The True Feelings of BlackWarGreymon

By: Turbulence Shimsham

(Note: This is a lemon concerning Cody and BlackWarGreymon. It takes place after the episode “Cody Takes a Stand”. BlackWarGreymon gets feelings that he’s never had before when Cody’s around. So, without without further ado, the story….)


            BlackWarGreymon sat on a cliff overlooking the sun setting. Why do I feel this way? BlackWarGreymon thought. Why do I always feel my dick get hard whenever that boy shows up? He was, of course, talking about Cody, who had recently become a new digidestined. He wouldn’t let him destroy the Destiny Stone, but Angemon rescued him in the nick of time before BlackWarGreymon could destroy him along with the Destiny Stone. “I’ll send an email to him on his D-Terminal. I must rid myself of this foolish emotion they call love.”


            Meanwhile, in the real world, Cody was practicing his kendo when his D-Terminal beeped. “I wonder who it could be,” said Cody. He picked up his D-Terminal and opened it. The e-mail read: “Dear Cody, please come to the Digital World. Anonymous.” “I wonder if I should go or not?” Cody said. “Cody, why have you stopped practicing all of a sudden?” Cody’s grandfather asked, peeking in on him. Cody was startled. “I’m sorry, Grandfather. I…I had to take a break. I’ll keep practicing now,” Cody said quickly. “Cody, is there something you’re keeping from me?” his grandfather asked him. “No, Grandfather,” said Cody. “Well, alright. Why don’t you have lunch? You’ve been practicing a lot since you came back form the Digital World,” said Cody’s grandfather. “He has a point, Cody,” said Armadillomon, Cody’s digimon. “Oh, alright. I’ll stop for a while and have some lunch,” said Cody.


            Cody’s mom made him some soup. Cody started eating. He also gave some to Armadillomon to eat. When he was done, Cody went back to practice his kendo. Armadillomon followed.


            Back in the Digital World, BlackWarGreymon was getting flustered. “Why doesn’t he come? Is he afraid of me? I know that I’ve destroyed a lot of stuff back then, but…Oh, hell. I’ll send another e-mail to him.”


            Back in the real world (again), Cody got another email on his D-Terminal. “Cody, why don’t you come to the Digital World? Please come right away this time. Anonymous.” “I might as well go,” said Cody. He let Armadillomon sleep. He went to the school and into the computer room. Luckily, no one was at the school now, so Cody could go through without interference. “Digi-port open!” Cody shouted. He was sucked into the portal into the Digital World. When he got there, BlackWarGreymon was waiting for him. “Nice to meet you again, Cody,” BlackWarGreymon said. “BlackWarGreymon! What do you want me for? To lure out your ‘fighter’?” “No, I’m done fighting,” said BlackWarGreymon. “I’ll confess. Ever since the first time I saw you, I felt a weird kind of feeling that I never felt before. I believe they call it ‘love’, do they not?” he asked. “Yeah, I guess so. But why do you want to know?” Cody said. “Because…. I love you, Cody,” replied BlackWarGreymon. “What?” said Cody. “Yes. I…. want to have sex with you.” Cody didn’t want to argue for fear of getting killed by him, so he said, “If you must.” “I appreciate your willingness to let me have sex with you,” said BlackWarGreymon. “Just get it over with,” Cody said. “As you wish, Cody,” said BlackWarGreymon.


            BlackWarGreymon took his armor off, while at the same time, Cody took off his Digiworld clothes and shoes, leaving him naked. Since BlackWarGreymon was bigger and taller than he was, and his digihood was bigger, he had to lie down so that Cody could easily get onto him. “Suck my dick,” BlackWarGreymon ordered. Cody started to lick the head of BlackWarGreymon’s dick. Then he put it in his mouth and started to suck it. BlackWarGreymon groaned and started breathing heavily. “Suck all of it,” He said. He forced Cody to put it all in his mouth. Cody got tears in his eyes, because it hurt so much. Then BlackWarGreymon came into Cody’s mouth. Cody swallowed some of it, but most of it ended up on his body.


Then BlackWarGreymon said, “I want to fuck you.” Cody obediently turned around so BlackWarGreymon could fuck him. BlackWarGreymon put his dick in slowly, then started humping Cody. Cody already knew he had lost his virginity, but he continued to let BlackWarGreymon have his way. Then BlackWarGreymon came again into Cody’s young ass. Cody felt the warmth of BlackWarGreymon’s cum inside him, and wanted to cum himself, but held it in. Then BlackWargreymon withdrew from him. Cody got up and went to the nearby stream to wash off the cum and put his clothes back on. “Thank you for letting me have sex with you, Cody,” BlackWargreymon said as he put his armor back on. Cody said nothing, but found the TV and went to the real world. “I am sorry, Cody, but I had to do it,” BlackWarGreymon said as Cody disappeared through the portal. Cody never heard it.


            When Cody got back to the real world, he had no trouble getting back to his apartment. TK happened to see him. “Cody, what happened to you?” He asked. “Nothing,” said Cody. He walked past him. TK noticed that Cody walked kind of funny. Cody got back into his apartment. “Cody……you went to the Digital World again, didn’t you?” Cody’s grandfather said. “No, I didn’t,” Cody lied. “Are you sure?” said his grandfather. “Okay, so I did,” Cody admitted. “I thought so,” said his grandfather. “Well, I’m going to go practice my kendo now,” said Cody. “I’ll help you,’ said his grandfather. “Okay,” said Cody. They both got into their kendo uniforms and started practicing. But Cody never forgot what had happened to him in the Digital World.


The End