The Night They Grew Up, Part VII
The Last Adventure, Chapter I
by The 49er

6:04 PM

Yolei found Ken in the park, sitting at a bench,
reading a book.
"Ken," She said softly.
He looked up.
"I know about what you did to Jen. Do you have
any explanation?" 
"No, actually." He replied simply.
"Well, I'd like to be your girlfriend, but if you
don't agree, then..." Yolei looked down.
"I do like you. I love you." He interrupted. "More
than anything than I've ever known."
A teardrop rolled down Yolei's face. "Do you really
mean that?"
"Yes." Ken said. "I was just crazy today because...I
wanted to come. So badly it drove me over the edge, and
so I fucked twelve girls..."
"Twelve?!" Yolei almost screamed. "She immediately controlled
her anger. "Okay, but they meant nothing to you, right?"
"Right. Nothing. They were dirt."
Yolei grined. She sat down beside him, and they hugged like
old friends.
Yolei pulled away for a second. "Twelve?"
Ken nodded.

11:02 PM

Kari sat alone, thinking about what had happened
just a few hours ago. Ken had RAPED her.
It was as if he had been taked over my a demon, and
went sex crazy!
A knock at the door startled Kari. she shook it off, 
and went to answer it.
"Davis, what the fuck are you doing here?" She asked.
"Are your parents home?" He asked, ignoring her question.
"No, but..." Davis cut her off by putting his hand over 
her mouth, and pushing her back inside. He closed and 
locked the door.
"What the hell are you-" Kari was again cut off, this time
by Davis' dick. He just whipped it out, lied Kari on a
nearby couch, and stuck it in her face.
"You see that?" He yelled. "That's what you want!"
Kari snnered at him "Fuck you."
"Wrong answer," Davis slapped her hard.
He took out a small strip of rope, with which he tied
Kari's hands together.
"Not again," She moans.
Davis yanked Kari's pants and underwear off, and without 
warning stuck his dick inside her.
"No-" Davis puts his hand over her mouth.
"Shut up, slut!" He hollered madly. He had definately lost it.
If he ever had it.
Davis pumped deeper, until his cock was just not long enough
to go further.
He used his free hand to probe under Kari's shirt. He ripped 
the bra off, and squeezed her hard nipples.
He then fit his head under the shirt, and licked her soft skin and 
sucked on her tits.
Davis came. He pulled out right after, and just walked out.
Kari lied on the couch, panting.

Soon after, TK knocked on the door...

11:48 PM

Izzy sat at his computer. Cody entered.
"Hi," Izzy greeted, without looking up.
"Hi." Cody replied. "I was just wondering what everyone's doing
right now..."

Sora moaned as Tai came again, filling her with hot semen.

Matt held Mimi up against the wall as he fucked her, grunting
as he approached orgasm.

TK pushed Kari's head as far into his croch as it would go.

Yoeli moaned as Ken's tongue explored her soaking cunt.

"Probably eachother," Izzy said. (Get it? Doing...eachother! ...enough with
the puns...)
"What?" Cody asked, not understanding.

About two weeks later, Kari came home from the doctor's office, after
her check up.
"Mom, what did you and the doctor talk about?"
"Well, honey..."
Her mother gave it to her bluntly. Kari's blood ran cold when the words
exited her mouth.
She stared at her mother.
"Me? P-pregnant?"

The End?

Well, no. I've just begun work on Chapter II, which will have more story to it. I expect
part I to be done by mid-July, and the rest of the chapter by mid August. 10 parts planned.
Cya then.