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Veemon & Agumon & Palmon

by: VeemonXXX
Palmon looked around her and wandered where to go. She saw a small beach to 
her right and a large forest around her. The forest was dark and looked 
sinister in the fading light.
"I'm so bored..." she said aloud, although she was the only one there.
She looked back toward the forest and decided that she was feeling 
adventurous. She set off towards the forest path and wished that something 
would happen that would cure her boredom. Her wish was to be fulfilled...

Veemon peered at her from the bushes on the beach. When he saw her begin to 
walk towards the forest he got an evil look in his eye and began to laugh 
quietly into his hand. It was a laugh of satisfaction. When he was done he 
looked up and walked down the beach; adjacent to the forest, grinning evily.

Agumon sat on a large rock which jutted out from the cliffside, looking out 
over a large lake. It glinted in the small amount of moonlight that found 
its way through the mist which floated on it. Agumon sighed. He would have 
enjoyed its mystic beauty, but today was a different day. He had finally 
approached Palmon and asked her out, only to hear her say
"Uhh... I don't think so Agumon..." and watch her wander off.
"She didn't even want to be near me." he said in a depressed voice.
Later he had confronted his best friend, Veemon about the incident and had 
been surprised at his response.
"You should had told me you were going to do this!" he heard Veemon say, 
reliving the conversation.
"Why? You knew she was going to do that, right?" he had replied 
"Yes!!" Veemon had replied, completly sincere.
"What?!" he had yelled in surprise.
"She did the same to me. And all the other Digimon that have ever asked 
her." Veemon had leaned close to him. "And word has it that she's not even 
interested in Digimon."
"Well then who is she even interested in then?" he had asked her, genuinely 
"The slut likes Humans!" Veemon had yelled, his voice holding a twinge of 
disguist. "And they say she's already done it with Izzy..."
"WHAT?!" he had yelled again "Is that even possible?!"
"Oh yeah, Digimon and humans actually have a lot in common..." Veemon had 
quickly realized that that route led to a dead end, "but that doesn't 
matter, what matters is that you're better off not being with a bitch like 
Agumon sighed.
"You wanna get back at her, right?" Veemon had asked him.
He was silent.
"Of course you do!" Veemon told him "And I know what she really won't 
like... but we'll like it."
He had looked at Veemon and in rage, resentment, and trust for his friend, 
he had agreed.
"Good..." Veemon leaned closer to him and whispered his plan. "... and if 
you wait by the cave I can follow her."
Agumon turned his head and looked into the darkness of the cave. He sighed 
as he slid off of his rock and walked into the cave.

Palmon stopped in the middle of the forest and sat down on the soft, wet 
grass. Her mind began to think about what had happened earlier. She felt 
really embarrassed about it. She didn't want to scare him away... she just 
needed to think about it.
"Now he thinks I don't like him..." she sobbed "...but I do like him..."
She wondered why she had rejected him like that.
"I just didn't know what to say..." she continued to sob.
Then she stopped talking and wondered why she was explaining herself out 

Veemon stopped walking and decided that he would enter the forest here. He 
stealthily climbed a few rocks and stepped into the forest. He swiftly and 
quietly stepped through the tangled forest until he saw Palmon sitting in a 
clearing. He looked around him and slid behind a bush.
He heard her say that she liked Agumon.
"What?!" he thought "how can she like him?! SHE'S SUPPOSED TO LIKE ME!!" he 
yelled in his mind, his eyes showing his rage.
He realized that the only way his plan was going to work was if he calmed 
down and revised it.
"Agumon can't find this out," he thought to himself "and after this she 
won't like him..."
He watched as Palmon got up and continued down the path towards the lake.
As soon as she was out of sight he continued along through the forest beside 
the path.

