The Fire Burning Within

By: Turbulence Shimsham


(Note: I don’t own Digimon, so don’t sue me. This story has to do with Takuya and Koji from Digimon Frontier. Takuya gets upset at Koji because Koji doesn’t respect him for being the leader, and Takuya shows him what it’s like for him in a different way. Also, this takes place before Kouichi, Koji’s brother, joinsd the group. Anyway, here’s the story.)


Takuya and the others were walking around, trying to figure out how to get back to their world. As they were walking, Koji said,”You’ve gotten us lost again, haven’t you? So much for being the leader.” “Shut up already!” said Takuya. “I’m tired of hearing you talking crap about me.” “Oh, yeah? What are you going to do if I don’t stop, hmm?” said Koji. “I’ll do something I’d never thought I’d do until I was older….” “You wouldn’t dare!” said Koji. “Try me, Koji,” said Takuya. “Both of you, stop it now!” said Zoe, stepping in between them. “Fine,” they both said, turning their backs on each other. Takuya had a smirk on his face. Just wait, Koji,  thought Takuya. You’ll wish you’d never messed with me.


They finally came to a little village of Tokomon, who gladly welcomed them. “I’m going to go scouting up over that hill,” said Koji. “I’ll go with you,” said Takuya. “I never said anynoe could come with me,” Koji replied. “Well, I’m going anyway,” said Takuya. “Fine,” said Koji. “Just don’t get in my way.” Oh, I’ll get in your way, all right, thought Takuya.


Koji and Takuya went up to the top of the hill so they could see if any of the Evil warriors were going to try to attack. While Koji had his back to him, Takuya put his plan into action. “Hey, what are you doing? Let go of me, Takuya!” Koji shouted. “Shut up And do as I say, or you’ll be sorry!” Takuya said, slapping him in the face. Takuya took Koji’s D-Tector from him so we couldn’t spirit evolve. “Now, take off your clothes, now!” Takuya ordered. You are so going to regret this, Takuya, Koji thought as he took off his clothes. Takuya took off his clothes, but left his gloves and hat on. Takuya’s dick had gotten hard from watching Koji undress. “Now, be a good boy and suck my dick, and don’t even think of biting it!” said Takuya.


Koji had no choice but to comply by sucking Takuya’s dick. “Oh, yeah. Keep doing that,” Takuya said as Koji sucked his dick. After a while, Takuya came in Koji’s mouth. Koji swallowed a little of it, but spit out the rest. “Now, turn over so I can fuck you,” said Takuya. “Yes, Master,” said Koji monotously. “Yes. That’s a good little slave,” said Takuya. Takuya put his cock into Koji’s hole. Koji gave a little shout. Takuya immediately began to hump him hard. Tears began to run down Koji's face for the first time in a while. Takuya then gave one final thrust into Koji‘s ass and came inside him. The warmth of it inside made Koji cum. Then takuya withdrew form him. “Don’t ever contraict me again,” Takuya said before they both fell asleep in each other’s arms.