The Night They Grew Up, Part VI
The Last Adventure, Chapter I
by the 49er

3:42 PM

Ken dropped onto his bed, after coming home from
school, where he had fucked eleven different girls.
But for some reason, he just couldn't cum! I mean,
he came, but nothing came out. So, he decided, this
must be my subconsious trying to make me ejaculate!
He nods. Then, he falls asleep from exaustion.

3:42 PM

"He WHAT??" Yolei's eyes became almost as big as her
glasses. Jen nodded.
"But try to be quiet about it...I don't want anyone finding out."
"Okay." Yolei said. "Now excuse me. I need to talk with Mr. Wrong..."

3:44 PM

Kari knocked on Ken's door. Maybe he can help with this Davis/TK
problem, she thought.
Ken opens the door. "What is it?" He asks.
"Well, y'know Davis and TK?"
"They fought last night. It was horrible." Kari shook her head.
"I was wondering if you had any ideas as to how to solve this problem."
"Well, come on in," Ken said. But it was his dick thinking for him.

3:50 PM

Matt, Mimi, Tai and Sora sat at a restaurant table. They were chatting
about old times.
"So, I see you two have gotten together while we were gone." Tai says.
Matt nods. "Well, you see, last night, I was going to-"
Mimi slapped him over the head. "I don't think that's a story we'd want 
to tell while eating,"
Tai and Sora just stared.
"I mean, let's just not talk about it," Mimi corrected nervously.
"So you guys..." Tai began. Sora slapped him over the head.
They went back to talking about old times. It's best for the guys' health.

3:45 PM

"So," Kari said. "What do you think,"
"Well, I think that clit cock twat tits." Ken said nodding reasuringly. (Try
saying that three times fast)
Kari stared at him.

4:02 PM

Davis and TK sat at the table in the park, playing chess for Kari.
"Check...mate." TK said.
"That's no fair!" Davis cries.
"You're right." TK mumbles. "You are too dumb to play this."

3:46 PM

"Is this really neccesary?" Kari asked nervously.
Ken didn't answer. He just continued fastening her right hand
to the bed. Now she was completely helpless.
"Um..Ken, I thoght you were going to tell me what to do..."
Kari said.
"I will. After I fuck you." He replied.
"What?! But me and TK..."
"Shut up." Ken said with more ferocity than he knew he had.
He took off all his clothes, and lied on top of Kari. She tried
to squirm, but she was completely trapped. Ken kissed her neck, and
reached down into her croch. He unbuttoned her shorts, and felt her
panties. He poked a finger through the thin material and heard Kari
"Good girl." He wispered into her ear.
"P-Please, Ken..." Ken interupted her protest by sticking a sock into
her mouth. Then, he slid down and pulled her shorts to her ankles.
He stared at the squirming body. Ken removed the panties with his teeth.
Ken looked at her hairless vagina. "Perfect." He buried his face between
her legs. Kari just moaned.
Ken felt a surge of juices, as Kari unwillingly came.
He licked a bit off of her.
"Mmmm, dirty girl," He said.
He brought his face back up to Kari's, and kissed her, letting her taste
her own fluids. As he did this, Ken penetrated Kari with his hard cock.
She squirmed a bit more, then stoped as Ken began to thrust.
He went deeper and deeper, pumping harder and harder.
Kari attempted to resist, but she came soon. So did Ken. But nothing came 
out. So, he started again. Thrusting and pumping Kari for all he was worth.
Kari began to feel light headed after about ten minutes and six orgasms.
But Ken was determined. Kari fainted after twelve minutes, but Ken kept on
going. And then, finally, Ken, drained of almost all energy, gave four final
thrusts, and he came. He felt warm cum coming out of his cock. Lots of it.
As soon as he was done, Ken pulled it out. A bit of blood and cum dripped 
out of Kari's motionless body.
Ken breathed heavily. The boner was gone...and he just came to his sences
(No pun intended).
"Shit, what did I do?" He looks at Kari's pussy, dripping cum and fluids.