Palmon snapped her head around as she heard the sound of a twig snap near 
her, in the forest.
She saw nothing. She laughed at herself for being so scared and turned her 
head back to the path. She continued to walk until she heard somebody behind 
her. She whirled around and saw Veemon standing a couple of feet from her.
"Oh good, it's just you Veemon. I was wor..." she stopped talking when she 
saw the look in his eyes. They were not inviting, they scared her.
"I was looking for you." Veemon said in a toneless voice that had a sinister 
"Stop it Veemon, you're scaring me." Palmon said.
Veemon's eyes changed to their usual selves and he said "I got you! Good 
joke right?" in his normal voice.
"Yeah, you scared me." Palmon said in a voice that showed she was releived.
"I got a surprise for you," Veemon said casualy "close your eyes and turn 
"Sure!" she said as she turned around. She felt something within her scream 
for her to stop, but she ignored. "I've known this guy for awhile and I can 
trust him..." she thought. At least she hoped she could trust him...

Veemon watched as Palmon turned around and a satisfied, sinister grin 
appeared on his face as the evil look reappeared in his eyes. He reached 
down and pulled a reed for the forest.
"One second, I just have to get something ready." Veemon said in his normal 
voice. He stretched the reed in his hands and it broke. He tossed it down 
"Okay Veemon." Palmon said.
Veemon reached for another reed and stretched it. It held. His sinister grin 
grew wider and he
said "Get ready" in his sinister voice.
"Umm... stop it Vee..." her voice was cut off as he lifted the reed to the 
front of her face and jerked it back over her mouth. He brought the two ends 
together behind her head and tied them.
"It's time to sleep..." he said as he blocked her nose with his hand and 
blocked her body from recieving the oxygen it needed. He laughed a long, 
sinister laugh as he watched her go unconcious, a laugh that pierced the 
darkness of the night with something darker.

Agumon emerged from the cave as he heard Veemon's laugh stop. He walked down 
to the shore to the path.
"You're finally here Agumon," Veemon said in a casual voice "I can't carry 
her the whole way by myself and she'll only be unconsious for so long."
"Yeah..." Agumon replied as he helped carry Palmon down the misty beach.
They silently carried Palmon into the cave's entrance.
"You take her now. I carried her through the forest." Veemon said as he 
reached to the wall and grabbed a torch.
"I know." Agumon replied as he picked her up.
They walked through the dark cave; their path illuminated by Veemon's torch, 
winding labyrinths with small side channels and large caverns. They walked; 
coming across the occasional still pool and rushing stream, until they 
reached a small, circular cavern with three torches stuck into its walls.

"We're here." Veemon said as he stuck his torch into the wall.
"Should I wake her up now?" Agumon asked.
"Yeah." Veemon replied.
Agumon left the room and came back with his hands cupped and full of water. 
He dumped all of the water on Palmon's face.

Palmon felt something cold and wet on her face and her eyes slowly opened. 
She looked around, wondering where she was. She saw a dark, rocky cavern, 
illuminated by several torches.
"How did I get he..." her thoughts stopped as she found Veemon's eyes, and 
she remembered everything that had just happened.
She tried to scream but she found that the reed was still over her mouth, 
and after several tries to bite, push, and chew it off, she gave up.
"Done now?" Veemon said to her.
She nodded grudgingly.
"Good. I'll make this short. You are deep within a cave and the only way 
that you will ever find your way out is if you do what we want you to do." 
Veemon said carefully. "Now I am going to take that reed away, and if you 
want to leave this cave you will not make any noise that I... we, I mean, 
don't like." Veemon ripped the reed with his claw and tossed it aside.
"What do you want me to do?" Palmon said in a flat voice holding a hint of 
"We." Veemon corrected.
"What do you mean 'we'... there's nobody else here." Palmon said in a 
surprised voice.
Veemon motioned behind her. Palmon turned around and saw Agumon.
Palmon realized what he must have thought, and how he must have been 
manipulated by the Veemon that was holding her here.
"Wait Agumon, this is all a mis..."
"SILENCE!" Veemon yelled "if you want to get out of here you will shutup and 
only speak when asked to."
Palmon turned around and looked into Veemon's eyes. They scared her.
"Now you know what we want." Veemon said, looking into her eyes.
"No, I don't know." Palmon said.

Agumon watched these developements carefully.
"She'll try to get out of it by lying..." he remembered Veemon saying to 
him, "but when she does, ask yourself this. 'Why didn't she tell you it 
before?' Because she's only lying to get out of the situation. Okay?"
He found himself getting more frustrated at Palmon as he remembered this, 
until he had no feelings left for Palmon. He smiled and began to get 
excited, waiting for the right time.

