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Veemon & Gatomon

by: VeemonXXX

Veemon walked through the forest, unsure of where he was going. Davis and 
the others had just left, and he was wondering why he chose to stay. "Why 
did I want to stay?" he asked himself. He came up with no answers, but he 
knew that he had felt something... an urge to stay, almost like an instinct. 
When it came up he had no problems with obeying it, after all; his instincts 
had always been an asset to him in battle. But in battle, he understood them 
perfectly; a language learned by every digimon that ever became a successful 
fighter. Now, though, they seemed more like a hunger than a language.

That thought surprised him so much that it jolted him out of his trance, 
just in time to see Gatomon stepping out of the dense forest to his right.
"Gatomon!" he yelled in surprise, "What are you doing here?!"
"Why are you so surprised? Not happy to see me?" Gatomon said in a casual 
"No... it's not that... I'm just... uh... Shouldn't you have left with the 
others?" stuttered Veemon in an embarrassed voice.
"I just felt like staying, that's all. Why are you acting so weird Veemon?", 
said Gatomon.
Veemon sighed, saying "Sorry Gatomon, I was just doing a lot of thinking."

As Gatomon started to talk again, Veemon suddenly found that the same 
instinct was back, compelling him to look at Gatomon. He didn't see one of 
his closest friends this time, but he saw her body. He instinctively moved 
his eyes all around her body, admiring its shape, and his eyes began to 
concentrate on her breasts, they seemed to stand out against the rest of her 
body. He began to feel a way that he had never felt before. He imagined 
jumping towards her and...

"Veemon!" Gatomon yelled, bringing him back to reality.
"What?" Veemon stumbled.
"Are you even listening to me?" she said in an inquisitive voice.
"Of course" Veemon replied, knowing that he hadn't heard a word she said.
"Good. So anyways, I said..."

Veemon felt his attention goes back to her body, but this time he lowered 
his gaze. He began to look at the area between her legs. As he continued to 
gaze, he felt a lust come over him. He silently watched the way her legs 
moved around it, rubbing against it... He felt his cock grow larger as a 
gust of wind pressed her fur down around herr pussy, showing him its 
luscious outline. He wanted her, he wanted to do things to her that he had 
never done before... Suddenly he stepped towards Gatomon and placed his lips 
on hers, while moving his hands to her breasts.

Gatomon's eyes grew wide as Veemon began to kiss her.
"What is he doing?!" she screamed to herself as she tried to push him away 
from her.
She felt scared as Veemon moved closer to her. He was pressing his body 
against hers, and she felt an urge to get away from him. She raised her 
claws and angled them towards his eyes.
"I don't know what he's tring to do," she thought to herself "but I hope he 
can learn to do it without his eyes..."
Veemon raised his hands and began to feel her breasts, moving his hands 
around them lightly. Suddenly, Gatomon felt a wave of pleasure wash over 
her, and she felt her body loosen. She took her hands away from his face and 
used them to pull him closer to her. She began to kiss him back.

Veemon moved his fingers around her nipples, lightly massaging them with the 
tips of his fingers, as the urges that he recognized as his instincts took 
over completely. He slowly moved his tongue down her body, licking at her 
fur and savouring the its delicious taste. He reached her breasts and began 
to lick her right nipple while using his fingers to rub the other, moving 
them around and stimulating every bit of the skin of her breast.

Gatomon moved her hands down his body, admiring his manly features, until 
she reached his hard cock. She lightly brushed it with her hand, and she 
heard Veemon sigh. She began to move her fingers around his cock while she 
moved her other hand around his body, enjoying every inch of him.

Veemon moved his other hand to her pussy, and began to rub around her 
entrance with the ends of his fingers. He moved the tips of his fingers 
around it, lubricating the area around her pussy with her juices, and slowly 
increasing the amount of contact with her pussy. Throughout all of this he 
continued to suck away on her right breast.

Gatomon groaned as he moved his fingers around her wet pussy, and began to 
move her hand up and down Veemon's cock, jerking him off. She loved how it 
felt warm and smooth in her hand, and she began to put different amounts of 
pressure on it, and move her hand in different strokes. She began to stroke 
him faster, appreciating the way her fur felt on it.

Veemon began to thrust his hips with Gatomon's hand, wondering how someone 
so inexperienced could feel like they had done it a thousand times. Suddenly 
Veemon thrust two of his fingers into her pussy, starting slow and beginning 
to move around faster. And as he rubbed the tips against the sides of her 
passage, her hips began to move too, taking his fingers deeper into her.

Veemon realized that now was the chance he had been waiting for, and he had 
more than just this in mind. He moved her to the ground, taking his mouth 
off of her breast, and slowly removing his fingers from deep within her 
pussy. Gatomon noticed this, and took her hand off of Veemon's cock, slowly 
stoping her strokes.
"Spread 'em" Veemon ordered her.
Gatomon did as she was told, smiling. Veemon licked his lips and thrust his 
cock deep into her, moving it in and out faster and faster.
"Oh Veemon!" Gatomon panted as he continued to move his cock in and out of 
"I (pant) I (pant) I'M (pant) C (pant) CU (pant) CUM (pant) CUMMING!" 
Gatomon yelled. Veemon moved his hands to her breasts again as she said 
this, and began to rub them with the tips fo his fingers, while attempting 
to push his cock deeper into Gatomon.
"OH (pant) VEE (pant) VEE (pant) VEEMON!!" she yelled as her body trembled 
and she released her juices onto Veemon's cock.
This set Veemon off, and he thrust his cock as deep as it would go into 
Gatomon's pussy and yelled "I'M CUMMING!!!!". Veemon released his hot cum 
deep into her before he had finished yelling. As Gatomon felt his hot cum 
inside her, her body spasmed, reaching a second orgasm.

As they settled down, Gatomon said "You were great Veemon",
and Veemon replied, "You too..."

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