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Everybody Likes to Have Fun
Gatomon & Matt & Tai

by: VeemonXXX

Gatomon was sitting with her back against a tree, playing with her tail. She was bored, she'd been alone all day, and there really wasn't anything to do. She leaned back, closed her eyes, and decided that she might as well pass the time until somebody returned…

She woke up later, wondering if any of them were back yet. She sat up and opened her eyes.
"When did the others say they were going to be here?" Tai asked.
"I thought that they said a few hours…" Matt responded.
"Well then what are we doing here this early?" Tai interrupted.
"Because you told me that they said they'd be here now!" Matt yelled.
"I told you that that's what I thought they said." Tai told him.
"No you didn't! You told me that they said they'd be here by now!" Matt said, obviously angry that Tai had wasted his time.
"Whatever…" Tai sighed, rolling his eyes.
Matt glared angrily Tai for a few more seconds, then looked away and sighed.

Gatomon watched them argue, and she couldn't help but wonder about them. They were older now and… She wondered how they would react, but decided that she would go for it.
"Hey guys!" She said as she walked over to them.
"Hi Gatomon." Tai said. "I didn't think that anyone else was here."
"I didn't think anyone else was here either." Gatomon responded.
Tai looked at Matt. "I guess I'm not the only one that thought everyone else was going to be here now." He spoke in a confident tone.
"What are you talking about? They told me that they'd be here a couple of hours from now." Gatomon responded.
"Uhh… Nevermind…" Tai said, embarrased, as Matt laughed at him.
"So guys, got anything planned?" Gatomon asked carefully.
"For right now? No…" Matt answered.
"Wanna have some fun then?" Gatomon asked, looking at both of them.
"What do you mean 'fun', Gatomon?" Tai asked her at the same time as Matt said,
"I think that you both know what I'm talking about…" Gatomon said in a seductive voice as she moved closer to them.
She put her right paw on the inside of Matt's leg, and did the same to Tai with her left paw. She ran them up their legs on the outside of their clothes, slowly.
"Hey! What are you doing, Gatomon?!" Tai yelled as he jumped away from Gatomon.
"Yeah, what was that?" Matt said as he quickly pulled himself away.
"I said fun…" She said with a smirk.
"Yeah… But…" Tai stuttered.
"You're a Digimon…" Matt said, completing Tai's sentence.
"So? Does it really matter? I'm female and you're both males." She spoke as if she were stating a fact, "And besides, you both know that you want to, and that you'd like it."
They both looked at each other, then they looked back towards Gatomon.
"Uhh…" They started, obviously unsure.
"Why don't you just let me lead." She said with a smile.
Tai and Matt both had uncertain looks on their faces, but they didn't resist when Gatomon moved closer to them. Again, she ran her paws up their legs. When she reached their upper thighs she moved her paw to between their legs. She moved it up slightly higher until her paws touched their balls. She rubbed her paws against them through their clothing. Then she moved them up and rubbed their hardening cocks.
Tai gasped and Matt sighed as both of their cocks grew to their full sizes while Gatomon continued to rub her paws against them. She slid her paws around their lengths, and then slowly took her paws away. She looked up at Tai and motioned for him to sit down. He sat down on the ground and Gatomon quickly took of his shorts, then his boxers. She grabbed his cock in her paw and stroked it a little. She looked over her shoulder to Matt and lifted her tail seductively. Then she looked back to Tai's cock, and, fondling his balls, she licked it. She started to lick it in different ways, sometimes lightly with the end of her tongue, sometimes slowly or quickly… Then she felt Matt's tongue lick at her entrance, felt it rub around it in circles, felt it prod and then enter her. She sighed and wrapped her mouth around Tai's entire cock as she felt Matt's tongue slide efortlessly in and out of her wet pussy. She moved her tongue up and down Tai's length as she felt Matt's tongue move deeper into her, withdraw a little and then move deeper yet. She sucked on Tai's cock harder as she moved herself to meet Matt's tongue, bringing it deeper into her and getting more pleasure every time. She worked on Tai's cock faster as she felt Matt go at her faster, she put more pressure on it with her lips and went all around it with her tongue, moving it around the tip, licking its length… She felt Tai begin to tremble, and heard him groan. She continued to suck on his cock, speeding up to a furious pace as she felt Matt do the same to her. She felt Tai shake and his balls contract as she tasted his hot cum splash into her mouth, while feeling him rub his hand through the fur on her head. She let out a muffled groan as Matt pushed deeper than before and she cummed onto his tongue, feeling his tongue slow down and retract itself almost fully, sliding back in a little and then leave completely. She removed her mouth from Tai's cock and, seeing that some of his cum had leaked from her mouth, licked it off.
She turned around to see Matt licking his lips.
"Looks like it's your turn…" Gatomon said in a seductive tone as she approached him. She quickly slid his pants down and gave his cock a long lick, pressing the surface of her tongue as close to it as she could. Then, looking up at him, she climbed up and posed her damp pussy over his stiff cock. She gasped as she slowly lowered herself onto him, feeling his entire length fill her. She wrapped her arms around him as he humped into her, her tight pussy gripping his cock as he pumped in and out of her. Gatomon matched his motion, and the two continued, their pleasure mounting, until Gatomon panted
"Harder… oh god, harder… don't stop…" her muscles contracting on Matt's cock and her warm cum splashing down on it. Matt grunted as his body shook, and he cummed deep inside of her.

He collapsed on his back along with Gatomon, his softening cock still inside of her.
"Wasn't that fun?" Gatomon said, looking into his eyes.
Matt nodded, too exhausted to speak.

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