Veemon put out his hands, grabbed Palmon and brought her close to him.
"This is what we want." Veemon whispered into her ear as he put one of his 
fingers up her pussy.
"No... stop..." Palmon gasped.
Veemon took his finger out of her and said "Now suck my cock."
"But... please don't... no..."
"DO IT!" Veemon yelled. He motioned with his hand.
Palmon got down on her hands and knees in front of Veemon.
"Anything I don't like," Veemon told her "and you're never going to find the 
way out of this cave."
Wordlessly he stepped forward and shoved his cock into Palmon's mouth.
"Oh yeah..." he gasped as Palmon began to suck on it, first applying her 
lips to it and then licking at it with her tongue.
"Ahh..." Veemon sighed as he felt Palmon move her tongue around his cock. He 
felt the wet sensation of her lips moving up and down it too.

Palmon didn't know what to think. She was scared of him, but she was 
beginning to enjoy his cock in her mouth. She loved the way it tasted when 
she had her tongue pressed against it. She moved her tongue to its head and 
licked slowly at it. She heard Veemon sigh as she moved her tongue in 
circles around his cock's head, her pussy becoming wet.

Veemon felt a warm, electrifying sensation on his cock as he felt Palmon 
move her tongue around his cock. He groaned, grabbed Palmon's head with his 
hands and pulled her head closer to him as he felt Palmon's mouth slide up 
and down his cock.

Palmon continued to suck on Veemon and to rub her tongue against his cock. 
She moved one of her hands up his leg to his balls and fondled them. She 
felt Veemon hold her closer to him and move his cock deeper into her mouth 
as she sucked and licked at it, enjoying its taste.

Veemon trembled as he began to climax, and as Palmon noticed this, he felt 
her intensity increase. He felt her tongue speed up and began to feel her 
lips alter their pressures at an increasing rate, and her warm hand holding 
his balls. His body spasmed as he shot his warm cum into her mouth. Palmon 
swallowed his warm juice, none escaping from her mouth. She felt Veemon 
slide his cock out of her mouth. She watched as Veemon left the circular 
room. Seconds later she heard some splashing outside of the entrance to the 

Palmon had decided that she was going to get up and make Veemon let here go 
while he was exhausted, when she felt something warm and hard begin to slide 
toward her wet pussy. She remembered that Agumon was still there, she had 
completely forgotten him in her moment of passion with Veemon.

Agumon grunted as he pushed his cock into Palmon's wet pussy, slowly moving 
it deeper.
Palmon felt Agumon in her and she scrambled to get away, attempting to 
distance herself from Agumon by pulling herself away from him. She felt 
Agumon pull her closer and his cock move deeper yet and she realized that 
she was only increasing his excitement.

A myriad of thoughts flew through her head in a few short seconds, and she 
came to the conclusion that she shouldn't like Agumon for this... but she 
was liking him, in fact she was really enjoying this experience.

Palmon moved her hips with Agumon's, feeling his hard cock deep within her, 
moving and rubbing... Palmon groaned as she felt its warmth slide through 
her and her body twitch in ecstacy.

Agumon rubbed his hands over the parts of her body that were accesible to 
him while he pushed his cock through her. He had felt Palmon give in and he 
was glad. He felt his pleasure mount as she increased the rates at which she 
slid her wet pussy over his cock, first feeling it fast and then slow, short 
and then long.

Palmon uttered a passionate cry as she orgasmed, and she released her juices 
onto Agumon's warm cock. She felt his cock go deeper into her and felt his 
hot cum shoot into her, covering her insides and making her body twitch 

Agumon slowly pulled his softening cock from inside Palmon, feeling his rage 
for her dwindle and disappear like a suffocating fire. He watched wordlessly 
as Palmon stood up and looked at him. He saw no trust or friendliness in her 
"And why would I expect her to after this?" Agumon thought to himself.
"Agumon" Palmon said in a cold voice, "why would you do this to me?"
"I...I don't know Palmon..." Agumon said "I...I didn't want to hurt you... 
Veemon said... well... I guess he tricked me..."
"That's your excuse?!" Palmon started in an angry voice, and then stopped 
when she realized that Veemon had tricked her, too. "I guess he tricked me 
too..." Palmon said in a timid voice.
Agumon looked into her eyes and decided what he was going to do. "Palmon, 
I'm so sorry; I'll explain it all to you later, but we have to sneak out of 
"I understand..." she said as she watched Agumon pull a torch from the wall.
"This way, Veemon went the other way." Agumon said to Palmon, and they began 
to walk.

