The Night They Grew Up, Part IV
The Last Adventure, Chapter I
by The 49er

11:11 PM

After about ten minutes of silence, Yolei slapped
Ken over the head.
"Dildo," She said. "Can't you take a hint?"
"Sorry, it's just that..." Ken replied pathetically.
"I mean, our age..."
"So?" Yolei yells. "Tai and Sora already did it! And
they admitted it!"
"But Tai and Sora are like...older..." He really didn't know
any way to defend himself. But he did, deep down, want
Yolei, more than anything.
"Ug." She groaned. "You're hopeless," Her head hang.
Ken thought for a minute. Then, he leaned over to
where Yolei was sitting, and kissed her. He had sealed
his fate.

11:12 PM

Davis found Kari's door unlocked. That's not too smart,
since it's so late. Something seems suspicious, he thought.
He walks into the apartment. It's silent. He knew where her
room was, since he had sneaked into her house more than once.
So, he immediately headed to Kari's room to see if she was
The door was open a slit, and Davis opened it all the way.
His eyes buldged. His veins throbbed. He made two tight fists.
His teeth grinded, making a fine powder. His temple literally 
And some say, right about then his dick shrunk two sizes. 
(In case you couldn't tell, that was a Grinch parody...damn my sence of humor)
Blood rolled down the side of his head.
He let off a high pitched, undescribably annoying sound.
"H-Hi, Davis," Kari smiled.
"H-Hi, Davis," TK said, wiping feminine juices from his lips.
The other temple burst. A tooth chiped. He squeezed his fists
so hard, he dislocated three fingers. On each hand. His eye

11:13 PM

Yolei lied down on the bed, naked. Her tits were erect now, and her
pussy soaking wet.
Ken removed his shirt, nervous. He takes off the rest of his clothing
except for his underwear, and stands there, dumbfounded.
"What do I do now?" He asked.
"Me!" Yolei said, lifting her legs and opening her vagina with her 
He pulled his boxers down hesitantly, revealing his three inch prick.
"Oh," Yolei sait in a disappointed voice. "That's it?"
Ken looked down.
"Rub it," She said. "Let's see how big it can get."
He stood there, not sure if he heard her right.
Then, he took his hand, and he stroked his penis. The feeling was...
It least an inch and a half.
Yolei decided that it would do.
Ken stepped forward, and nervously guided his dick into her cunt.
He went back and forth, and Yolei moaned in approval.
"Wait," She said.
She pulled herself back, robbing Ken of his pleasure.
Yolei opened her purse, and pulled out a small square package.
She opened it, and handed Ken a small ring. A condom, he assumed.
Ken fit it onto his dick. It was quite snug.
"Okay, now," Yolei sat Ken down on the bed.
"Lie down."
He obeyed. She then got on top and sat on the prick. She moved up and
down with her legs.
"You can move, too," She said. Ken put his shaking hands on her hips,
and began to push back and forth.
Yolei moaned in pleasure. "Fill me with your hot cum," She said.
Ken just pumped. He was getting something...
"Yes! Fuck me! Yeah!" She was yelling now.
Ken gritted his teeth and closed his eyes as he felt an orgasm ripple
through his body. His stomache tightened as if he had been doing push-ups
for hours. He humped harder instictively.
"Please! Fill me with cum!" She continued to moan.
"Um...I just...did..." Ken said. "I came."
"You did?" Yolei stoped moving. "You came...just you didn't like, CUM."
"I guess..." Ken turned red.
"Well, let's work on that sometime. But for now, you can go home."
She said.
Ken got up. But he couldn't walk. Correctly, at least. He still had a hard

The Next Day (Where Tai and Sora are)

Sora lay there, after another hour of hot sweaty sex. She decided to get up
for water.
But she couldn't. SHE COULDN'T FEEL HER LEGS.
"Oh, shit." She says.

11:22 PM

Davis still stood there. No one had moved for ten minutes. Mushroom clouds
formed in his eyes.
TK wondered if he was going to get out of there alive.
Not if Davis had anything to do with it.
TK got up, and pulled on his underwear. He walked slowly towards Davis.
"Listen, man. Kari and I love each-"
TK almost literally flew across the room. He lied on the bed, panting.
He had a fist mark right on his cheek. His nose and lip were bleeding.
TK retaliated with a punch that sent Davis stumbling back.
Davis looked up, his nose bleeding. "Die, you stupid Kari fucking ass
cock bitch ass dick cock fuck bitch!"
"I really don't think he's happy..." Kari chimed in as TK spit out a tooth.