form and loving the way Gatomon's fur felt 
against her feathers. She felt Gatomon's paws move around her again, and she 
pressed herself closer to Gatomon, their bodies rubbing together. She felt 
Gatomon's tongue quicken and press harder against her, and she did the same, 
moving her tongue around faster and pressing harder. She did the same to 
Gatomon and felt her paws hold her closer to her body. Biyomon felt 
Gatomon's hips move to take her tongue deeper into her and she stuck it 
deeper. She felt Gatomon move her pussy over Biyomon's tongue, sliding over 
it while she licked at it. She felt Gatomon's paws move to her and felt them 
pull her over Gatomon's tongue, then she felt Gatomon slide her away from 
her tongue, and she felt this repeated. Biyomon felt Gatomon's body tremble 
under her, and she felt her own body begin to shake. Biyomon moved her 
tongue in and out of Gatomon's pussy faster, and she felt Gatomon do the 
same to her. They both pushed their tongues deep into eachother for the last 
time, and then they both released their cum on eachother's tongues. Biyomon 
and Gatomon furriously licked up all of eachothers cum. Biyomon slowly got 
up off of Gatomon and layed down next to her.
"That was great." Biyomon said, looking into Gatomon's eyes.
"We should do this more often." Gatomon responded, and with that, the two 
Digimon wrapped their paws and wings around eachother. Looking into 
eachothers eyes, they began to kiss.

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