Veemon walked back into the circular cavern.
"Agumon, it's time to..." he called, and then stopped when he saw that 
no-one was in the.
"I'm really sorry..." he heard echo through the caves "I understand..."
He stopped, and looked around, and saw that one of the torches had been 
pulled from the wall.
He felt his rage mounting, until his breathing was so strained that it 
echoed in the cavern and his eyes looked ready to explode.
"FUCK!!!" he shouted at the top of his lungs, feeling the cave shake as its 
echoes reverberated from its walls.
Agumon emerged from the cave, closely followed by Palmon.

They had kept to themselves the entire time, wondering and trying to plan 
what they were going to say to eachother when they left the cave. Agumon 
really didn't know what he was going to say to Palmon, but he knew that he 
would find the words he needed.

"I think it's time that I tell you what happened." Agumon said to Palmon in 
a matter-of-fact voice, but she could detect a hint of caring in his voice 
"After you turned me down..."
"I'm sorry," Palmon interrupted "I really wanted to, I just didn't know what 
to say. I mean, we've been friends for such a long time and I needed to 
think about it. I didn't want to ruin what we already had."
"I understand that now, but I was frustrated then. So I went to see Veemon, 
because he is... used to be one of my best friends. I told him about it and 
he said that he knew you were going to say that. He said that he..."
"Asked me out?" Palmon completed.
Agumon nodded.
"He did. But I saw something in him, I had a deep instinct that said not to. 
I guess I saw the real him." Palmon said in the same voice she would use to 
state a simple fact.
"He also said that you've turned down every Digimon that's ever asked you." 
Agumon said, asking for another explanation.
"That's true." Palmon said, sounding slightly embarrassed "But then there 
were only two other Digimon that asked me; and even if I said yes, we would 
never get to see eachother anyway. They lived in isolated places."
"Then he insulted you..." Agumon looked down at the ground, away from her 
face "He said that you liked humans... he even said that you and Izzy had... 
you know..."
"What?!" Palmon said "That's a lie!"
"I know." Agumon said "But at the time it gave me more reasons to hate you. 
That's when I agreed that I wanted to get get back at you. He told me that 
if I waited near a cave and he followed you, we could trap you into the cave 
and force you into screwing around with us. He called it something that we 
would like but you wouldn't. He said more stuff, but I think that we're 
losing time. We've been here for a few minutes and we heard something when 
we were leaving the cave. Veemon's going to be looking for us. Normally, I 
would say that we could easily take him, but it looks like he's tapped into 
some dark source of power. We have to hide somewhere until morning."
"I think I know a place." Palmon said "Over there; on that shore of the 
lake," she pointed "there's a beach with a grove of trees in the middle of 
it. We'll be able to see him long before he gets near us, and we'll be 
"Good idea." Agumon responded.

They both walked quickly towards their destination, glancing over their 
shoulders to make sure that they were not being followed.

Palmon began to think about what Agumon had told her. She had doubted how he 
could have been tricked into doing something like that, but know she 
understood. She had been surprised at how experienced and convincing Veemon 
had sounded. She had realized how anyone in Agumon's position could have 
been tricked by those words, and she forgave him. She felt a voice deep 
inside her say that they would have to be at peace with eachother to get 
through this, and wondered if even that would be enough...

Agumon looked at Palmon, and wondered what she was thinking. He wished that 
he could change the past and what had just happened... But he decided to 
sweep that out of his concious mind. He thought that nothing good could come 
out of thinking about that. He hoped that he could convince Palmon of his 
good intentions, and that she would understand.

Agumon pushed aside the bushes and steeped into a very small area surrounded 
by foliage on all sides. Palmon emerged behind him. Agumon silently gathered 
some branches into a pile in the center of the clearing. He applied his 
torch to them and put the torch to the side. He sat down back from the fire, 
in a position where he could clearly see the beach. No-one was there. He 
sighed as Palmon sat down close to him.
"Palmon, we have to..." Agumon started.
"We'll think about that later... lets just relax now." she said as she moved 
closer to Agumon and put her head on his shoulder.
"Alright." Agumon sighed as he relaxed.

He felt Palmon's hand move up his leg and he looked at her, surprised.
"Palmon, I thought that you didn't like..." he began to say.
"I do Agumon... I like you, and I understand." Palmon said, looking into his 
Agumon felt her lift his erection out of its sac. He felt her warm hands 
touching it, and he felt them begin to stroke it. He felt her hands lift off 
of it. Agumon looked down, wondering why she had stopped. He was just in 
time to see her move her face down to his crotch. He saw her stick out her 
tongue and felt a warm, wet, electrifying sensation as she licked his cock. 
He threw his head back and closed his eyes, moaning in pleasure. He felt the 
familiar sensation as she put his cock in her mouth. He felt her tongue 
playing over it, and he felt her lips moving over it; pressing down and 
moving around...
"Ahhh..." he gasped in pleasure as he felt her move her tongue around its 
tip in circles. He felt her tongue playing all over her cock, and he felt 
her lips sliding up and down it. He cried out in pleasure again when he felt 
on of her hands fondle his balls. As his pleasure mounted, he put his clawed 
hands on Palmon's head and began to move his hips, thrusting his cock into 
her warm mouth. Agumon started to pant, sweat forming, as he began to reach 
his orgasm. He pulled her head closer to him and released his warm cum, his 
body spasming in ecstacy. He felt Palmon swallow it, and his body tingled as 
he felt her suck the last of it off of his cock.
He leaned back; exhausted, as Palmon took her mouth off of his softening 
"Your turn." Agumon said to her as he began to regain his composure.

Palmon sat back and spread her legs. Agumon wasted no time and immediatly 
stuck his head down between her legs. He began to lick up the wetness around 
her pussy, moving his tongue in circles around it. He slowly began to move 
his tongue towards her entrance, pushing against it lightly with the tip of 
his tongue. He pushed his tongue into her pussy, and he felt her tremble 
lightly. He began to lick lightly at her, and to feel everything with his 
tongue. He loved the way it tasted. He began to regain his erection, and he 
felt Palmon's hand move down to it. She began to stroke it and started to 
jerk him off. He moved his tongue deeper and moved it around faster, and he 
soon found himself thrusting his cock into Palmon's hand. He slid his tongue 
around inside of her quickly, feeling his arousal mounting as he continued 
to thrust his cock into Palmon's hand. He continued to push his tongue deep 
into her and he soon felt her body begin to shiver, and then tremble. He 
moved his face closer to her and slid his tongue deeper into her quivering 
pussy. He felt her body jerk and felt her delicious juices land on his 
tongue. This was too much for him, and he cummed into Palmon's hand. He 
lapped up all of Palmon's juices and then pulled hid tongue out of her, and 
his face away from her.

Agumon collapsed next to Palmon, and the two fell asleep out of exhaustion.

Agumon opened his eyes. He was staring at a dark, navy blue sky, completly 
covered by clouds. He sat up and looked around. Palmon was not there, he was 
in the clearing by himself. He looked around and didn't see any trees. He 
had thought there were trees in the clearing... Suddenly he realized that he 
was not in the clearing. Surprised, he stood up and looked around. He was 
standing on solid, smooth gray rock. It seemed to be elevated. He walked 
over to one side of the small rocky platform that he was standing on and 
looked down. Twenty metres below him he saw the lake, complete with jagged 
rocks and mist. The rock on the drop was a solid, pearly white. He saw that 
he was standing on an elevated platform of rock on the far side of the lake. 
Half of it was a twenty metre straight drop to the lake, and the other half 
was a cliff; completly flat and going as straight and far up as the drop. 
The cliff was a pure black. He turned around and looked into Veemon's eyes. 
Startled, he stepped back and over the edge of the cliff. Veemon put out his 
hand and grabbed Agumon's arm; holding him over the drop, not dropping him 
or pulling him up. He found himself looking into Veemon's eyes again. He 
felt Veemon's grip on him loosen, and he realized that he was attempting to 
shake free of Veemon's clamp on him. He felt Veemon put his other hand on 
his arm, and he realized that Veemon was attempting to pull him up. He found 
himself struggling against Veemon, who continued to try to pull him up. He 
pulled away from Veemon one last time and found himself falling. He looked 
back up at Veemon and saw a concerned look on his face. He watched as an 
expression of horror appeared on Veemon's face and watched as Veemon closed 
his eyes and turned his head away. Agumon felt a solid, spike of a rock 
press against his back. He screamed out in pain as he felt the rock go 
through his back, and then through his chest. He felt a searing pain go 
through him as his vision flashed black. His head rolled back and his vision 
went black. The last thing he saw was the rock upon which he was impaled. It 
was green.

Agumon awoke in a cold sweat and quickly sat up. He looked around and saw 
that he was still in the clearing, with Palmon sleeping beside him. He 
quickly leaned over her and woke her up.
"We need to..."

Veemon sat up when he heard Agumon begin to talk. He looked toward where 
Agumon and Palmon had spent the night. He saw them talking, still in the 
same area. He smiled at how easy it had been to enter their camp. He knew 
that getting rid of him would be easy. He had entered their camp an hour 
after they had fallen asleep; planning on getting rid of Agumon... he had 
other plans for Palmon. He had planned on quickly snapping Agumon's neck, 
and ending it quickly. But; at the last second, he had decided that he would 
do it another way, a way that would hurt Palmon, too. Veemon got up and 
walked through the forest. He emerged on the beach that Agumon and Palmon 
were on, and he slowly began walking towards their location.

Agumon finished telling Palmon his plan. It wasn't really much of a plan, he 
had told her. He had decided that the only thing to do was to confront 
Veemon, and hope for the best. She had told him that she thought that his 
dream was directly influenced by Veemon, a last effort for him to get Agumon 
to think the way he wanted him to. They had both agreed that Veemon would 
find them, and they decided that they would be on the lookout for him.

Agumon turned his head; hearing steps, and he saw Veemon walking towards 
"Stay here." he said to Palmon, who had decided that she was going to let 
Agumon deal with it in his way. He stepped out towards Veemon and; seconds 
later, they met in the middle of the beach. They silently approached 
eachother and stopped two feet apart.

Palmon looked silently on the scene. She had no idea of what was going to 
happen, and doubted that Agumon did, either. She saw their eyes meet with an 
intense glare and she suddenly wondered if Agumon had made the right 
decision to confront Veemon.

Agumon locked eyes with Veemon and found himself scared and confused. He 
didn't know what was happening... Things looked normal, but he felt a 
presence within his own mind. He heard strange thoughts echo through his 
mind and had an urge to beleive Veemon.
"No!" he yelled in his mind, "I love her!"
He felt the flood of thoughts surge over his futile yell, and again he tried 
to push them back with his emotions and love for Palmon. They continued 
flowed over his thoughts and he began to hear them speaking all at once, a 
million evil voices in his head. He heard them getting loauder, and he began 
to think differently, more eratically. He felt the evil thoughts flow 
further into his mind, and he felt them reach another barrier. This barrier 
was his sanity. He lost all conscious thought as they efortlessly broke 
through it.

Palmon watched as Agumon's body began to sway, and she watched as he 
collapsed to the ground.
"NO!" she screamed, and she began to run towards him. Suddenly she stopped. 
She decided that that move would be a mistake. She could only hope for 
Veemon's mercy. She watched in horror as Veemon stepped forward and rolled 
Agumon onto his stomach. She felt her heart stop in her chest as he 
effortlessly reached down and cracked Agumon's neck. She saw him turn his 
head toward her and walk to her slowly, smiling. Broken, she sat down and 
cried, knowing that she could not escape him.

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